Specialist fit for curvy and plus size swimwear

Fits Your Curves

No six packs and thigh gaps here, we are all about the curves.The name Artesands is originally derived from sand (the beach) and artisans (skilled workmanship).  

Our philosophy is to enhance where desired and support where required, as we all know our bodies, the areas that need that little bit of support and the others we like to show off.

Artesands is a brand that is 110% behind the design of perfectly fitting swimsuits for your curves. Fitted on ‘true to size’ curvy women not fashion models, you will notice this difference when you see different shaped curvy women trying on our styles. We are the brand that is ahead of the curve when it comes to loving your curves!  

All bodies are their own work of Arte


At Artesands we understand that every woman’s body is uniquely different and that we all don’t fit into a standard body size mould. We all have curves but not all our curves are in the same places, so it’s really important to know our own individual bodies and take our measurements correctly to find the perfect curve fit or plus size swimsuit to perfectly fit our unique and individual curvy bodies.

To find your perfectly sculpted Artesands curve fit or plus size swimsuit we suggest you measure 6 different points on your body.


"We understand every body is uniquely different and beautiful in its own artistic right."


One wouldn’t usually think of swimwear being associated with romance, the arts and music, however once in a while, extraordinary associations are made, moulds broken, and mindsets shifted.

The story behind our brand, is one we hear so often. With 68 percent of Australian women considered ‘curvy’, it was born out of frustration at an obvious gap in the market. Knowing they were in the swimwear industry, the business owner’s curvy friends began crying out for them to make authentic swimwear for curvy girls that properly fit and supported them.

This was at a time when the body positivity movement was beginning to gain momentum, yet there was still a societal belief that larger women didn’t swim and therefore there was little variety on offer for them.

Trying on swimwear can be a confronting experience for most women, no matter what your size, but when you have limited offerings and stores don’t cater to your shape, it can be an even worse experience.


“We were being told that curvy women love their bodies, but that the swimwear industry at large wasn’t offering them what they needed – in other words, good quality, gorgeous and supportive swimwear that would enhance their shape and allow them to enjoy the sun and water during the warmer months.”

Curvy and Plus Size Swimwear

These women weren’t wanting to conform to what society at large deemed to be ‘the perfect figure’. On the contrary, they wanted to embrace their curves and show them off, but the limited and dated shapes and fabrics on the market, were not fashionable, comfortable or supportive.

And with that, Artesands was born. A brand that not only offered beautiful, well-made swimwear for curvy bodies, but literally trailblazed a shift in attitudes in the swimwear retail industry, setting the ball in motion for a considerable change in the design approach to catering for all body shapes and sizes.

As its name suggests, Artesands is a blend between the words ‘artisans’ – skilled workmanship, ‘art and ‘sand’ – representing the beach, summing up their design philosophy and doing away with the notion that larger women don’t swim. But a clever name wasn’t enough for us here at Artesands; we were determined to break down stereotypes about so-called ‘plus size’ women and help women, and society, to embrace the curve!

Our motto: “No six packs and thigh gaps here – we are all about the curve” proves their point. Put simply, Artesands is a brand dedicated to the design of perfectly fitting swimsuits for curves.

To prove our intention and authenticity, we fit their designs on ‘true to size’ curvy women, not traditional fashion models, ensuring the swimwear offers support where required while showing curves in their best light.

We are ahead of the curve when it comes to curves.