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Salmagundi Swimsuits

Patchwork printed swimwear

Truth, Freedom and Love

A gypset soul, a wanderer, living a free-spirited patchwork life of passion, seeking truth, freedom and love. Just as the soul is a patchwork of our life’s experiences, our core purpose, the struggles between our inclinations, contained and yet free, so too is the print in this exquisite, detailed and intricate design.

Free-spirited and poetic, joyful and yet restrained in a design that pulls it all together, holds it in a potpourri of bohemian splendour. Disparate pieces brought closer like the experiences of the soul’s journey and the gypsy’s wonderings.

Free-spirited and yet encompassed, with roots in love and poetry. With its origins in the French word, salmigondis, meaning ‘disparate assembly of things, ideas or people, forming an incoherent whole’ - Salmagundi is used figuratively to convey a fusion or assortment of things.

This modern mix of shades, motifs and prints is like a wondering patchwork, a free soul, yet it comes together to form a harmonious whole, a poetic patchwork of vibrancy and liberty. It symbolises the freedom and joy of being a wanderer, a gypsy, a believer in truth, in liberty and love.

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Be a free spirit this summer in our patchwork printed salmagundi swimwear.
Truth, freedom and love.