Hues Signature Collection

Artesands Total Black Cossie Confidence.

There is a strong technical team of women behind the development of all our Artesands curvy fit styles. We fit on real curvy woman with real curves to guarantee the support we all need.

Hues Black



Swimwear Designed To Fit Your Curves

Our curvy swimwear is crafted to perfection to enhance the beauty of the female body and to fit our curves. Through artisans like craftsmanship, each piece is styled and sculptured with great bust support, secure contouring powermesh and luxurious fabrications to create fashionable women’s plus size swimwear that supports and fits our curvy body shapes.

Our Philosophy

No six packs and thigh gaps here, we are all about the curves. Our philosophy is to enhance where desired and support where required. We want to have every woman feeling confident and comfortable in her own skin when in and around water. To achieve this, we have carefully designed plus size swimsuits that have great fit and the best support where needed.

No six packs and thigh gaps here, we are all about the curves.

Artesands is a curvy girl swimwear brand that is filled with passion, persistence, and commitment in a quest to normalise the female body. We as a team are striving to break down the stereotypical swi... Read more