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Blue Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Natare Aqua

It only takes one drop to create the ripple effect.
Be part of the curve movement in our chlorine resistant swimwear styles.

Natare Aqua is Artesands completely pool safe chlorine resistant swimwear collection. The name Natare is the Latin word meaning ‘To Swim’ and ‘Aqua’ meaning water and that is what we want you to do in our Chlorine resistant range, Natare Aqua. 

Be camouflaged by the water in our Natare Aqua. A pool worthy chlorine resistant collection that is Aqua-aquatic. Our Natare Aqua chlorine resistant range is a water based ink print that works back with our Artesands chlorine resistant black range. We offer a selection of chlorine resistant curve fit and plus size swimsuits perfect for all your lap swimming or your highly chlorinated pool needs. Our Chlorine resistant swimsuit shapes are all multifit cups and fit a range of cup sizes from a C – E cup.

Please note when trying on chlorine resistant swimwear it will feel different to normal nylon / elastane swimwear that is made to stretch with your body. But there are many advantages of chlorine resistant swimwear as you can see below.


The Pros of Chlorine Resistant Curvy Swimwear

A Chlorine Resistant curvy or plus size swimsuit will last for season after season. The advantages of chlorine resistant plus size and curvy swimsuits are listed below;

  • - Doesn’t breakdown
  • - Is Durable
  • - Snag resistant
  • - Launders very easily
  • - Doesn’t become see through
  • - Doesn’t become saggy
  • - Quick drying
  • - Resistant to shrinkage
  • - Repels water
  • - Is Lightweight

Although chlorine resistant swimwear has many advantages it is important to list the cons as well. Yes there are cons for chlorine resistant swimwear and these disadvantages are the reasons that not all swimwear is made to be chlorine resistant. The biggest disadvantage of chlorine resistant swimwear is that it isn’t easy to stretch or get on. Because of the lack of stretch these swimsuits will never feel as comfortable on or fit you the same way a nylon / elastane swimsuit will.

Below is our list of disadvantages of chlorine resistant swimwear.

  • Polyester isn’t as comfortable as nylon on the body.
  • Limited support
  • No under bust elastic for bust support.
  • No powermesh – read our blog, the power of powermesh.
  • Limited stretch - having no elastane means the swimsuit fabrication has very little stretch and return.


Prefer a swimsuit that doesn’t break down?

If your answer is yes, then you can buy curve fit and plus size swimwear that is Chlorine resistant at Artesands. Our Natare Aqua collection is a chlorine resistant printed swimwear range that will not break down over time. Our Natare Aqua collection is made out of 48% Polyester / 52% PBT and it is these polyester fibres that are not affected by the harsh chemical of chlorine. For more information on the benefits of chlorine resistant swimwear, click through here to read our blog, ‘How does Chlorine affect my swimsuit?’

A chlorine resistant swimsuit will last you season after season.