A floral Asana that will honour your soul. Namaste.

Our beautiful Vineyasa collection is a soft, floral print that comes in two colour ways. The colour ways are a black base and soft red. We all know you can never go wrong with a black based swimsuit but why not change it up? Step outside your comfort zone and into something that will give you a new feel for life!

Get those summer vibes rolling in our Vineyasa Raphael Red Tankini.

Our Raphael style is the ULTIMATE curvy girl style. It has all the features of a functioning bra without exposing it. If you want to feel supported, confident, and comfortable look no further then this style! Below I am going to briefly (but also, not briefly) tell you about all the internal and external features of our Raphael style.

So here we go….  

- Raphael is our modest style for E/F cups. We say Raphael has all the bells and whistles; this style provides maximum support for a woman with E/F breasts.

- It has a full shelf bra with underwires and removable cups.

- Hidden internal adjustable bra fitting for the ultimate of bra support. Looking at this swimsuit you would not know all of these support features are hidden in the garment.

- Thick adjustable straps for extra comfort and support

- Strap clip feature - on the shoulder straps you will see a clip. This clip can be undone and the straps can be crossed over. This is for ultimate support; the straps can clip and lock across the back. This will hold the weight of heavy breasts more comfortably on the shoulder blades and not on the neck which leads to neck problems and headaches.

- Another benefit of the strap clip is it is very secure, there will be no pinging off. E hook straps are the straps that ping off and I’m sure we have all have this happen to us before (I know I have).

- Our tankini is a long line tankini and will look like you are wearing a one piece when wearing the briefs of the same print. Everyone loves the benefits of a tankini, besides being able to do a loo stop quicker. It also the best style to get your perfect fit. Very few people are the same dress size top and bottom. With a tankini you can tailor your swimsuit to fit your body shape perfectly.

- This tankini has 360 degree powermesh. Once you have tried Artesands powermesh you can never go back. Its our little secret for body sculpting and shape forming swimsuits.

- It also has rouching! Everyone loves the disguising benefits of some tummy rouching.

- This Raphael is also a Mastectomy style. Prosthetics can be added in the removable cup slit.

So, there you have it… Raphael! It is a truly unique style that fits your curves. We wanted to create the best fitting and supporting swimsuit for you curvy ladies with larger breasts. We understand it can be hard to find that perfect fitting swimsuit, so we have designed it for you!

Our Raphael style comes in a one piece, tankini and bikini. Please note, they do not come in sets. The Botticelli briefs are the perfect pant to match back to it. They are high waisted so when worn with a tankini it gives you that extra tummy control support and that body contouring shape we all love!

From us to you, we hope you enjoy your summer carefree, supported, empowered, confident and happy! Please tag us @artesands on Instagram. We love to see you all!

One more thing before we go….

If you get yourself a beautiful new Artesands swimsuit, please always remember to gently handwash it once you have taken it off. This will prolong the life span of it. We do not want your new swimmers damaged by chemicals or salt in the water.

We understand that everybody is uniquely different and breathtakingly beautiful in their own artistic right.

Our vision is to help all women LOVE their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin.

With love,

The Artesands Team xx

July 14, 2020 —