Women's Curvy and Plus Size Mix and Match Swimwear


L’Atelier is our bold and bright floral designed swimwear, it is a tropical expression in a vibrant curvy swimsuit.

This bright floral printed design is a perfect match with our Artisian blue A’Pois print! You might remember A’Pois from the rhubarb colour way, we decided to launch this in Artisian blue as our curvy customers could not get enough of the original colour!


Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

Mix and match curve fit styles to brighten up your world!

Why have just the one swimsuit option when you can buy a few mix and match separates for a summer of endless swimwear options, you would honestly be crazy not to. Mix any of our beautiful A’Pois in Artisans blue styles with our L’Atelier tropical cut out and floral expressionism print styles. Match any top with any of our curvy fit swim pant styles in the size you need to create the swimwear look you desire. Check out our Mix and Match blog post that shows all the best combinations of mixing and matching our A’Pois and L’Atelier prints. 

Use your smile to change the world and be free to enjoy the summer in Artesands Mix and Match happiness inspired blue spot collection, A’Pois. 

 This reversible pant is a relatively new shape in our range it has one side in the A’Pois blue spotted print and the other in a bold cut our shape floral with the same base. This pant differs slightly from our traditional pants as we cannot have powermesh in this style due to the construction. The reversible curve fit plus size pant does have the buttery soft handfeel fabrication on both sides of the pant which feels amazing on your skin!



Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

The blue background on these two prints, L’Atelier and A’Pois are the exact same colour. The psychology behind the colour blue has always been known to be quite relaxing and calming. Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. Blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. We find blue in swimsuits to match every body and every skin tone. Our artisian blue has a warming calmness around it which contrasts against the bold bright floral explosion for our L’Atelier range.  

 We have designed the base colour on both L’Atelier and A’Pois to the exact same shade in order for it to be the perfect mix and match styles, this of course features our reversible pant!  

 What to match the reversible pant back with? 

 We have two bikini tops available in our L’Atelier floral explosion print that both match back with our reversible pant.

Chagall midriff bikini top

Chagall is another new style for Artesands and is designed specially for our curvy girls that love to wear a bikini top but want a little but more coverage under the bust. This bikini top has a gorgeous flounce that starts under the bust and goes down to the waist, depending on your body length when wearing this with a high waisted pant it can look like a full one piece design. Chagall has powermesh back wings for bust support that travel into a secure back clip. This bikini top is designed to fit an A Cup, B Cup, C Cup, D Cup bust with removable soft foam cups, it is up to the wearer however I know on my bikini top these are the first to come out and get thrown in my undie drawer! This top also has a cute faux know at the bust for extra styling detail. This is hands down my favourite shape that we have on offer at the moment just because it is cute and fun in every way!


Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top
Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

Delacroix Bikini Top

For all of our curvy Artesands lovers you will probably know this shape back to front! This is one of our best selling shapes year in and year out, and there sure is a reason, you just have to look at it to find out! This shape is a mutifit cup D-G with soft foam sew in cups at the bust, powermesh in the backwings for support and a strong dye to match back clip to match the print on the swimsuit (being slightly OCD, that’s very important!). This shape fits a variety of different bust sizes based on your breast tissue and structure, we have even seen this style on a HH Cup and she was absolutely rocking it! The way we make this style multifit is by attaching the soft cup to an outer layer of powermesh so it can shape natural around the body, it’s our secret that makes this shape a best seller! 

 These two amazing bikini tops are also available in our A’Pois blue print which is the reverse side of the reversible pant! Just to make your decision a little bit more complicated on which one you would buy!  

 We also have a Delacroix tankini style in our A’Pois print that can be matched back with either side of the reversible pant for mix and match options!


Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top
Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

Seurat Sun Safe Top

Our A’Pois abstract polka dot print is also available in our short sleeve sunsafe top. Being an Australian brand we know how much damage the sun and its UV rays can do to our body, that’s why we include these beautifully soft sunsafe tops to match back with our prints. Who says being sun smart has to be plain and dull in plain black – we definitely don’t! This sunsafe top has a raglan sleeve with extra width in the circumference of the sleeve for comfort when wearing, it also has a full length dye to match zipper which makes it easy to get on and off, especially after you’ve gone for a swim!


Artesands Curve Plus Size Sun Safe Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Sun Safe Swimwear

Luxury Quality Fabrication

 Get yourself a plus size swimsuit and find out for yourself. You will not be able to stop touching them!   

Our team is dedicated to giving you ladies the best swimsuits on the market. From fits to fabrics, designs to production. Every step of the way is all done with you in mind.  

If we can have just one woman feeling a little more confident and comfortable, whether or not you have an Artesands plus sized swimsuit or feel empowered through our social media. We will have done our jobs. We want to celebrate the unique bodies we are born into and care for. We are all beautiful.  


 We understand that everybody is uniquely different and breathtakingly beautiful in their own artistic right.  

Our vision is to help all women LOVE their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. 


Artesands Curve Plus Size Swim Pant Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

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Women's Curve fit Swimwear

As this series is a ‘one size’ garment there is no need for measuring to get your perfect fitting size.


But if you are unsure about your Artesands size, we have a step by step blog on how to measure your body to find your perfectly fitting curvy swimsuit.

All of our women’s curve fit women’s swimwear is available in plus sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 24, and now, One Size!


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June 30, 2021 — Shani Cokinas