Care Instructions

To keep your beautiful new Artesands curve fit or plus size swimsuit in perfect shape and condition for the seasons to come it is REALLY important to follow our care instructions on how to look after your swimsuit correctly.

All swimwear garments are affected over time from pool chemicals, prolonged sun exposure, salt water, sand, high temperatures, body oils, moisturizers, fake tans, and sunscreens. If your swimsuit is not cared for correctly these elements will ruin and degrade your beautiful new swimsuit.

Please do not ignore our care instructions. We cannot stress the importance of this enough in the care of our beautiful soft Artesands swimsuit fabrication.

To care for your swimsuit:

  • Rinse immediately after use in cold water. This helps to wash off any chlorine, chemicals, saltwater, sunscreen, or sand before these elements can damage your swimsuit fabrication.
  • Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent after each and every wear even if you don’t go swimming.
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water, be careful not to wring out, rub or scrub our beautiful fabrication.
  • Drip dry immediately after hand washing in the shade and out of direct sunlight, do not forget about your wet curvy swimsuit
  • The best drying technique is to lay your swimsuit flat to dry in the shade away from direct sunlight.
  • Don’t not wring out, rub or scrub your swimsuit to prevent excessive stretching
  • Do not soak your swimsuit for long periods of time or overnight
  • Do not machine wash your swimsuit
  • Do not use bleach on swimwear
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals on your swimwear
  • Do not iron your swimsuit
  • Do not dry clean your swimsuit
  • Do not tumble dry your swimsuit
  • Avoid contact with sunscreens, sun tan lotions, fake tans, body oils and moisturizers
  • Avoid Spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzi’s, saunas and any other highly chlorinated pool / water environments
  • Avoid all harsh chemicals
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces like pebbles, rocks and suggest always using a towel when sitting on sand, stone, or tiles
  • Avoid contact with jewelry, as jewelry can snag swimwear fabrication
  • Some colours on your swimsuit may fade in sunlight or chlorinated water over time, colours may bleed or transfer when wet

Always read and follow our care instructions provided on the care label inside your brand-new curve fit or plus size swimwear garment. The most important thing you can do for prolonging the life of your beautiful new swimwear is to launder and care for it correctly.

Buying a swimsuit can be a difficult decision and our Artesands team want you to get the most out of your beautiful new curve fit or plus size swimsuit and have it last for many seasons to come. By following our step by step blog on how to care for your garment and our list of things to avoid, will have you looking your best in your Artesands swimsuit season after season.

As it is every woman’s right to enjoy to summer.


Care Instructions

Read this blog some step by step instructions on how to care for your swimsuit