Presenting Figaro! 

   It’s a jungle out there. 

Well it is in our new jungle tropics inspired print Figaro.   

 Can you feel the deep tenor rhythm? A booming powerful voice so deep and melodic as the deep rhythmic sounds of the darkest depths of nature. Be caught under the canopy with the filtering light highlighting the iridescent palette of the exotic tropical leaves and our operatic jungle melody. A botanical print with a black dark base and vibrant luscious tropical leaves. Become lost in our deep dark jungle of adventure and mystery... Figaro, Figaro, Figaro  

Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

  Tropical prints are all the rage for the coming summer so turn your wild side on its side and inject a bold, tropical print, swimsuit into your wardrobe this summer season. Animal prints maybe the new black, but this seasons Tropical prints are the new animal.   

 As most of our Artesands prints, we like to use the artwork of local artists. Our black base Figaro tropical leaves are hand painted by a local Sydney artist with artistic brushstrokes incorporating movement and colour within the direction and palette choice creating a rainforest inspired tropical jungle vibe.   


Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

I have always loved a tropical theme and have been totally obsessed with tropical prints for years now. I love the freshness, the trance, the relaxation, and the state of vacation these prints put you in... you are there, you are in paradise. And with all of us only being able to dream of paradise this year, what better year is it than to have tropical prints as the print of the season.  All 

And I’m not the only one, for hundreds of years the tropics have been synonymous with paradise.

Tropical prints and jungle patterns in the form of exotic plants and distant paradises have been artistically created for over a century - most famously by French artist Henri Rousseau. We love his work and it truly is an inspiration for our prints this season.     

Sometimes tropical prints can be a bit OTT (like a loud Hawaiian shirt). But our Figaro print is the perfect balance of the trend you want and the curvy girl swimsuit you need. 

Adventurous souls need only apply as this is the print for getting lost in an exotic paradisiacal jungle and finding your own beating paradise.

Don’t be caught out in the jungle without a perfectly fitting swimsuit for your curves. 

Artesands Figaro in black print will be the right melody for your summer.. so be captivated in our Figaro black, operatic jungle inspired styles and find the perfect curvy girl swimsuit style for you. We have offered it in our best-selling contemporary plus size swimsuit shapes one piece, bikini top, tankini top, sun safe and swimdress.   

 So let me run you through the styles that are available in our deep dark jungle inspired print, Figaro.


Of course, we had to include Delacroix, so let me start here. Delacroix is our feel-good style, and if you are an Artesands swimsuit wearer, then no doubt you have a Delacroix in your swimsuit drawer. Delacroix is the most loved of all our shapes. It is timeless, it is classic, and it fits a curvy shape beautifully. The reason why women love our Delacroix is because it is wirefree and its oh so comfortable! 

Our Delacroix one-piece shape has full wirefree support for a range of cup sizes, depending on breast tissue and personal preference, we say our Delacroix shape can fit from a c cup to a G cup.  We use our Artesands own soft powermesh on the internals of the garment, full body powermesh and always around the cups which helps support and shape your breasts. 

The Delacroix has nice wide adjustable straps that won’t dig in, and front panel ruching for that little bit of extra figure flattering and tummy control attention. So yes, Delacroix is our most easiest, uncomplicated of shapes, and this explains exactly how easy it is to wear. 


 In this jungle trekking print we also offer the Delacroix bikini top and tankini top these have all the great same features of the Delacroix one piece. 

The bikini top has a strong back clip in black that will not unclip and go ‘ping!’ 

The tankini top has all the same features of the one piece with a nice long line length, when you wear a tankini top with matching swim pants from the same print, you can’t actually tell you are wearing a tankini as it looks like you are wearing a one piece. We really strongly encourage women that are different sizes on their top to their bottom to buy a tankini set and then you can purchase the correct fit perfect for you.


Artesands Curve Plus Size Sun Safe Swim dress

Another fantastic curve fit shape is our Delacroix swimdress. Artesands Delacroix plus size swimdress with tummy control, is our best selling swimdress shape.

Delacroix is an A-line design which makes the style oh so flattering on, its waist defining with a swimdress that does not cling to your body. 

Our swimdress is a one piece shape with full 360 degree powermesh body under the A line dress design shape.

In contrast to our relaxed fit Delacroix is to our: all the bells and whistles, full support style Raphael.  

Raphael is the most modest with the most internal structure of all our styles. 

To get the full effect of our Raphael one piece you need to turn the garment inside out. On doing this, you will see all the bust support and internal fit structure. Our Raphael style has a floating, full support, underwire shelf bra with removable soft cups. 

Raphael is designed and made to support and fit an E cup and an F cup. You will also see Raphael has an internal bra clasp, so the wearer can put Raphael on like a bra first and pull up the shoulder straps. The bra clasp has 3 hook and eye settings, so can be tightened as needed. The internals of Raphael will also show the full body powermesh, you can read all about the benefits of powermesh in our blog, the power of powermesh.


The Raphael style can also be a mastectomy option, the soft removable cup can be removed and replaced by prosthetics. The pink size label in our swimsuits represent this. The externals of the Raphael garment are just as involved, with front panel ruching, side panel ruching and a high front neckline for modest coverage. Our Raphael also has a full bottom and lower leg line, which is great coverage for a good curvy booty. Another beneficial feature of the Raphael is our strap clip technology. We have wide adjustable straps on our Raphael styles that will not dig in, with strap clips that can be undone and clipped back together crossed over. This cross-back strap ability is for the extra support required for a full heavy bust. To learn more about our Raphael shape, read our blog, have you met Raphael?

We also introduced a new curvy swim pant into to our range this season, and it was for the highly requested modest extra coverage swim pant. 

Our new Raphael swim pant is a high waist, low leg and full back coverage, with maximum ruching in front and panels. 

Our Raphael swim pant also has the full body 360 degree powermesh, and 20mm waist band rubber that prevents the waistband from rolling.

Raphael swim pant

Another new swim pant style that we have introduced into this collection is our reversible pant. 

Our reversible pant has one side in our beautiful Figaro Black print and on the reverse side our co-ordinating solid Hues plain black, and this leads me into our Mix and Match component of this collection. We have designed our Figaro black collection to co-ordinate and work back perfectly with our Hues black ongoing styles. 

 Our reversible pant is a ‘no dig’ relaxed fit swim pant, this is a great pant to create a more contemporary feel. It’s a lighter fit as it does not have any internal powermesh, just the 2 layers of our beautiful nylon / elastane fabrication. This pant has a high waist with a slightly high leg line and regular curve fit back pant coverage. 


Also new in and released with our Black Figaro Print, are new styles in our plain solid black Hues ongoing collection, the Raphael swim pant and Monet soft cup bikini top. The Raphael swim pant in Hues black co-ordinates back beautifully with the any of the Figaro print black tops. A co-ordinating style of choice and one I highly recommend is our Figaro black Raphael tankini top with the Raphael black swim pants, this is the swimsuit set for the ultimate in tummy control, to read more about our tummy control features, please read our blog What is Tummy Control?

Figaro Black

And last but by no means least is another new shape, Monet, our first soft cup bikini top. 

Our new Monet bikini top is a full support underwire bikini top suited for a D cupE cup. This style has a relaxed, comfortable natural shape cup with added special features as a deep centre bridge, has a feminine neckline with full support without being too plunging, wide adjustable straps with strap click detail and our newest and exciting feature that is our back clasp that is a 3 hook and eye bra like clasp which is great for adjustability and extra support.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top
Monet bikini top

Both these collections work beautifully together as mix and match.

All our separates in our Figaro black collection can be worn back with our separates in our Hues essential solid black collection. It’s such a fun look, so give it a try, we recommend buying a swim top in both prints and the reversible pant, so for the price of 3 separate swim pieces you can create 3 whole different swimsuit looks. You can wear a figaro top and either wear a full print ensemble or swap the pants for a co-ordinating and mix and match feel.

It really is a jungle out there but in our luxurious fabric and beautiful prints we will have you feeling totally confident and ready for paradise in our made to fit your curves swimwear. So brave the jungle heat as we are here to help you find your perfectly fitting swimsuit.

Figaro Black

All of our women’s curve fit women’s swimwear is available in plus sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 24.   

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December 04, 2020 —