The style you are looking at is our Linear Perspective Klee Tie Side Curve Fit Bikini Pant

We were not born to hide away from the light, but to reach upward as the sun goddess shares her rays to lift and awaken so much life. In art a line points to a movement in space, a direction of yearning, cleverly distracting the eye. With deep hues of nature, our Linear Perspective’s lines of illusion create interest and depth – the graphical deception of space. A clever composition of transformation, orthogonally creating dimension from none. 

This pant is tailor made for our curvy girls! Our Klee swim pant has been specially designed to fit a real curvy body and still appear as a regular mid-rise swim pant. Regular mid-rise swim pants usually pull and ride up in all the wrong places, so we have made sure that our Artesands mid-rise swim pants are suited to real curvy women.

The Klee pant is fully lined with 360-degree powermesh which shapes and smooths your curves. This pant also features our signature Artesands soft hand feel which feels great on. When matched back with our Klee bikini top, you have a supportive and comfortable yet beautiful bikini set that you won’t want to take off!

So, take me to the change room and try me on it’s every woman’s right to enjoy the summer.