What Is Powermesh?


‘What is powermesh?’ is a question that we get asked all the time. In a simple explanation, powermesh is our bread and butter. It is among the cocktail of secret ingredients that makes our Artesands curvy swimsuits so special.  We aim to make plus size swimwear that ensures women feel great. Our swimsuits support where required and enhance where desired. None of this would be possible without powermesh


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So what exactly is powermesh?

Powermesh is a type of specialised power-net mesh. It is made up of nylon and elastane that is light, comfortable and soft. It has an incredible amount of stretch to it in both the warp and the weft. We ensure that our powermesh is resilient yet doesn’t feel irritating when worn. So you can rest assured that it feels extremely soft and allows for all of our Artesands swimsuits to have their trademark buttery smooth feeling.  

 This lining is ‘tulle like’ in appearance, similar to the netting in a ballerina’s tulle tutu. Visually it presents as tiny hexagon shaped holes that are roughly one millimetre in diameter. It’s hexagonal make up gives it a four way stretch, meaning it stretches in all four directions without restraint. It’s exceptionally stretchy and because of this it has excellent shape retention. This means that when it’s appropriately cared for, your swimsuit will always snap back into shape after wear. This fabric also has a beautiful naturally flowing drape.  

 We use powermesh to line all of our curvy one pieces, tankini tops, bikini tops, swimdresses, all in ones and swim pants. All of these garments contain our full body 360 degree powermesh. Yes, you read that right. 360 degrees. We use powermesh to internally line our swimsuits on the front, back and sides. At Artesands we cover all the bases.  

 For our swimwear, we dye this powermesh lining to perfectly match the outer fabrication on each garment. So unless you whip out a magnifying glass, you cannot tell that this lining is in fact a power-net. 

 Powermesh is compressive in nature which is why it helps to shape and enhance your curves. We want to say though, compressive does not mean restrictive. We want you to feel your absolute best in our suits and believe that this is done best by making you feel unapologetically yourself. Therefore, our powermesh lining only enhances what is already there, it does not restrict and alter your natural shape. 

 Powermesh also allows your skin to breathe. As it is a mesh/net like fabric, moisture is able to escape out of the garment, it does not get trapped in. This makes our swimsuits more comfortable than if we used thicker fabrics like spandex.



Why do we use powermesh in our curvy swimsuits?

We use powermesh in our curvy swimsuits to smooth the stomach, bottom, lower and upper back areas and also provide full body support. When included in our bikini tops, for example our Delacroix and Botticelli bikini shapes, it also enhances bust support for our busty babes. 

 Our powermesh is designed to be comfortable enough that you feel like you can wear your swimsuit all day. Because of this we say that our powermesh is a ‘feel good’ powermesh. It is strong enough to shape your curves yet flexible enough that it’s almost ‘invisible’, meaning that you can’t feel that it’s there. 

 As soon as you try one of our Artesands curvy swimsuits that features our powermesh, you’ll never want to put on a regular swimsuit again!   

 Our powermesh lining has many benefits but overall it holds you in, gives you confidence and subtly smooths and enhances your curves all in the one application. It does all of this without you even noticing. It doesn’t get better than that! 

 Most women would have come across power-net/powermesh at some point and may not have realized what it was. Powermesh is usually found in most lingerie, swimwear, shape wear and active wear. What do all of these items have in common? They shape your curves and make you feel great, just as our swimwear does.



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May 21, 2021 — Shani Cokinas