Please use our size guide below to ensure you purchase the best fitting Artesands curve fit or plus size swimsuit to fit your body.

Australian Sizing  12+ 14+ 16+  18+  20+  22+  24+   26+   28+ 

US Sizing

8+ 10+ 12+ 14+  16+ 18+  20+ 22+  24+
Bust (cms) 100-105 105-110 110-115 115-120 120-125 125-130 130-135 135-142.5 142.5-150
Bust (inches) 39-41 41-43 43-45 45-47 47-49 49-51 51-53 53-56 56-59
Waist (cms) 85-90 90-95 95-100 100-105 105-110 110-115 115-120 120-127.5 127.5-135
Waist (inches) 33-35 35-37 37-39 39-41 41-43 43-45 45-47 47-50 50-53
High Hip (cms) 102-107 107-112 112-117 117-122 122-127 127-132 132-137 137-144.5 144.5-152
High Hip (inches) 40-42 42-44 44-46 46-48 48-50 50-52 52-54 54-57 57-60
Low Hip (cms) 110-115 115-120 120-125 125-130 130-135 135-140 140-145 145-152.5 152.5-160
Low Hip (inches) 43-45 45-47 47-49 49-51 51-53 53-55 55-57 57-60 60-63
Vertical Trunk (cms) 163-167 167-171 171-175 175-179 179-183 183-187 187-191 191-198.5 198.5-206
Vertical Trunk  (inches) 64.5-66 66-67.5 67.5-69 69-70.5 70.5-72 72-73.5 73.5-75 75-78 78-81


Cup sizing

Knowing what bust cup size you are will help you select a style that will fit your curvy body perfectly. Your cup size typically is the same cup size as the bra you are wearing. We have devised a chart that shows how you can work out your cup size. The cup size is actually worked out by the difference between the fullest bust measurement minus your under bust measurement. This can be used as a guide to work out what cup size you would be. Our Multifit curvy swimsuits will fit a larger range of cup plus sizes than our underwired curvy swimsuits styles which will typically fit 1 to 2 different cup sizes. Always check the description on the website or the swing ticket on the garment to determine what curve fit or plus size cup size we feel is most suited to that style.

How to use the chart below
Measure your under bust, then measure your bust. Minus the under bust measurement from the bust measurement and find the corresponding measurement in the table below! This will give you a guide to what cup size you are. 


Difference between Over Bust and Under Bust

A Cup B Cup C Cup D Cup DD Cup E Cup F Cup FF Cup G Cup
CM 12-15 14-17 16-19 18-21 20-23 22-25 24-27 26-29 28-31
IN 4.75-6  5.5-6.75 6.25-7.25 7-8.25 7.75-9 8.5-9.75 9.5-10.5 10.25-11.25 11-12.25


Please note - these measurements indicate the difference between your bust and under bust measurements.

How to Measure


To measure your bust please wear a comfortable natural shape bra that is not padded, horizontally run the tape measure along the top of your bra at the back which should align with the fullest part of your bust.

Under Bust

To measure your under bust, run the tape measure horizontally along the bottom of your bra at the back and bring it around to the front.

Please note this measurement should not include any of your bust, you must ensure the tape measure is sitting underneath your breasts.


To measure your waist, you need to measure your waist at its smallest point. To find your natural waistline, bend to one side to find the natural indentation in your side. This is your natural waist. Horizontally run the tape measure around your natural waistline, please ensure tape measure is running parallel to the ground to get an accurate curvy girls waist measurement.

Upper Hip

To measure your upper hip, you need to measure your tummy at its fullest point. This is usually 10 cm (4 inches) below your waist. Please do this measurement against bare skin and not over clothes. Measure comfortably and do not suck in or pull the tape measure really tight. Horizontally run the tape measure around the fullest part of your abdomen, please ensure tape measure is running parallel to the ground to get an accurate measurement.

Lower Hip

To measure your lower hip, you need to measure your hips at its widest point. This is usually 20 cm (8 inches) below your waist. Please do this measurement against bare skin and not over clothes. Measure horizontally around the fullest part of your lower hip with the tape measure parallel to the floor. An uneven hip measure will skew your measurements.

Body Length

To measure your torso or full body length measurement, you need to measure around your torso. Please do this measurement in just your underwear. Measure from the centre of your shoulder then run the tape measure diagonally across your body between your legs back up to the centre of your shoulder. You could possibly need 2 tape measures. Taking this measurement is a bit tricky so we highly recommend following our in-depth instructions on our blog post The Curvy girls guide on how to measure yourself correctly.

Understanding the Artesands plus + symbol

On all our Artesands size labels we have the sizing listed with a plus symbol next to it. Our plus symbol means ‘Plus a little bit more’.

At Artesands we developed an internal Artesands only unique sizing system based on measuring true every day curvy women and not fashion models and we have built our sizing system and structure around a mid-level size of AUS 18 / US 14 and doing our grades up and down from this. If you compare an AUS size 12+ Artesands to a regular size 12 you will see that our measurements allow for a softer fit across our curves. We allow for a little bit more room through the mid-section and a little bit more at the top of your back and underarm and a bit more through the hips. If you have curves and you try an Artesands swimsuit you will love how our ‘plus a little bit’ more sizing structure sits softer on your body and doesn’t dig in creating any bulgers over the top of the swimsuit rubbers. The ‘plus a little bit more’ does not affect the support of our swimsuits at all, if anything the ‘plus a little bit more’ increases the support, by allowing the swimsuit to sit in the correct position on your body and provide the best support for where we each as individuals need it.

Here at Artesands we fit your Curves!

Artesands Curve Fit and Plus Size Size Guide

Artesands swimwear is a brand that is 110% behind the design of perfectly fitting swimsuits for your curves. We fit on ‘true to size’ curvy women and not fashion models. We sculpt our designs to fit and support all the curves of the female form and you will notice this difference when you see different shaped curvy women trying on our curve fit or plus size styles.

We are all about the curves and we are a women’s swimwear brand that is ahead of the curve when it comes to loving your curves! We understand that everybody is uniquely different and breathtakingly beautiful in their own artistic right and it’s our vision to help all women LOVE their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Measuring your body accurately is important to make sure you order the best fitting curve fit or plus size swimsuit possible for your size and body shape. For some women this maybe a bit of a daunting task, but we ask you to take a deep breath, be calm and don’t think too much as you take your own body measurements. We would like to remind you that it really is just numbers. It is also very important to note that every body is different and it is very common to have completely different sizes on your bust, to your waist and to your hips. Having these differing measurements is what makes us, us, and gives us all our own unique body shape. At Artesands our women’s swimwear styles cater for all the differing curvy girl body shapes.

If you are still unsure about your sizing, contact our Artesands customer love team with your measurements and any features unique to you and our team or check out our Fitting FAQs will respond with curve fit or plus size swimsuits to suit your individual body shape

If by chance you receive a swimsuit, and it doesn’t fit you, please refer to our returns policy here.

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Your body is a work of Arte, embrace your shape and own your curves in Artesands curve fit and plus size swimwear that is designed to fit your curves.

All of Artesands curve fit or plus size swimwear styles are available in sizes US 8+ - US 20+ and sizes AUST 12+ - AUST 24+.
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