Artesands Multifit Cup Plus Size Swimwear


If you have done any reading on our Artesands website you would have stumbled across the work ‘Multifit’ quite a bit I would think! Well today I want to clear up any questions that may have arose from the term.  

You do not have to worry that the multifit cup will not fit as its dual sizing is able to fit many shapes and curves. Moulded multifit cups helps to create a sculpting Silhouette all in one curve, where you cannot see the outline of the cup. These cups are either built into the bra or you have the option of removing them from your lovely swimsuit.  

You should feel comfortable with your multifit bikini top or curve fit one piece knowing your boobs are not hanging out side ways or dropping down under bra line. This helps you to feel completely secure and confident which will make you feel good when you walk out on to the golden sands of a beautiful tropical beach or around a cool and enticing aqua plunge pool. Multifit cups are a good recipe for feeling feminine and relaxed when wearing our Artesands swimwear when swimming. If you are into classic movies, a favorite comes to mind of Esther Williams starring in ‘DANGEROUS WHEN WET’ with her specialty in water ballet and aerobics. Esther was wearing a beautiful multifit cup swimsuit here. In fact, the black one piece she is wearing in the movie poster is a very similar shape to our beautiful Hayes one piece. Multifit cups were clearly important to this role as Esther needed to feel comfortable and secure with no boobs popping out during a scene (especially when aerobically dancing, swimming and performing water ballet). 

Well one thing I am sure you have figured out already is that it is referring to the bust fitting on our curve fit and plus size swimsuits. When you break it down it is quite simple, multifit means this swimsuit fits a multitude of different sizes. So, with that it all seems pretty easy to understand, however now I’m going to dive deep into the detail and technical reasons on how this is possible (don’t worry, it will still be simple!)


Artesands Curve Multi Cup Fit Plus Size Swimwear

The Sew In Cup


First off, lets talk about the actual sew in foam cup and how this works. All of our multifit cups are made out of a soft foam fabrication, this is soft against the skin and sits over your natural shape. The cup does have a slight mould to it originally however think of this like a pair of leather boots, the more you wear them the more they mould around your body. So after you have ‘worn in’ your curve fit swimsuit the mould of the multifit cup will be specific to you shape and follow your curves. These multifit cups are also graded to be the same size as the swimsuit you buy, so for an example if you buy a Delacroix Australian size 12+ garment the cups will be smaller than an Australian size 24+ curve fit swimsuit. This next point leads onto my next segment, this moulded multifit cup is sewn into the swimsuit onto an extremely stretchy powermesh





Artesands Curve Plus Size Powermesh Swimwear

Powermesh Surrounds

This multifit cup is then sewn onto our amazing powermesh fabrication that you will find in all of our Artesands curve fit and plus size swimsuits because we really love it! This allows the foam cup to stretch and mould in all the right places for your body. It is also how we can fit a variety of different cup sizes into a multifit swimsuit. We generally advertise that a multifit cup can comfortably fit a C Cup, D Cup, DD Cup, E Cup, F Cup and a G Cup, however with our Delacroix one piece style we have seen this fit a curvy babe with a HH Cup bust. This generally comes down to breast tissue as well as the amount you want to flaunt 😉 It goes without saying that the bigger the bust, the more that will be seen, especially if you are bigger than the recommended cup size. The good thing about our Delacroix style is that because it is a cross over front it can be a little more forgiving and just cross over a little looser for a bigger bust.


Artesands Curve Plus Size Powermesh Swimwear


If you have big boobs you do not have to stay away from our multifit cupped swimsuits! 

With support it is not necessarily about no wire or a wired bra top, it is about finding the perfect fit for your body. This comes from a common misconception; that wireless bras' won’t work for larger busts. They will. 

Personally speaking, I am an E cup and have been wearing wireless bras on the regular ever since I needed one and they have never failed me.


Nothing is important unless you look good and feel good.  

There has also been whispers floating around that wireless bras make you lose the round shape you want. This might be the case with some bras, but we have a secret; 


You can get wireless bras with round padding that do wonders for your shape. 

Many women with larger busts look for minimising. If you want minimisation, nipple coverage, and support; one of our multifit cups is the best option for you! 

It is double layered for that minimal shape you want and super supportive. It is perfect for casual wear for ladies with larger busts. It is possible to have an amazing shape while wearing wire-free bras.


Artesands Curve Plus Size New Arrivals
Artesands Curve Plus Size New Arrivals


Ever heard of the saying ‘Beauty is Pain’? 

Here at Artesands we think that is rubbish, you should be able to look stylish, feel supported and be comfortable all at the same time. Who wants to be in pain while going to the beach or relaxing by a pool anyway!


Wireless bras can survive an apocalypse 

I am not exaggerating. 

I find myself buying new underwire bras all the time because they keep getting all out of whack after a few washes. But my wire-free bras. Woah. They have not lost any shape in the years I have had them. 

It is important to regularly buy new bras for hygiene reasons, but you won’t have to replace your wireless bras as frequently. Can anyone hear those coins jingling? Wireless bras will save you money! 


Artesands Curve Fit and Plus Size Swimwear

Ultimate Comfort

Did I just fall asleep with my bra on? Oops. 

You know that feeling when you take off your bra at the end of the day? Is there any better feeling? Yes, there is. There is never enduring that wire that shovels its way into your ribs in the first place. There is wearing a wireless bra and feeling amazing the whole day through. 

Do you want that feeling? I think you would be crazy not to!


That being said, we are aware that sometimes a wired bra, regardless of how well it fits can be the more uncomfortable option but please don’t despair and definitely don’t give up on bras all together! 

If you are after comfort but do not want to go completely braless then a wire-free bra could be the perfect option for you. They are designed for comfort and are made of soft breathable fabrics which make these types of bras the perfect answer to ‘Track pants for your boobs’. So if you’d like to find out about some of our favourites then please keep reading… 

 Which Multifit swimsuit is the best one for yourself? 

See below for a little bit more information to help you decide. 



Artesands Fits Your Curves. Our Delacroix shape has the ultimate wire free comfort and support with full body powermesh for body sculpting confidence. This style has multifit cup support that fits a D cup , DD cup, E cup, F cup and a G cup, the sewn in cup has a powermesh surrounding so it can fit a larger or smaller cup depending on breast tissue. Delacroix has full body powermesh including front panel ruching with a cross front design feature to support where required and enhance where desired. 

Delacroix comes in a One Piece, Tankini Top, Bikini Top, and Swimdress


Artesands Curve Plus Size Fleur Du Champ Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Fleur Du Champ Swimwear



Artesands Fits Your Curves. Be sculptured by Botticelli designed to fit your curves, wire free comfort and support with full body powermesh for body sculpting confidence. This style has multifit cup support that fits a C Cup, D cup , and DD cup, the sewn in cup has a powermesh surrounding so it can fit a larger or smaller cup depending on breast tissue. Our Botticelli curve fit and plus size one piece has 360 degree powermesh lining and ruching along the front panel with good bottom coverage. 

Botticelli comes in a One Piece, Tankini Top, and Bikini Top

Please note that our Botticelli Bandeau style in the one piece and bikini top does have underwire to help keep it up while wearing the style strapless. 


Artesands Curve Plus Size Aria Black Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Aria Black Swimwear



Artesands Fits Your Curves. Fuseli is a zip front one piece shape, wire free comfort and support with full body powermesh for body sculpting confidence. This style has multifit cup support that fits a C Cup, D cup , and DD cup, the cups are removable from a front shelf bra. Our Fuseli curve fit and plus size one piece has 360 degree powermesh lining and good bottom coverage. 

Our Fuseli shape is only available in the one piece



Artesands Fits Your Curves. Chagall is our beautiful new bikini top. This bikini top is a multifit style designed to fit an A-D cup size, it has powermesh back wings, soft removable cups and faux knot tie front. 

Chagall is currently available in a bikini top and midriff bikini, but keep you eyes peeled for new shapes coming soon!


So after hearing all of that information, lets get into the pros and cons of Multifit cups 

 PROS: Wireless bras can offer the same great benefits of a wired bra without wires. As long as it features a comfortable band and supple, stretchy fabric, you should be able to enjoy light support and maximum comfort. 

 CONS: Without wires, you are left with less structure. A wireless bra will not give you the same silhouette as you would get with a wired bra, which will be noticeable when wearing fitted tops. And if you have larger breasts, a wireless bra might not be enough to offer you the everyday support you are looking for.

Comfort and modesty in our Artesands swimwear is of the utmost importance and our expert fit technicians always ensure that modesty is a key element in soft multifit cups that eliminate and minimize any chance of that dreaded Boob Malfunction/ mishap. Every girl dreams of having a bra cup that is soft and flexible with multiple sizing.  

That is where our Artesands range of swim garments will mould and reshape your curves giving full support to breast tissue by incorporating both style and comfort into the garment. While wearing your lovely Artesands range of curve fit bikini tops or one pieces, the multifit cup will shield and cover your nipples, for complete modesty and confidence in public. The desired features of cutting edge Artesands multifit cup garments highlight and complement a look and style of our babes curves. Pure style, reliability is what every girl is wanting as this exudes femininity and confidence in our quality of our Artesands swimwear.  

From our beautiful range of Artesands swimwear comes these stunning garments in styles that empower and exude femininity, confidence and positive body image that every girl can have .


Have you noticed the PLUS symbol on our tags?

Here’s how to understand what it actually means for you curve fit and plus size swimsuit. 

If you already own an Artesands curve fit plus size swimsuit you will notice all of our sizes on the garment tag have a little + symbol. This plus symbol symbolises ‘plus a little bit more’. As we design all of our curve fit and plus size swimwear on an Australian size 18 model this means we have allocated for more fabric and fitting to be allocated across the body, we know as well as anyone that when you go up a size its in all different areas of the body. This allows for more fabric around the mid section, back and bottom allowing for a soft fit on your body. This is to avoid the awful digging in on the edge of the swimsuit, that isn’t comfortable for anyone!


Artesands Curve Plus Size Ma Kai Swimwear

Women's Curve fit Swimwear

But if you are unsure about your Artesands size, we have a step by step blog on how to measure your body to find your perfectly fitting curvy swimsuit.

All of our women’s curve fit women’s swimwear is available in plus sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 24, and now, One Size!


To find swimwear in your size click the size link:

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One Size


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