The style you are looking at is our Salmagundi Seurat Sun Suit

A gypset soul, a wanderer, living a free-spirited patchwork life of passion, seeking truth, freedom and love. Just as the soul is a patchwork of our life’s experiences, our core purpose, the struggles between our inclinations, contained and yet free, so too is the print in this exquisite, detailed and intricate design. Free-spirited and poetic, joyful and yet restrained in a design that pulls it all together, holds it in a potpourri of bohemian splendour.

Our Salmagundi collection wouldn’t be complete without our sun-safe pieces. Let us introduce you to the Seurat sun suit.

Be free to enjoy the summer in this style as it combines a full one-piece swimsuit with mid-length sleeves in a UPF 50+ fabrication. This sunsuit features multifit cups that are suited to a C – DD cup, a front shelf bra that provides hidden bust support and a clever panel design that helps to enhance and create an hourglass shape.

The mid-length sleeves on this swimsuit allow for ease of arm movement that is made even easier with a generous upper arm circumference that fits comfortably on your curvy body.

The Seurat sunsuit also has a front zip design that makes it easy to slip on and off but also can be partly unzipped to alter the look of the suit based on individual preference. In this swimsuit, you can enjoy the sun with maximum protection.

So, take me to the change room and try me on it’s every woman’s right to enjoy the summer.