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Shirt Dress

Are you a curvy girl that would prefer not to wear a girly dress?

We have you covered with our maxi shirt dress Monteverdi! Monteverdi is our maxi dress that is designed to look just like a shirt, it is perfect for our curvy women who want a throw on beach cover up without all of the frills that a few of our other styles have! The maxi shirt dress is easy to wear over your curve fit swimsuit and can also be worn to go and grab a coffee or brunch on a casual Sunday, this is the perfect throw on!

Monteverdi is our maxi shirt dress option. We also have a few shorter beach dresses in our resort wear range, Amadeus and Gershwin and the perfect option for a throw on plus size resort wear option!

Beach Dress

A beach dress is great for throwing over your swimsuit when you're walking around the beach or grabbing lunch at a nearby restaurant. Plus, a beach dress is easy to slip on and off, making them perfect for when you want to get in and out of your swimsuit quickly. This is definitely a new summer must have item for anyone who loves spending time in the sun and sand!

Swimsuit Cover Up

Swimsuit cover up outfits come in a variety of styles, from lightweight kaftans and sarongs to flowy dresses. They're perfect for when you want to grab a bite to eat or walk around the beach without feeling too exposed.

We have a number of styles in our beach wear collection that makes the perfect swimsuit cover up!

Plus Size Resort Wear

One of the best things about plus size resort wear is that it's designed to flatter and accentuate curvy figures! Here at Artesands we design everything to fit your curves, our plus size resort wear is no exception! Designed to fit your curves, plus size resort wear will be your new summer staple to pack for that beachside holiday.

Plus Size Shirt Dress

What is a shirt dress? So, have you ever seen those dresses that look like a big shirt? That's a shirt dress! It's basically a dress that's designed to look like a button down shirt, with a collar, buttons, and sleeves that can usually cuffed. It’s a type of dress without the frills and puff sleeves!

A shirt dress is a type of dress that is designed to look like a long shirt or a tunic. The shirt dress is usually a more casual option and is perfect as a throw on swimsuit cover up for the beach or laying around the pool. Shirt dresses are versatile and comfortable, making them a popular choice for curvy women.

All of our shirt dresses are made with a soft luxurious fabrication that flows down the body.

Maxi Shirt Dress

A maxi shirt dress is the long line button down throw on that can be worn as an easy swimsuit cover up. A maxi shirt dress is a fashion trend, with coverage on the legs this is an easy throw on to be fashionable yet functional.

A maxi shirt dress is also a great option to wear into the night to keep a bit of warmth for when the hot summer sun disappears. Your next holiday staple!

Artesands swimsuit cover ups

To determine what Artesands swimsuit cover ups would best suit you, please refer to our size guide and take your measurements. Alternatively, read through our fit advice FAQs for further assistance with choosing the perfect plus size maxi dress for your unique body shape.