The curvy girls guide to 20 things to do before the end of the decade.

New year, new you, that’s how the saying goes isn’t it? 

Time to face up and say goodbye to the decade. Here at Artesands we have gone through what we have loved and what we are happy to see the back of moving into the new decade. Let me say it again, MOVING to the next decade.

Get sized up

Do you know what your bra size is?

I can tell that you probably answered yes, let me shock you!

I've read somewhere (legit I swear!) that 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

Are you one of the 70%? Because I can say that I was!

Treat yo self

One last time for the decade, you decide, what’s your favourite?!

Leave the balayage behind

It’s time, it’s a trend that has treated us well, but we must love it and leave it to move forward. In my eyes this is a sad thing to leave behind. 

Buy a keep cup- they really are worth it. Plus, you sometimes get a sweet discount at some cafes, need I say more?

Keep your skin looking young and fresh, we don’t really need an excuse for this one. Let’s be honest, silly season can be shown on your face. 

Is there a holiday that’s been on your mind for months or even years that you keep putting off? Well, we’ve decided it’s time to book, there’s no point fantasizing about it if it’s not going to happen right?! (we can be the devil on your shoulder, that savings is there to be spent)

Do a final spring clean

I don’t know if we’ve mentioned, you’re not going to wear the fast fashion – it's time to buy quality products. Donate everything you haven’t worn in the last decade as you won’t wear it in the decade to come.

Choose your summer novel

Throughout the year it’s extremely easy to get sidetracked with work and forget to have time for yourself. Reading a summer novel can be a small treat but it’s an easy way to unwind and let your mind have a rest. Personal time is an important part of life that’s often left behind, make sure you get your ‘you time’.

The end of a decade is a perfect opportunity to reconnect your friendships and start the year on a strong foundation, you can never have too many friends! 

We'll be impressed if you manage to keep your them for longer than a few months!

Mines been the same for the last 10 years

Over editing photo’s is a trend of the past (thank god), there’s no need to add in that over-bloody-filtered camera lens anymore! 

Accept your self

My Grandmother always told me the sooner you learn to accept who you are the more fun you will have in life. Self-acceptance helps you build your life with the strongest connections, we can only see people in the eyes we see ourselves.  

Does anyone in their right mind wear stiletto shoes? We don’t and are more than happy to embrace the joggers – we want all levels of comfort for our new decade, strut with confidence. 

Candy crush, angry birds, fruit ninja and words with friends are all games of the past! It’s time to stop draining your phone battery fighting against a bot, even if it does feel extremely satisfying to machete some fruit in half. 

It’s time to embrace natural beauty and let those curls down, no one has time in the morning to straighten hair!

Do a house energy audit 

Home is where we let out our weirdest and craziest self, make sure you’re letting that part of your life shine through where you can, being dull would lead to a boring life and no one wants that! 

Save the planet

This is one idea that we are passionate and excited for! Being aware of how our consumer ‘throw away’ generation is ruining the future, this something that is both terrifying and necessary to move forward.

Here are a few easy changes you can make to everyday life:

Repair old clothes – there’s no need to contribute to landfill if you learn to stitch a rip or sew on a button

Buy quality products – when you buy clothing and swimwear make sure it is going to last, we are happy to leave fast fashion behind and move to the slow movement

Try a food you’ve never tried before

Because, why not?

Enjoy the last supper of the decade

Go to your favourite restaurant - Have a splurge before the year is out.  

The last but most important goal to finish the decade:

Wear the swimsuit !

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

You only live once (YOLO)

We don’t know what the next decade will bring - Let’s start the year on a high with all time confidence!

January 07, 2020 —