Fitting FAQ's

Curve Sized Frequently Asked Fitting Questions

We acknowledge that buying a swimsuit can be quite daunting to most of us.

Our curve fit and plus size swimsuits are suited for all the differing body shapes, because we all know as women, that we are not all the same shape. Every female body shape is uniquely different in its own artistic right and we want everyone to feel confident in flaunting what they have!

Over the years we been asked a lot of fit advice from real women concerned about what curvy swimsuit would fit their unique female shape. So, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions with our thoroughly researched answers to help you with your swimwear purchase.

Here at Artesands HQ we are all about fitting on true to size beautiful curvy and plus size body shapes to make our curvy swimwear fit all the shapes of the beautiful female body, and to help you feel comfortable and supported whilst wearing our swimwear.

We do this by fitting on real curvy bodies. We understand that a size 18 is different to a size 10 which is why we fit on an US 14 / AUST 18 body shapes. We grade our curve fit and plus size bathing suits based off these measurements so you can have the best fitting swimwear that enhances your curves in all the right places.

We are on a quest to normalise the female body and it is our vision is to help all our curvy women LOVE their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin.

We are continually working on this list, so if you don’t see your query answered, please email us on and we will answer you directly. All your questions will help other women with similar questions looking for the right answer.

‘Our curvy swimwear is crafted to perfection to enhance the beauty of the female body and to fit our curves’.



Two Piece Swimsuits Without Tummy Gap

I want to wear a two-piece swimsuit but I don’t want a tummy gap.

We have a couple of options for you.
Our first option is a tankini set, our curve fit and plus size tankini tops are long length and when worn back with one of our curve fitting swim pants, our tankini tops will overlap by a large amount allowing extra coverage and no risk of exposing a tummy gap even when in the water or jumping up and down with your hands over your head.

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Long Torso

Curvy swimsuits to suit a long torso

There is nothing worse than the dragging down or the pulling up effects of a curvy one piece swimsuit when it doesn’t fit your shape correctly.
We have adjustable straps on all our curve fit and plus size one piece swimsuits. So, if your torso is just slightly longer, you can adjust our straps to give you a little more length.

Different Size Top to Bottom

My top half is smaller than my bottom half, so I don’t know what size to buy

This is our favourite question, as it is so easy to answer. You need a curvy swimsuit that is a 2 piece. You can buy our swim tops and swim pants separately and you do not have to buy the same size.

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Curvy Swimsuit for an E Cup

I am an E Cup, what is the best swimsuit for me?

Our Raphael family is the style for you! Raphael is the style that we like to say has all of the bells and whistles, It is our full E Cup / F Cup underwire style with extra bust support for a heavy bust.

Depending on breast tissue if you prefer an underwire free option you can also go with our Multifit cup Delacroix. This has the support from the Multifit and surrounding Powermesh.

Swimsuit Tight on the Body

I am very long in the body so the swimsuit feels very tight.

If you have a long body it is best to purchase either our tankini or bikini tops with matching pants. All of our tankini and bikini tops are designed to match back with the printed pants or our hues signature black range if it is a black based print. Our Tankini tops have extra length added to the torso and when wearing, look exactly like a one piece with the extra room!


Avoid Tan Lines

I want to avoid tan lines but have breast that still need to be supported, which is the best suit for me?


This question resonates with me perfectly! There is nothing worse than spending all day lazing out on a beach and then going to work with visible tan lines, it gets to me! We have good news for you, our Botticelli Bandeau One Piece and Bikini Top both have the option to be a strapless swimsuit style that still offers the support with a D Cup / DD Cup underwire so those babies aren’t going anywhere!


My boobs are too small to fill out the swimsuit cups


No one’s boobs are too small. Your boobs are just right for your body. 

When choosing your new curvy swimsuit it is important to buy for your body shape and your cup size is one of those important fit measurements.

On our website you can easily find swimsuits that will suit you to your bra cup size by clicking on the shop by cup size link on the home page.

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Shipping and Returns FAQ's

Make sure you read over our shipping and returns before purchasing. See below for a few FAQ's


I have purchased an item that isn’t the right fit, how can I return?

We offer hassle free returns for all of our full priced items in Australia and United States! If you are located in another country you can still return at your cost. Please read our detailed returns policy on the link below


Shipping and Returns

Faulty Swimsuits

What do I do if I have received a faulty Artesands curvy swimsuit?

In the unlikely event that you have received a faulty swimsuit, please email as soon as possible. Please include your order number, style number and attached a minimum of two images of the faulty garment so our team can help you find the quickest resolution possible.

Return a Sale Item

If I have bought a swimsuit on sale can I return or exchange it?

Unfortunately no, we do not offer return on Final Sale items so make sure you are happy with your purchase! If the swimsuit is faulty please contact us at and we will assist you through email.