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Tummy Control Swimwear

You may have noticed that at Artesands we do not promote our suits as Tummy Control swimwear, as we are all about your curves! And fitting YOUR curves, and we do not want to control any part of a woman’s natural beauty.

But our curvy women do want Tummy Control swimwear and we can understand why

We can understand our curvy customers wanting a swimsuit that will flatter your stomach and smooth and flatter your figure. We love that our plus size swimwear makes women feel good as it sculpts your body and smooths your curves for the ultimate body confidence...and a little bit of tummy control certainly makes you feel good.

Our tummy control swimwear technology is an integral part of our women’s plus size swimwear and has been carefully developed so our Artesands girls get the most benefits from it. We want you feel confident and empowered when wearing our curve enhancing swimwear

All of Artesands swimsuits are designed and produced with tummy control elements and principles of design.

What is Artesands Tummy Control Swimwear?

Tummy control swimwear is about feeling supported and controlled through your tummy and mid-section. Our team of experienced plus size garment technicians and designers are like artists within our company, they create, they sculpt and they finish works of art to be worn by our bodies of Arte.

There are many elements of design that lead to having tummy control swimwear.

Below we have listed 6 of the elements of design that we use to create Tummy Control in our curve fit swimsuits and plus size swimdresses with tummy control styles.

Tummy Control Swimwear features?

  1. Our 360 degree full body powermesh

    All of our Artesands Curvy swimsuits contain our full body 360 degree powermesh. Our tummy control powermesh we say is 360 degrees as we use it right the way around the body in a 360 degree full circle.

    Artesands powermesh will not only soften the belly it will also work wonders on the bottom and the lower and upper back. Our Artesands Powermesh lining fabric can be found on the internal full body of all our one piece swimwear, plus size swimdress with tummy control, all in ones, tankini topsbikini tops and swim briefs. For more information on the power of powermesh, click here to read our blog.

  2. Ruching

    We use ruching on the front panel of a majority of our Artesands swimwear. Ruching is the gathering of extra fabric on the outer fabrication of the garment. The ruching effect helps create a smoother look across the tummy and will help disguise any curves. It may seem counterintuitive to wear a swimsuit with extra gathered fabric across the tummy, but tummy areas are flattered by ruching as it draws the eye toward the centre of the body and also has the effect of concealing behind the fabric. Everyone loves the disguising effects of ruching.

  3. Panel lines

    You are probably asking how panel lines are used in creating tummy control. The use of Panel lines draws the eyeline in the direction of the panel lines and can shape the figure. A use of good panel lines can create a beautiful hourglass shape and who doesn’t want that.

  4. Ruching within our panel lines

    Ah yes and then the added benefit of doubling up on the ruching – ruching in the front panel for disguising a tummy bulge and then ruching in the side panels that can disguise the shape of the tummy – bam it’s a double whammy. This double whammy effect is especially good in our Raphael plus size swimdress with tummy control.

  5. Fabrication

    Artesands main outer fabric has a soft, silk like hand feel that beautifully sculpts and enhances your curves. The stretch and return on our fabrication also adds an element that we work with in creating our tummy control swimwear.

  6. Print design

    A good print design like our Zig Zag printed texture, has all the benefits of a texture fabric with hiding all the lumps and bumps BUT without all the extra bulk that comes from a real textured fabric. Click through here to see our full range of best selling Zig Zag printed tummy control swimwear

Click here for some of our top picks from our latest collection of tummy control swimwear.

We say when you have tried our Artesands tummy control swimsuits you will never go back, so try one today and see the difference.

What is the Best Plus Size swimwear with Tummy Control?

All of our Artesands curve fit and plus size swimwear styles are developed with some form of tummy control technology, whether it be in the fabric, the design elements of the individual style or in the internal structure within each garment.

But if we could name just one style that has the ultimate in tummy control, it would be our Raphael style. If you are looking for an extra dose of confidence, then our Raphael is your plus size tummy control swimsuit shape. This is our full support tummy control swimwear style, built for the full support of an E cup and F cup. This bather style has an internal hidden bra for the greater bust support, full body powermesh and ruched front panelling for tummy control and body sculpting your curves.

Our extra support Raphael style is also available in a one piece plus size swimdress with tummy control.

Our Best Plus Size Swimdress with Tummy Control?

Our plus size swimdress with tummy control  styles are designed to impress. We have two fabulous one piece swimdress shapes to suit all body shapes and curves.

Artesands Delacroix plus size swimdress with tummy control, is our best selling swimdress shape, Delacroix is an A-line design which makes the style oh so flattering, its waist defining with a swimdress that does not cling to your body. Our Classic Delacroix shape has the same ultimate wire free comfort and support as all our Delacroix styles with full body powermesh for body sculpting confidence. This style has multifit cup support that fits a cup range of D cup, DD cup, E cup, F cup and G cup.

For an extra dose of confidence, then Raphael is your plus size swimdress with tummy control, shape. This is Artesands full support swimsuit style, built with the full support of an E cup and F cup. This bather style has an internal hidden bra for ultimate bust support, full body powermesh and ruched front panelling for body sculpting your curves.

Your body is an artwork, embrace your shape and own your curves in Artesands plus size one piece swimsuits that are designed to fit your curves.

All of Artesands plus size tummy control swimwear styles are available in sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 24, and One Size.

To find women’s swimwear in your size click the size link: size AU12 / US8size AU14 / US10size AU16 / US12size AU18 / US14size AU20 / US16size AU22 / US18, size AU24 / US20One Size

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