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Plus Size Maxi Dress

Listen up, ladies - if you're a curvy queen, you know the struggle of finding clothes that fit just right and make you feel confident. But fear not, because the plus size maxi dress is here to save the day! With the combination of comfort and style and a long flowy skirt that flatters all of the right places.

Each and every plus size maxi dress from Artesands is made from lightweight and breathable materials, you can strut your stuff all day without feeling like you're suffocating in fabric. So go ahead, rock that plus size maxi dress like the queen that you are!

Maxi dress with sleeves

A maxi dress with sleeves is the perfect choice for plus size and curvy women who want to feel comfortable and confident while still looking stylish. The maxi length is also great for elongating your figure and creating a flattering silhouette.

Our Artesands maxi dress with sleeves have all also been designed to be a loose fit around the shoulder and upper arm to leave you with enough room to feel comfortable yet still have the coverage. This is the perfect plus size maxi dress for you to feel comfortable and elegant in, and easy throw on beach maxi dress to enjoy the summer in.

Floral Maxi Dress

There's something so easy about a floral maxi dress that you can throw on with a nice pair of sandals and you are dressed, just like that! The floral maxi dress is the perfect blend of feminine elegance and casual comfort for any event, this charming floral maxi dress is made from cotton for the ultimate comfort! This floral maxi dress makes those hot summer days so easy, you can also dress this up easily with the addition of jewellery or accessories and just like that you are good to go! The cotton fabric is soft and breathable, making it perfect for those hot summer days where you still want to look put-together. Shop our floral maxi dress range to find your perfect shape!

Green Maxi Dress

Meet our Liszt plus size maxi dress. The green maxi dress is the perfect option for our Artesands curve fit and plus size women who want to be comfortable and look stylish! This green maxi dress is the perfect length if you want a little bit more coverage however is made out of 100% cotton for a soft flowing and breathable fabrication. Whether you're going to a casual lunch with friends or wanting a dress to throw on top of your swimsuit, the green maxi dress is versatile enough to be dressed up or down. It's like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day, or like wrapping yourself up in your favourite fluffy towel after a relaxing bath. Let's be real, we all know that cotton is the king of fabrics - it's soft, breathable, and just feels good against your skin. So, go ahead and embrace your curves in this beautiful and flattering dress!

Beach Maxi Dress

It is every woman’s right to enjoy the summer, our beach maxi dress is the perfect throw on to cover up your swimwear and feel fashionable and stylish. A beach maxi dress is a must-have for any tropical vacation or day by the water. It's the perfect combination of comfort and style, with a flowy and lightweight fabric that keeps you cool in the sun.

Feel confident and comfortable this summer in all of our swimsuit cover ups.

Maxi Shirt Dress

Are you a curvy women that would prefer not to wear a girly dress? We have you covered with our maxi shirt dress Monteverdi! Monteverdi is our maxi dress that is designed to look just like a shirt, it is perfect for our curvy women who want a throw on beach cover up without all of the frills that a few of our other styles have! The maxi shirt dress is easy to wear over your curve fit swimsuit and can also be worn to go and grab a coffee or brunch on a casual Sunday, this is the perfect throw on!

Artesands Swimsuit Cover Ups

To determine what Artesands swimsuit cover ups would best suit you, please refer to our size guide and take your measurements. Alternatively, read through our fit advice FAQs for further assistance with choosing the perfect plus size maxi dress for your unique body shape.