The Power of Powermesh


Do Artesands swimsuits have powermesh?


We get asked so many times ‘what is power mesh?” and “What are the true benefits in buying a swimsuit that is made with powermesh in it?”

So this is the blog to let all our beautiful Artesands curvy babes know exactly what power mesh is, what it does and is it worth buying a swimsuit that has power mesh as the lining.


But firstly, before we get into it, let me just reinforce our values and principles.

Artesands is all about the curves, we are a plus size swimwear brand that is all about YOUR curves, and we strive as individuals and as a brand to help ALL women love and feel comfortable within their own beautiful curvy bodies.  As we believe that everybody is uniquely different and breathtakingly beautiful in their own artistic right.  We are on a quest to normalise the human body and are supporting and aiming to change the societal perceptions of women and women’s bodies. 

We do this by withholding to our philosophy of encouraging more women to feel comfortable in their own skin. More women to be comfortable enough to wear a swimsuit and to go swimming in public, at the beach or in the pool, just to get out and enjoy life... as it’s every bodies right to enjoy the summer. 


We make swimwear to empower women. 

We make swimwear to fit real women’s curves.  

We make swimwear that you will love to wear.  

But in saying this we also make plus size swimwear to make women feel good. 

Support where required and enhanced where desired is our motto. 

So back to the question that has prompted this blog post.


Do Artesands swimsuits contain powermesh? 



To answer the question straight off..

Yes, all of our Artesands Curvy swimsuits contain our full body 360 degree power mesh.


Our tummy control powermesh we say is 360 degrees as we use it right the way around the body. 

In a 360 degree full circle. Our Artesands 360 degree Powermesh lining fabric can be found on the internal full body of all our one pieces, swim dresses, all in ones, tankini tops, bikini tops and swim briefs.

So although all of our Artesands swimsuits do use our own special powermesh you may have also noticed that we do not promote tummy control as we don’t believe it’s a selling feature... for us, we do not want to add control in any part of a woman’s natural beauty - and for us promoting that you need tummy control is basically saying your a touch too curvy and you should do something about it.  

Which goes against the foundation of our brand Artesands and everything we stand for. 

But our curvy women do want POWER MESH and we can understand why.

So why DOES Artesands use Powermesh in our curve fit swimwear 


We just really like it when we see our curvy babes put on one of our swimsuits and instantly just feel better, we can see it written all over their faces.  It’s all about the vibe and the feeling. 

Being able to watch a women see herself in a new light, not knowing the reason, just seeing herself and feeling good is what we live for. We have all been in change rooms where you try on a swimsuit and come out feeling sooo bad about yourself that you swear never to try on a swimsuit EVER again. 

This is not what we want! We want women to have a feel good feeling - oh those change room lights they are no help either …  

But has any one else built up a sweat in a change room trying to get into a shape wear swimsuit.. I know I have and then there's the added embarrassment of being in the change room so long as you try to get out of the darn suit. You end up leaving the change room with your red hot sweaty head, looking at the ground as you slip past the sales staff. THIS IS NOT the feeling we want to create when trying on our Artesands swimwear.

Artesands powermesh is a feel good powermesh, strong enough to make a difference but flexible enough for there to be no tears whilst dressing, Woohoo! 

We say when you have tried our Artesands tummy control swimsuits you will never go back.

So let me describe what Powermesh does for our curvy swimsuits. The true power of our Powermesh   


Powermesh adds to a swimsuit all these attributes:
  • Total support
  • Figure forming
  • Body sculpting
  • Enhancers Bust support
  • Figure flattering
  • Tummy control
  • Feel good factor
  • And the best part the added confidence


The Powermesh will soften the belly, the bottom and the lower and upper back.

But the best feature of our tummy control powermesh is how it improves your posture naturally... it just makes you feel better and stand naturally straighter. Our Artesands own powermesh holds you in, gives you confidence as it subtly sculpts your body... but not too tightly that’s it’s restrictive.

Powermesh also when included in the surrounds of our multifit cup swimsuits like Delacroix and Botticelli will naturally add to the bust support.

In our swimsuits, we dye the powermesh to match our outer fabrication. Unless you look closely you can not tell the internal lining is a power-net.

The main purpose of using powermesh is to increase support in the garment and give a smoothing and enhancing effect to the curves of the body.

But what actually is powermesh


Powermesh is a specific type of power-net mesh. It is light, soft, comfortable, breathable and very resilient. Power-net is a sturdy net fabric made from nylon and elastane. It has a phenomenal stretch in both the warp and the weft, as well as an extremely soft to the touch hand-feel.

This fabric has a "tulle like" net appearance, featuring tiny hexagon holes that are about 1 mm wide. Powermesh has a 4 way stretch, meaning it stretches in all 4 directions. This fabric also has a wonderful naturally flowing drape and excellent shape retention.


Power-net and Powermesh are well known for their compression abilities. Most women would have come across power-net at some point and may not have realized what it was. 



It is quite common to find powermesh in the following clothing:

  • Lingerie 
  • Shape wear
  • Activewear
  • Swimwear 

    Power mesh fabric retains its shape and allows the skin to breathe. Due to the mesh net texture, it allows moisture to escape, offering greater comfort than thicker stretchy fabrics such as spandex. 



    Here are examples of our 

    differing curvy swimsuits that are powermesh lined.


    Our Delacroix one piece swimwear style is our best selling plus size multifit cup swimsuit.

    Every curvy girl needs a swimsuit that just makes you feel good when you put it on and this is our Delacroix shape. Our Classic Delacroix curvy fit one piece shape has the ultimate wire free comfort and support with our 360 degree full body powermesh for tummy control and body sculpting confidence. This style has multifit cup support that fits a cup range of D cup, DD cupE cup, F cup and G cup. The sewn in cup has a powermesh surrounding so it can fit a larger or smaller cup depending on breast tissue.


    Our Delacroix bikini top style has the ultimate wire free comfort and support. This style has soft multifit cups that fits a cup range of D cupDD cup, E cup, F cup and G cup. The sewn in cup has a powermesh surrounding so it can fit a larger or smaller cup depending on breast tissue. Delacroix has a cross front design feature to support where required and enhance where desired.


     Be sculptured by our Botticelli plus size tankini top. This style is another of Artesands best selling timeless bather shapes. Botticelli curvy fit tankini top swimsuit shape is one of our multifit cup styles that fits a cup range of C cup, D cup and DD cup, with soft moulded form cups, loop twist front design feature with full body sculpting with our 360 degree powermesh and front ruching designed to shape and flatter your curves.   To become a Botticelli babe click here.


    Our Classic Botticelli bikini bottom shape is forever classic and forever stylish. Be Sculptured by our Botticelli high waist swim pant with side panel rouching and full body powermesh for body sculpting confidence. 



    Another great style where our 360 degree powermesh is used in fabulous effect is in our Delacroix Plus Size one piece swimdress style with tummy control. Our Classic Delacroix curvy fit swim dress shape has the same ultimate wire free comfort and support as all our Delacroix styles with full body powermesh for body sculpting confidence. This style has multifit cup support that its a cup range of D cup, DD cup, E cup, F cup and G cup. The sewn in cup has a powermesh surrounding so it can fit a larger or smaller cup depending on breast tissue. Our Delacroix swimdress shape falls beautifully around your curves and will not cling. All our Artesands plus size swimsuit styles are designed to support where required and enhance where desired.


    Powermesh is regularly used in high performance sportswear because of its ability to stretch 4 ways and its ability to recover after its stretched. This also means that when used in Swimwear you also get the benefits of its great stretch and body moulding capabilities. This makes powermesh far superior to most other traditional swimwear linings . It moulds around the body and easily adapts to any shape. Most impressively it has a great recovery rate. This is its ability to return to its original size once stretched.

    Traditional swimwear linings have a very low recovery rate when dry and an even worse recovery rate when wet. Sometimes they even sag and hang out of your swimsuit, especially when wet. Powermesh will not sag or distort out of shape and it will dry quickly once out of the water. Its ability to hold its shape is far superior to other swimwear linings. Its soft hand feel also makes it nice to wear against the skin.



    Powermesh in summary

    Our Artesands tummy control powermesh will do it all.

    Powermesh is an incredible fabric that has the strength to slim you down and hold you in. It has the power to gently re-shape your curves and smooth out the edges without any painful squeezing like over the top shapewear fabric… It stretches four ways which means it will mould to your body and your movements. It is an extremely strong but gentle fabric that shapes, smooths and sculpts your body.



    We support and encourage our curvy plus size women to try an Artesands tummy control suit to today, click through here to find a range of Artesands best selling tummy control swim suit shapes.


    All of Artesands plus size tummy control swimwear styles are available in sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUS 12 - AUS 24.     

    To find swimwear in your size click the size link:

    size us 8 / aus 12 

     size us 10 / aus 14 

     size us 12 / aus 16 

     size us 14 / aus 18  

     size us 16 / aus 20 

    size us 18 / aus 22 

     size us 20 / aus 24



    Tips for caring for your powermesh tummy control swimwear

    People with latex allergies should avoid skin contact with power mesh fabric. 

    Avoid exposing power mesh to intense heat, such as in a dryer or direct sunlight, because heat can break down rubber and elastane products. Because of the high elastane content of our Artesands 360 degree powermesh we need to follow the same really really really important directions for washing any nylon/elastane swimsuit.

    Wash your power mesh garment in warm water with mild soap straight after exposure to chlorine, and hang it to dry. 

    Exposure to chlorine is what breaks down the elastane over time, so to prolong the life of any of our Artesands beautiful soft hand-feel nylon/elastane swimsuits please wash immediately after wear.

    Artesands will have you feeling confident and comfortable in your new curve fit swimwear. Click through here to find our exciting new arrivals of plus size bathing suits as it’s every woman’s right to enjoy the summer.

    October 21, 2020 — Artesands