La Dolce Vita - The Sweet Life

"The Sweet Life," known as "La Dolce Vita" in Italian, encapsulates a luscious and indulgent way of existence that revolves around the pleasures of life's simplest joys. It reflects a lifestyle characterized by leisure, luxury, and the celebration of life's finer aspects.   

The core concept of La Dolce Vita is deeply intertwined with Italy and the Mediterranean region, evoking a dreamy and romanticized vision of these culturally rich areas. This vision is the foundation of our white-based floral design, which aims to capture the essence of savouring life's delights: fine cuisine, exquisite wines, artistic expression, and the embrace of moments filled with happiness and relaxation.   

This profound idea has transcended geographical boundaries, captivating people across the globe and inspiring them to seek a harmonious existence that centres around pleasure, gratification, and a profound sense of contentment.   

Our swimwear collection showcases the embodiment of this romantic floral design, offering swimwear styles that allow you to immerse yourself in the spirit of La Dolce Vita. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, designed to enhance your experience of the sweet life, and to make you feel like you're basking in the allure of the Mediterranean coast.   

The phrase La Dolce Vita has an enchanting ring to it, evoking images of sun-kissed beaches, charming coastal villages, and the mesmerizing beauty of the sea. It is a phrase that transports us to a world where every day is a celebration, where moments are treasured, and where life's simple pleasures take precedence.   

At its core, La Dolce Vita encourages us to slow down and savour life's moments. It's a reminder to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines and embrace the things that truly matter. It's about appreciating the taste of a well-prepared meal, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and the beauty of a sunset over the horizon.   

One of the defining features of La Dolce Vita is its emphasis on indulgence. It encourages us to treat ourselves, to revel in the richness of life's experiences. Whether it's enjoying a glass of fine wine, indulging in a sumptuous dessert, or taking a leisurely stroll along the beach, La Dolce Vita reminds us that it's okay to pamper ourselves from time to time.

Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

Swimwear Styles Offered In La Dolce Vita

Cezanne One Piece and Midriff Bikini Top

Elevate your confidence and style with the Artesands Cezanne curvy and plus size one piece swimsuit and midriff bikini top! Meticulously crafted to enhance your figure, it features an appealing mock knot tie at the front and full foam cups for excellent support, catering to D cup and DD cup sizes. The peephole detailing adds a dash of allure, emphasizing an hourglass silhouette.   

Furthermore, this swimwear boasts a full-body 360-degree powermesh and front panel ruching, working in harmony to accentuate your entire figure. With moderate bottom coverage, you can confidently showcase your stunning shape whether you're at the beach or by the poolside. Feel and exude your absolute best in the fabulous Cezanne one-piece!

Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

Delacroix Bikini top, tankini top, one piece and swimdress

Uncover the ultimate answer within our wire-free swimwear lineup, boasting the inclusion of powermesh and comprehensive bust support. Your search ends here, as this swimsuit collection is meticulously designed to accommodate both curve fit and plus size individuals. Embrace the remarkable advantages of comfort and support, empowering you to confidently showcase your curves and make a splash at the beach. With this swimwear, you'll experience an unshakable confidence, fully prepared to savour your beach days to the maximum!   

This collection is available in various styles, including bikini tops, tankini tops, one piece, and swimdress, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit to suit your beachside preferences.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top
Artesands Curve Plus Size Sun Safe Swim dress

Vermeer Bandeau bikini top and one piece

Indulge in the magic of our Artesands Vermeer curvy and plus size one piece swimsuit, an elegantly crafted design meticulously created to accentuate your natural curves. The Vermeer one piece showcases a graceful flounce style bandeau, offering versatile styling possibilities with optional detachable straps. The Vermeer silhouette is skillfully engineered to cater to a spectrum of bust sizes, spanning from B cup to DD cup, and includes removable foam cups for a flattering and customized bust contour.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top
Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

Chagall midriff bikini top and One Piece

The Chagall one piece swimsuit for plus sizes is a meticulous creation, thoughtfully crafted to celebrate curves. It gracefully complements A cup, B cup, C cup, and D cup cup sizes with ease, thanks to removable multifit cups for added coverage and comfort. Its faux knot tie front, dainty peephole, and elegant flounce accents merge style and ease seamlessly. You can confidently revel in both fashion and comfort while sporting this swimwear. Additionally, the broad adjustable straps offer exceptional support, guaranteeing that your pool or beach days are extra special and truly enjoyable!

Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top
Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

Seurat Sunsafe Rash Top

Embrace the summer with freedom in our sun-safe Seurat short sleeve rash top. This mid-sleeve rash guard offers flexibility with an adjustable full front zipper. The sleeve length extends just above the elbow, ensuring unrestricted arm movement while delivering maximum sun protection. With a UPF protection, you can fully immerse yourself in the summer while enjoying top-tier protection from the sun's rays.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Sun Safe Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Sun Safe Swimwear

Richter High Leg, High Waist Bikini Bottom

Richter high waist, high cut leg swim pant, designed to provide you with the ultimate fit for your unique curves. This swim pant boasts a sleek and curve enhancing design tailored specifically for curve fit and plus-size figures. Its standout feature is the 360-degree powermesh lining that envelops your body, ensuring unmatched comfort and support. Furthermore, the high leg cut of this swim pant not only delivers an elongated leg appearance but also adds an illusion of increased body length, accentuating your natural silhouette with grace and style. Get ready to embrace the perfect fit for your curves with Artesands.   

Botticelli Bikini Bottom

Artesands high waisted swim pants are tailor-made to flawlessly complement your unique curves. These swim pants, designed for both curve-fit and plus-size individuals, feature an all-encompassing 360-degree powermesh lining and strategically placed side panel ruching. This results in excellent coverage for the bottom while accentuating your figure with grace and style.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Swim Pant Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Swim Pant Swimwear

Resort Wear Co-ordinating Styles

Artesands new resort wear is the perfect addition to your swimsuit!   

Just like our swimwear, the beach cover ups have been designed to fit your curves.   

Mahler Cotton Beach Dress

Mahler is our tie front around midi dress. This midi dress has buttons down the front and side pockets. Mahler has been designed with long sleeves that can be rolled up to a 3/4. Artesands specially designed resortwear made to wear over your curve fit swimsuit. Mahler is made with 100% soft wash, lightweight, breathable cotton fabrication.   

Amadeus Cotton Beach Dress

Amadeus is our curve-enhancing over-shirt kaftan, designed for effortless elegance. This cover-up showcases a stylish V-neck, short cuffed sleeves, and a rounded hem. Artesands has specially crafted this resort wear to be worn over your curve-fit swimsuit. Amadeus is fashioned from 100% soft-washed, lightweight, and breathable cotton fabric, ensuring your comfort while adding a touch of sophistication to your beach attire.   

Bach Cotton Sarong with Bag

Bach, our beach sarong designed to complement your curves. It features a stylish tassel detail and an extra-long drawstring, offering versatile styling options. This specially crafted sarong from Artesands is tailored to drape gracefully over your swimsuit, enhancing your beachside look. "Bach" is crafted from 100% soft-washed, lightweight, and breathable cotton fabric, ensuring your comfort under the sun. Plus, it comes with its own matching carry bag for added convenience and style.   

Monteverdi Orange Maxi Shirt Dress

Monteverdi is our curve fit maxi length over shirt. This cover up has a button-up front and long sleeves that can be rolled up to a 3/4. Artesands specially designed resort wear made to wear over your curve fit swimsuit. Monteverdi is made with 100% soft wash, lightweight, breathable cotton fabrication. 

Artesands Curve Plus Size Sarongs
Artesands Curve Plus Size Resort Wear

The Sweet Life

Art and culture are also central to the concept of La Dolce Vita. It celebrates the beauty of artistic expression, from the intricate sculptures of Michelangelo to the timeless paintings of Leonardo da Vinci. It encourages us to immerse ourselves in the world of art and culture, to appreciate the creativity and genius of human expression.   

The spirit of La Dolce Vita is closely tied to the Mediterranean way of life. The Mediterranean region is known for its warm hospitality, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine. It's a place where people gather around the table to share meals, laughter, and stories. It's a place where life is lived at a slower pace, allowing for moments of relaxation and connection.   

Our white-based floral design draws inspiration from this Mediterranean ethos. The use of white as a base colour symbolizes purity and simplicity, while the floral patterns evoke the beauty of nature. It's a design that reflects the effortless elegance and timeless charm of the Mediterranean lifestyle.   

The romanticized vision of Italy and the Mediterranean that La Dolce Vita represents has had a profound influence on popular culture. It has been immortalized in films, literature, and art. One of the most iconic depictions of La Dolce Vita is found in Federico Fellini's 1960 film of the same name. The movie explores the decadence and allure of Rome's high society, showcasing a world of glamorous parties, extravagant lifestyles, and existential reflections.   

While La Dolce Vita may be associated with luxury and opulence, it's important to note that it's not solely about material wealth. It's about finding joy in the simple things, about cherishing the moments that make life beautiful. It's about sipping a cappuccino at a sidewalk café, taking a leisurely stroll through a historic square, or sharing a meal with loved ones.   

In essence, La Dolce Vita encourages us to find balance in our lives. It reminds us that work is important, but so is play. It encourages us to prioritize our well-being and happiness. It teaches us to appreciate the art of living and the magic of the present moment.   

As you explore our swimwear collection, you'll find that each piece embodies the spirit of La Dolce Vita. Our designs are not just about fashion; they are a celebration of life. They are a reminder to embrace the sweet moments, to indulge in the pleasures of the here and now.   

Whether you're lounging by the pool, strolling along the beach, or basking in the warmth of the sun, our swimwear styles are designed to enhance your experience. They reflect the beauty, elegance, and sophistication that La Dolce Vita represents.

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It's also vital to acknowledge that every body is unique, and it's entirely common to have varying sizes for your bust, waist, and hips. These differences contribute to what makes each of us unique and gives us our distinct body shape. At Artesands, our women's swimwear styles are designed to accommodate all the diverse curvy girl body shapes.   

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Artesands Curve Plus Size Swim Pant Swimwear

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