Yarli x Artesands Collaboration

Our Artesands Local Artist Project is something we hold close to our hearts, we support local artists through our swimwear and ready to wear prints. We are very excited to have collaborated with Yarli creative for our new release in February.   

Yarli is an Aboriginal artist, illustrator and designer specialising in contemporary pieces. This design studio has been created by the talented Madison Connors of Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung and Gamilaroi women.   

From the artist, Madison Connors:

The art piece I have created holds the meaningful title of “Wuk-tjarra,” which beautifully translates to “Give Each Other,” “One Another,” or “Exchange” in the sacred Dja Dja Wurrung language. This title carries profound significance as it encapsulates the essence of exchanging ourselves with others, the land, and the vibrant tapestry of communities that surround us. It serves as a powerful reminder that through these interactions, our knowledge is shared, nurtured, and allowed to flourish, benefiting from the collective support of those who walk alongside us.   

When gazing upon this artwork, your eyes will be drawn to the upside-down “U” shapes that gracefully traverse the piece. These shapes serve as poignant representations of people, symbolizing the interconnectedness and interdependence that defines our human existence. Each individual holds a unique story, perspective, and contribution to make, and through the act of giving and receiving, we create a rich and diverse tapestry of experiences.   

As your gaze continues to explore the intricate details of the piece, you will discover a delicate interplay of arrows scattered throughout. These arrows, meticulously woven into the artwork, hold a deeper significance as they trace the footsteps of my ancestral totem, the noble emu. The emu, revered in my culture, embodies wisdom, resilience, and a deep connection to the land. Its presence within the artwork symbolizes the profound relationship we share with our natural surroundings and the wisdom passed down through generations.   

In the delicate dance between the upside-down “U” shapes and the emu’s footsteps, a story unfolds—a story of unity, cultural heritage, and the transformative power of exchange. This artwork serves as a testament to the beauty that emerges when diverse perspectives, knowledge, and experiences are embraced, honoured, and shared. It is a visual representation of the collective growth and enrichment that occurs when we open ourselves to learning from one another and the land we inhabit.   

As you engage with this artwork, I invite you to immerse yourself in its narrative, to contemplate the significance of exchange, and to celebrate the beauty that arises when cultures intertwine. May it serve as a reminder that true understanding and appreciation emerge when we engage in respectful dialogue, recognizing the value of each other’s stories and contributions.

Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

Swimwear styles in the Wuk-Tjarra Collection

Magritte One Piece   

Our Magritte one piece swimsuit has been meticulously crafted with the utmost comfort and support in mind. Featuring a soft V-shaped design, this swimsuit boasts wide front panels extending from the bust to provide robust support along with thick, comfortable straps that sit seamlessly on the shoulders without any digging. With multifit removable cups catering to C, D, and DD cup sizes, the Magritte also incorporates front-ruching to conceal the tummy and smooth out curves, offering moderate coverage at the bottom.   

Enjoy the versatility of our multifit moulded removable soft cups, which sculpt and shape your body for a flawless fit, ensuring wire-free comfort and support. Embrace wire-free comfort as this swimsuit is expertly designed with bust support integrated into its construction and fabric. The soft V-shape and wide supportive straps not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also provide a gentle and flattering fit.   

Experience full body confidence with our powermesh lining, strategically placed in both the front and back of the swimsuit, offering comprehensive shaping and sculpting for a confident silhouette. Crafted from a luxurious soft-touch, high-stretch swim fabric, our swimsuits prioritize both support and comfort, ensuring you feel empowered and poised wherever your adventures take you.   

Magritte Tankini Top   

Crafted with a focus on comfort and support, our Magritte tankini top embodies elegance and functionality. Its soft V-shaped design, featuring wide front panels extending seamlessly to supportive thick straps, ensures a flattering fit. These straps sit comfortably on the shoulders, eliminating any discomfort from digging. With multifit removable cup support catering to C, D, and DD cup sizes, the Magritte also incorporates front-ruching to conceal the tummy and smooth out curves for a confident look.   

Magritte Bikini Top   

Crafted with a keen focus on comfort and support, our Magritte bikini top exudes sophistication. Its soft V-shaped design boasts wide front panels seamlessly flowing into supportive thick straps, ensuring a secure fit. These wide straps sit comfortably on the shoulders, eliminating any discomfort from digging in. With multifit cup support accommodating C, D, and DD cup sizes, the soft molded cup can be easily removed for a customized fit to suit larger or smaller cup sizes.   

Match this bikini top back with a bikini bottom for the perfect bikini set!

Artesands Curve Plus Size Tankini Top Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

Botticelli Bikini Bottom   

Our Artesands high waist swim pants perfectly fit your curves. This curve fit and plus size swim pant has 360 degree powermesh lining and ruching in the side panels with good moderate bottom coverage.   

We have also designed our Diminuendo solid coral texture to match back to this gorgeous design.   

We have three shapes in Diminuendo solid coral texture, Manet one piece, Manet tankini top and Renoir swim pant.

Renoir Swim Pant   

The Renoir shape from our sleek line is crafted to be the ultimate curve enhancer. This swim pant boasts a seamless design without panel lines, ensuring a smooth and polished finish. Tailored for curve fit and plus size figures, it features a high waist and full 360-degree powermesh lining, providing excellent bottom coverage and comprehensive support.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Swim Pant Swimwear

Manet One Piece   

Our Manet one piece swimsuit is designed with wire-free comfort and support. We believe every woman deserves a swimsuit that instils confidence from the moment it's put on, and our Manet shape caters perfectly to curve fit and plus size figures. Featuring a charming frill V-front neckline design, this style offers multifit cup support accommodating D, DD, E, F, and G cup sizes. With full-body 360-degree powermesh and front body ruching, the Manet ensures comprehensive body sculpting, empowering you with confidence.   

Manet Tankini Top   

The Manet tankini top embodies our wire-free comfort and support ethos. It's tailored to provide a confidence-boosting fit for every woman, especially those in our curve fit and plus size range. Featuring a charming frill V-front neckline design, this style includes multifit cup support catering to D, DD, E, F, and G cup sizes. With full-body 360-degree powermesh and front body ruching, the Manet ensures comprehensive body sculpting for ultimate confidence.

Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

How do I measure myself correctly?   

Measuring your body accurately is of extreme importance to make sure you order the best fitting curve fit or plus size swimsuit possible for your body shape and size. There are 6 key measurements you need to accurately measure yourself. These are of your bust, under bust, waist, high hip, low hip and torso length.   

 For a full guide on how to measure yourself, read our blog here.   

How can I care for my swimsuit?   

The most important thing you can do for prolonging the life of your swimwear is to launder it correctly. This includes following our step-by-step washing guide and adhering to the do’s and don’ts to make sure your new swimsuit is accurately cared for.   

For in depth information and instructions, read our blog here.

What is your Artesands size?

Do you not know your size? If so, please contact our customer service team and they will assist you in finding a swimsuit that fits your individual body shape. We at Artesands understand that each person's body is unique and thus we offer a variety of curve fit and plus size swimsuits to suit everyone.      

If you purchase the wrong size, we offer easy returns for our customers! Contact our friendly customer service team today to find out more information on our returns policy. Free shipping on orders over $150 AUD and we also offer Afterpay and Klarna as a payment option.

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Artesands Curve Plus Size Tankini Top Swimwear

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