An Easy to get into curvy and plus size swimsuit

To Zip or not to Zip? That is the question.

Our newly released Fuseli style is a zip front beauty. Not only does this swimsuit look stylish on, the absolute most stylish part of this swimsuit is how easy it is to get into and get out of it. 

 We all know how a swimsuit try on can be a bit of an effort. Never really is it EVER easy to get into a swimsuit (really)! …and that is when they are dry!  Getting into a wet swimsuit is pretty much down right impossible, and I think it’s a given (and acceptable) that you can have a tantrum as you try. 

 And then along comes our Fuseli curvy fit swimsuit shape.... Hooray!! 

 What makes this swimsuit easier to get into you ask?

Well it’s easy .. it’s the full front zipper It pretty much opens up the swimsuit for you to step into. All you then need to do is put the wide straps on your shoulders and do up the zip .. Hey Presto – it’s as simple as that.


But this swimsuit also contains a ‘No fear factor’ element

Our Fuseli shape zipper is lockable.

Have a large bust? Don’t worry, there is No fear of the zip popping open and POW the world gets an eyeful. 

 Let me reinforce again - our zip is lockable! This doesn’t mean you can’t undo it, it just means that unless you pull on the puller then the zip will not undo.. 

 PSA - Fuseli WILL open if BF pulls on the zipper puller (just so you know 😂😂) It isn’t a chastity belt !! 

A flattering zipper front curve fit one piece

Our Fuseli is one of our newly released shapes, it is multifit cup, zipper front one piece – A Fashionable and Functional swimsuit shape for us curvy girls.

It has a traditional sporty vibe but with added sex appeal, just try and look away from this style.

Fuseli features wide comfortable straps with binding edges, the straps have no adjustability - this whole suit is about ease! If you have a short or long torso than this suit is probably not the swimsuit for you.


Click through here to read our blog on how do I know my torso length. 

Fuseli has a flattering rounded scoop back shape, its internal features include Artesands own 360 degree full body powermesh with removable multifit cups, body contouring panels line, a front feature zipper all whilst offering wire free comfort. 

The locking zipper allows for ease of pulling on and doing up, there is NO having to reach behind your back and do up a back clip, and the struggle that all that entails. 

This style is sexy (yes! Just a little bit sexy) and flattering. But yet it is also EXTREMELY practical - the easiest of all our curve fit one piece swimsuits to put on and take off.

Our Fuseli style is a multifit cup style that fits best on a C cup or a D cup or DD cup. This style also has our removable cups for the preferable choice of the wearer. Our hidden internal features are what makes Artesands a truly unique curve fit and plus size swimwear brand. All our swimsuits have features for comfort and support that are not visible when wearing, however they help you to feel supported and confident to tackle the beach. 

 Our new curve fit & plus size Fuseli shape has side paneling detail to contour and shape the body. These panel lines help shape your silhouette to a flattering and elegant line.  The internals of Fuseli also have full body powermesh, you can read all about what is powermesh and the benefits of it in our blog, the power of powermesh.


Fuseli fills the one piece swimsuit needs of many women


This curve fit swimsuit fills the needs of any women that pose or ask these questions:

  • I’ve had shoulder surgery, what is the best swimsuit for me? 
  • I can’t comfortably do up a bra clasp so how can I wear a clip back one piece?
  • I have a toddler and I need a swimsuit that I can change in a change room quickly from.
  • I have had back (neck or shoulder) injury what is the best swimsuit for me?
  • I need to get out of a swimsuit quickly, what is the best swimsuit for me? 
  • I’m breast feeding. What is a great open front, easy to get into without exposing myself swimsuit.
  • I need a swimsuit that doesn’t make me sweat to get into and out of. 

 And my favourite, 

  • I’m just lazy and want a swimsuit that is easy, Or:
  • I’m looking for a Bond girl hot swimsuit so I can do sexy slightly opened zipper selfies.

All of these women benefit from our Fuseli shape.    

Stylish but practical

Current Fuseli styles we have in stock.

Click through here to see the options in our Fuseli style


Our Mèlange collection is pure understated luxury. A beautiful vivid navy blue colour with variations in colour, it is a mixture of the yarns of nylon, polyester and elastane as they reflect the light. The three toned nature of the fabric construction offers an illusion of texture making it extra flattering on the body.

Our Mèlange Fuseli shape features a gold zipper with a round gold zipper head to have as much of the gold bling as possible. As well as being a stand our feature for its blingability, our zip is lockable so it won’t open as you are wearing it.


You may already realise that at Artesands we name all our styles after artists and Fuseli is no exception.


Our elegant and easy to wear Fuseli was named after the great Henry Fuseli, who was a Swiss born painter (1741 – 1825). Fuseli is renown for his unconventional views in the Romanticism era, Fuseli although his works were considered gothic and dark he had an unabashed love for women and the extremes of human passions. 

 Leave us a review and tell us why you love our Fuseli curve fit and plus size one piece swimsuit shape. The team at AT HQ love receiving your feedback and comments. 

 As with all our swimsuits please make sure you read the care instructions and launder your swimwear immediately after each use. If you get yourself a beautiful new Artesands Fuseli swimsuit, please always remember to hand wash gently once you have taken it off straight after swimming. This will prolong the life span of your swimmers. We do not want your new curvy swimsuit damaged by chemicals or salt in the water. Make sure you take care of your swimsuit and follow these care instructions carefully to get the longest life! Our swimsuits are made to last if given the right and correct care.

All of our women’s plus size and curve fit swimwear is available in plus sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 24.   

To find swimwear in your size click the size link  [ size us 8 / aust 12 ] [ size us 10 / aust 14] [ size us 12 / aust 16 ] [ size us 14 / aust 18 ] [ size us 16 / aust 20 ] [ size us 18 / aust 22 ] [ size us 20 / aust 24 ].

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