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Curvy Textured Swimsuits

Aria Olive

Our bestselling luxurious textured fabrication now available in the dreamy new warm Olive hue!

An Aria of sophistication, our luxurious hand-feel textured fabrication is perfect for body sculpting confidence.


Trust me when I say textured swimwear is the most flattering swimsuit I think I have ever worn! I often hear people asking questions thinking that the extra thickness of the fabric would add onto your body - trust me when I tell you it does the exact opposite!

Our Aria fabrication is a mixture of nylon/elastane with a heavier weight then our standard printed and solid ranges. This heavier weight of the fabric and high elastane percentage helps to sculpt your curves and create a beautiful form to the body. Having increased the elastane percentage, it helps the return of the fabric - meaning once the swimsuit is stretched onto your body, the elastane pulls it back into place helping the powermesh work its wonders!

The texture in our Aria range consists of lines going across your body, this sculpts your curves and adds extra support. If you’ve worn our black Aria swimsuits, I bet you can vouch! It might be time to invest in a new colour, you can never have too many swimsuits coming into summer.


Our Artesands full body 360 degree powermesh that is included in every single one of our plus size swimsuits, contours your beautiful curvy body. We make swimwear to embrace and empower women. We stand by our ongoing mission to make swimwear for women's real curves, we want to continue to make swimwear that every women is comfortable in and for everyone to feel confident on the beach this summer!

One part of our Australian designed swimwear that is in every single swimsuit available online, is our own full body 360 degree powermesh. Find it in our one pieces, tankini'sbikini's, and you guessed it, swim pants!

If you’re interested in our Artesands own 360 degree powermesh read more about in on our blog here.


Our brand-new swim pant has been released in this range. This pant is a high waist slim line design, with full body sculpting 360 degree powermesh for the ultimate support and control. Our Artesands high waist high leg swim pant is created to perfectly fit your curves.


Have you noticed that all our curvy swimsuit shapes are named after famous artists? Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance. Many of Botticelli’s famous works were based around the female form and all its beauty.

Aria Olive is available in our classic Botticelli range, this comes in a bikini, tankinione piece and a new style of Aria swim pant.


Botticelli bikini top has multifit cups that are best suited for C cup, D cup or DD cup, these cups are made up of internal support yet soft foam cups for the ultimate comfort with a fashionable loop twist detail.

Each of our Botticelli design also has strap clips worked into the design. Our strap clips are placed along the shoulder blade of the back strap as a feature often used in lingerie. This allows you to cross over the straps for extra support without the pressure of the strap popping out of place. As the strap clip aligns on your shoulder blade, it allows the weight from the bust to be carried on the back instead of on the shoulders. These clips have been tried and tested by our technician team to ensure they are strong and secure when crossing over the straps. The cross over provides an extra level of support to the bust where needed. .

We also ensure our straps are long enough for the cross over as well as a wider design to normal swimsuits. This prevents the strap from digging into your back and shoulder for the ultimate comfort, who would want to be uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit!? .

 All of our women’s curve fit women’s swimwear is available in plus sizes US 8 - US 24 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 28, and One Size!

To find suits in your size click the size link size AU12 / US8size AU14 / US10size AU16 / US12size AU18 / US14size AU20 / US16size AU22 / US18, size AU24 / US20, size AU26 / US22, size AU28 / US24One Size.