Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that is going on at the moment?  Celebrities, news coverage, social media, every one and every business is speaking of the bush fire crisis. 

We all know what's at stake here. 

This is not marketing it is a really serious issue and we as a team and a company are passionate about helping where we can. 

We understand that not everyone is able to donate cash, or maybe you feel unsure of who to donate too as there are so many charities and organisations crying out in this time of need. 

  We have put our heads together in the office and have come up solutions that we are doing and that you can to as a community of curvy girls who care...

Not just now, but also in the future. In one month, two months and three months they will always need support.

So much of our wildlife is struggling, even our reptiles.

Every dollar counts.

The animals won't judge your  sewing skills.

On what they can do to help.

Everything helps our community.

This speaks for itself.

An easy way to donate if you don't have extra cash.

We did our last two photoshoots at Hyams Beach, South Coast NSW. Support our tourism industry when the fires are over.

Give back to the communities that have suffered. Drive with an empty car, buy from locals, stay in a BNB, buy cheese, buy wine, buy petrol, come back with a full load.

You could have some cute backyard neighbours!

Turn off the tap when you're brushing your teeth, put a bucket down in the shower.

Raise awareness.

This is a world crisis.

Are you okay?

An easy way to support the country.

We have setup a donation page to contribute to the NSW Rural Fire Service, WIRES Animal Rescue, and the Australian Red Cross. Please click through on the link below to donate. Every dollar counts. 

We can all support Australia in one way or another. 

Help us help our country. 

What are some other ways that we can help? 

Email to share your thoughts, we are in this together! 

Love, the A Team xx

January 07, 2020 —