Our Best Selling Curve Fit Style Botticelli Bandeau Is Back!


There’s just something about a Bandeau one piece swimsuit style that never goes out of fashion, in our opinion it is because they look amazing, like truly amazing, and because we have an incredible garment technician team, they feel amazing on as well! How can you go wrong with that.  

This style has been one of our shapes that whenever we have stock in it flies off the shelf! Because of this we have something exciting to tell you, we have it available in new prints and textures! 

Sorry for all of the exclamation marks in there, we are clearly just very excited.


Artesands Curve Plus Size Rhapsody Teal Swimwear


So what makes this curve fit and plus size Bandeau so dreamy? 

Oh don’t worry, we're going to let you know. Just sit back, maybe even make yourself a cup of tea and find a sunny spot and have a read of this blog we have prepared for you.  

 The main thing we love about wearing bandeau one pieces in the height of summer, you do not get tan lines! Who really wants to have tan lines going up your shoulders and down your back, I am not a fan of them anyway. Something that is even better with our Botticelli Bandeau one piece is that it is secure and stays in place when you have removed the straps (which is even more of a bonus). 

There is nothing worse than getting all excited about a bandeau one piece swimsuit and then as soon as you take the straps off it falls or it rubs a little bit. Well we can safely tell you, that is not the case with ours! Our garment technicians have put so much time into making sure this bandeau one piece is the best fit possible. We can guarantee if you buy the correct size for your body it will not slide and you won’t have to pull and shuffle it around. 


There are a few little tricks we have learnt to make sure it fits just right! Side boning is one big thing that all of our Botticelli Bandeau One Pieces have, this is a small strip of plastic that is coated with a soft fabrication so it doesn’t scratch the skin, this little piece helps keep the top of the swimsuit where it needs to be much like a corset. This style also has D cup to DD cup underwires which will keep your bust upright with soft molded cups formed around the body, you really will be sculptured by Botticelli in this piece! 

 Artesands Fits Your Curves. Be sculptured by Artesands Botticelli Bandeau one piece swimsuit to fit your curves. This classic swim costume has soft foam D cup to DD cups, underwires, twist front design feature with front ruching and full body powermesh for body sculpting confidence. Our Botticelli curve fit and plus size one piece has 360 degree powermesh lining and ruching along the front panel with good bottom coverage.


Features of our much loved botticelli bandeau one piece


Fits cup sizes D - DD  

Our Botticelli Bandeau curve fit and plus size one piece will fit a D Cup or DD Cup bust. This one piece swimsuit has molded foam cups.

Supportive moulded foam cups with side boning  

These foam cups stretch and sculpt with your body to create a perfect fit with moderate support. This curve fit and plus size one piece swimsuit also has side boning to help keep it in place when wearing strapless. 

D Cup DD Cup Underwires  

Our Botticelli Bandeau one piece swimsuit has D - DD cup underwires for support and control. These underwires are in a soft casing that sits gently against the skin. 

Removable, adjustable wide shoulder straps for extra comfort and support   

Our Bandeau styles all have wide removable straps that are attached with a secure metal e-hook. These straps are thick to avoid them digging in and have adjustable sliders. 

Full body powermesh lining  

All of our Artesands Curvy swimsuits contain our full body 360 degree powermesh. Our tummy control powermesh, we say is 360 degrees, as we use it right the way around the body in a 360 degree full circle so that our women can feel the maximum support.  

Artesands powermesh will not only soften the belly, but it will also work wonders on the bottom, lower and upper back, and side areas. Our powermesh lining fabric can be found on the internal body of all our one pieces. This powermesh is made up of elastane and nylon in small little oval shapes that contract and sculpt as they pull in. It is a soft fabrication on the skin and makes you feel amazing.  

Twist front design  

Our Botticelli One Piece has a loop through detail at the centre front. 

Soft touch, high stretch swim fabric  

Artesands main outer fabric has a soft, silk like hand feel that beautifully sculpts and enhances your curves. All our fabrications are an amazing soft touch fabrication with high stretch for support and comfort. The stretch and return on our fabrication are an element that we work with in creating our tummy control swimwear. 

Back Clip  

Our Botticelli Bandeau one piece has a solid plastic back clip to give the curve fit swimsuit extra support. This secures the one piece on the bust and gives extra support when wearing as a strapless one piece 

Front Ruching  

Ruching is the gathering of extra fabric in the outer fabrication of our swimwear. This ruching effect helps create a smoother look across our tummy and mid section, as it helps disguise any curves. 

Panel Lines 

You are probably asking how are panel lines used in creating tummy control?  The use of panel lines draws the eyeline in the direction of the design lines and can shape the figure. A use of good panel lines can create a beautiful hourglass shape and who does not want that. 



New Prints And Shapes

This Botticelli Bandeau one piece swimsuit available in the following new prints and textures:


Artesands Curve Plus Size La Rambla Swimwear







La Rambla 

Our new bohemian print La Rambla brings curved sculptured styling in a vibrant nature 

Inspired souls that wander lost through the rambling pathways that all lead to La Rambla. Be inspired with us on our imagery journeys to exotic destination. A life lived with a bohemian sensibility. 

La Rambla has a variety of different colours in the patchwork design with copper, sapphire, yellow, deep blue, and a light baby pink being the stand outs. This boho inspired print is on our favourite buttery soft Nylon, Elastane fabrication. Our Artesands customers will know the soft touch, high stretch swim fabric that we are referring to. Once you’ve felt it in your hand, it will be impossible to buy any other swimsuit!


Artesands Curve Plus Size Rhapsody Teal Swimwear






Rhapsody, Live with an ecstatic expression of feeling, be enthusiastic, free flowing, and live a life of high tonality with lots of colour and spontaneous inspiration to create a lasting impact. 

This is our Rhapsody collection, Artesands Elevated Elegant Textured Jacquard Design Swimwear to Fit your Curves. 

Our Rhapsody collection is an inspiring range of women’s curve fit and plus size swimwear made with Artesands beautiful honeycomb texture fabrication which is a luxurious surface jacquard texture design that creates interest and dimension to our best-selling Artesands curve fit and plus size swimwear silhouettes.  

Create your own sanctuary of style and bring an elevated elegance to your swimwear and summer wardrobe this season with an Artesands sculpted to fit your curves Rhapsody textured luxe in a summertime vibrant teal colour swimsuit style 

Create your own Arte expression and be free to express yourself. 

 And guess what, it has also been restocked in our best selling core range Aria Black 









Artesands unforgettable sophisticated luxurious Aria fabrication is an irregular rib texture concert for your curves. Live life in the Arte of luxury in Artesands superior textured Aria fabrication. 

Our black textured Aria fabric is one of our best selling women’s curve and plus size swimwear collections. 


We all love a good black swimsuit and we all know the benefits of wearing black. However are we aware of the benefits of wearing a textured black women’s swimsuit. Flat black, like a straight nylon / elastane or a silk or flat cotton we like to call them flat blacks. These black fabrics are not as flattering on the body as people are led to believe. A flat black will highlight all the lumps and bumps, the light reflects off the curves in even symmetry and will high light the shape of all your curves no matter how small. 

But by adding a texture to the base cloth, this diffuses the light reflection but also adds interest and dimensions to the garment.


Luxury Quality Fabrication

Get yourself a plus size swimsuit and find out for yourself. You will not be able to stop touching them! Our team is dedicated to giving you ladies the best swimsuits on the market. From fits to fabrics, designs to production. Every step of the way is all done with you in mind.  

If we can have just one woman that bit more confident and comfortable. Whether or not you have an Artesands plus sized swimsuit or feel empowered through our social media. We have done our jobs. We want to celebrate the unique bodies we are born into and care for. We are all beautiful.  

We understand that everybody is uniquely different and breathtakingly beautiful in their own artistic right. Our vision is to help all women LOVE their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. 


What's Good about a textured fabrication?

Trust me when I say, textured swimwear is the most beautiful cossie I think I have ever worn! I often hear people asking questions thinking that the extra thickness of the fabric would add onto your body, trust me when I tell you it does the exact opposite!  

Our Aria fabrication is a mixture of nylon/elastane with a thicker weight then our standard printed and solid hues ranges. This heavier weight of the fabric and high elastane percentage helps to sculpt your curves and create a beautiful form to the body. Having increased the elastane percentage, it helps the return of the fabric - meaning once the swimsuit is stretched onto your body, the elastane pulls it back into place helping the powermesh to work its wonders!  

The texture in our Aria range are lines going across your body, this sculpts your curves and adds extra support. If you have worn our black Aria swimsuits, I bet you can vouch! It might to time to invest in a new colour, you can never have too many swimsuits coming into summer. 

Our Rhapsody fabrication is a new textured base that we have just launched. This is available in a beautiful teal colour way which has just been launched. This base is much like Aria in that is a Nylon / Elastane base that is slightly thicker than our standard printing base. This helps to sculpt the body and embrace the beautiful curves that all of us really do have!  

This texture differs from our Aria in that it is more like a little rectangular jacquard, with the jacquard being high and then low it gives the whole fabrication a three dimensional feel. 


Artesands Curve Plus Size La Rambla Swimwear

Women's Curve fit Swimwear

But if you are unsure about your Artesands size, we have a step by step blog on how to measure your body to find your perfectly fitting curvy swimsuit.

All of our women’s curve fit women’s swimwear is available in plus sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 24, and now, One Size!


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July 09, 2021 — Shani Cokinas