How are you all? Have you made it through isolation and the COVID-19 craze?

Our Artesands HQ has been very quiet as we are all working from home. While we have enjoyed the work/life balance, we are very much excited to all be back together and enjoying each other’s company! Does any else miss their office laughs?

While we have spent the last 8 weeks at home, keeping ourselves occupied our favorite past time has been daydreaming of the first things we will do when we are out of isolation completely.

While the restrictions loosen, that taste of freedom gets closer and closer and we have been writing down our list of things to do. I mean, after all, we have had 8 weeks to accumulate it.

Though we have enjoyed staying at home during this time, spending time with the people we live with and taking more time for ourselves than ever before. We are excited for the freedom that comes with modern day life!

We have narrowed the list down to 6 ‘first things to do with our freedom’. These are the things we could not do because of COVID-19 and the things we did not realize we enjoyed so much until they were deemed ‘non-essential’ and we were unable to do them.


Without further ado I give you our Freedom Check list:

1. Brunch

Do I need to say more? I am not sure there has been anything harder than not brunching (first world problems, am I right). I mean, we have grown up with the luxury of being able to eat out and eat out often. I have missed it very much. Once my favourite café is open, I will be booking a bottomless brunch with all my girlfriends. Who wants to join? 

2. Enjoying the sunshine, guilt free 

As silly as it sounds but enjoy spending time in the sun in public places. Going for a walk and not feeling like its purely for exercise. Grabbing a coffee along the way and sitting down on a nice patch of grass and enjoying it. This is essential for the soul. 

3. Picnics! 

Just before isolation I got a beautiful picnic rug… I am DYING to use it. I will be packing the most gourmet picnic basket. I am thinking sparkling wine, the finest cheeses, meats, the whole spread, and you bet I am going on the nicest piece of grass in the park. It’s the simple things, right?

4. Going to a cocktail bar

Sure, my kitchen turned bar has been great but going to the latest and hottest cocktail bar in the city does not sounds half bad. The girls and I will be booking ourselves into the bar and drinking the finest cocktails…. Mojitos, Pina Coladas, Martinis and of course Espresso Martinis….. I cannot express how much I have missed an Espresso… Like can anything beat it?? I sure know my home-made ones just have not cut it. 

5. Booking a holiday

I’m not sure about you but I had many vacay plans before Corona happened. When the time finally comes, I will be booking a trip away. While international travel is most likely a no-go zone for a while, regional travel and interstate travel is just as good. Beach getaway? Winery? Or Snow Fields? There is so much to offer in our beautiful country. It is time to start exploring our own backyard.  

6. Catch up with family and friends

All the loves of my life! I cannot wait to see! Mum, dad, siblings, cousins, best friends, friend, even my co workers… However, first person on my family list is Grandma! Did anyone else have an elderly person in isolation by themselves? If so, bump them up your list and give them a huge hug! Speaking of hugs, how good will it be when they day comes to hug others!  

SO there you have it. Our Artesands HQ first things to do when we have ultimate freedom.

What is on your list? Or what have you been able to tick off already?

Please let us know! We love hearing from you all and would love to be inspired by your ideas.

Lots of love,

The Artesands Team xx

July 10, 2020 — Artesands