Have you ever read one of our product descriptions and thought what is the ‘Strap Clip Technology’ that is featured on nearly ever single garment? I bet every time you read it you go and think, “how technical can a strap clip be?”    

Well, today is your lucky day, we are going to describe the technology in an easy to understand way! Because all that technical information even confuses me at times! This blog will go on to talk about what the strap clip actually is, the styles that have this design feature included, reasons why you may want to cross over the straps and use this feature, what it does, and how you can work it!      





The Strap Clip

The Strap Clip from Artesands is a simple and elegant way to adjust the straps on your swimsuit into a cross back position. At Artesands we pride ourselves on our commitment to giving you an easy to wear and comfortable swimsuit that fits your curves perfectly. We strive to find ways to give you a multi-fit swimsuit to suit all your needs.     


We love the idea of being able to offer you the ability to cross over your back straps but found that a simple e-hook was not supportive enough. They were hard to unhook and it was too easy for them to pop open. Which we all know is everyone’s worse nightmare especially when they fling so hard it hurts you (surely, we have all been there!).    


 To avoid this from happening and to save the backs of our loyal customers, we now use a strap clip on some of our styles.


Strap Clip Featured Styles




Be sculptured by Botticelli.   


This is one of our tried and tested shapes that is always a favourite.  This classic plus size swimsuit style has multi-fit cups to fit a size C Cup to DD Cup – however if you have read our multifit blog you would know it can fit a range of other sizes depending in breast tissue.  


 The front detail has a loop twist design feature, accompanied with front ruching, and full body 360-degree powermesh for body sculpting confidence. Our Botticelli shape is available in a number of different options including prints, textured fabrics and solid hues.  






Raphael is our big busted beauty.  

 This shape is for an extra dose of confidence, she is our full support plus size swimsuit style. Built for an E-F Cup and includes a specially designed internal hidden bra for the ultimate bust support.  

 Raphael also has the most modest neckline of all our shapes with thick straps because as we’ve said, she is all about the support!  

 This cossie has full body 360-degree powermesh and ruched front for body sculpting your curves. Our Raphael shape is available in a number of different options including prints, and solid hues. 




Time to show off those curves in our captivating Giotto design, the ultimate curve enhancer.  


 This style is perfectly fitting with a D/DD underwire and sewn in cup for support. She has panel details with a contrasting panel along the bust and upper leg line, side panel ruching and again, full body powermesh. We sure do love our powermesh!      

    Our Giotto shape is available in a number of different options including prints and textured fabrics.  







Our newest style Monet is a fresh take on a relaxed, comfortable, natural shape cup.  

 At the moment she is only available in the Bikini style, however we have exciting new developments in the works! This bikini top is perfect to fit your curves with D/DD underwires, full cup and back wing powermesh, with soft encased side boning for support. The soft moulded pads are also removable if you prefer to wear a swimsuit without any cup support. This exciting new design also has a self-fabricated hook and eye back closure with three different adjustments to get the perfect fit! 


Our Monet shape is available in a number of different options including prints and solid Hues.




Some styles you just want the option and freedom to cross over the back straps. Every style that has this strap clip feature has been tried and wear tested by our dedicated technician team to ensure it gives the most support, comfort, and functionality that it possibly can. If you have any questions or comments about this or any other design feature, we would love to hear from you! Please write to us at info@artesands.com so we can take on your feedback for future designs! The curvy swimsuits that have the strap clip included also have extra length included in the strap. 

Reasons Why You Would Want To Cross Your Straps

Swimwear with extra bust support


This may be because you have a larger bust and the crossing action at the back gives you more support. The strap clip also allows the weight of the breast to fall onto the shoulder blade in the back where the strap clip has been placed. This is a lingerie design method that we have incorporated into our swimwear design.    

 When you have a heavy breast, and say you are wearing our E / F cup Raphael shape, you want to have as much support as possible without injuring your back or shoulders in the process. The strap clip has been put in place so you can wear your swimsuit all day long without feeling the ache in the days to come. 



Extra support while playing sport


Perhaps you want to participate in water sports and you want the strap moved to a position that gives you full arm rotation with the strap firmly away from your shoulder blade. Crossing them over will give your arm socket free movement. Any kind of swimming strokes or active classes you participate in will mean the straps stay in position. They won’t fall off your shoulder and will allow your arm to move up and down, or around, in a 360 degree motion without any restrictions. 

This is perfect for water aerobics and other active classes!  


 Just be sure to wash your swimsuit as soon as you get out of chlorinated or salt water! These chemicals can be harsh on the elastane component and we want your swimsuit to last.  

 Here at Artesands we believe you should buy quality garments and look after them as best you can! If you’re not sure on the best garment care for your curvy swimsuit make sure you read through our care instructions. We often recommend to hop straight in the shower after swimming to avoid harsh substances staying in your swimsuit, especially if you like to lie in the sun for a little bit after to soak in the vitamin D.     


Whichever reason benefits you the most, we felt it was important to offer you this option. Especially when we found issues with those nasty e-hooks rubbing and digging in, and flinging off out of absolutely nowhere, it is nearly sometimes like a slingshot bursting.

What Does The Strap Clip Do?


I hear you asking “So what does a strap clip do?”  

 Well it gives you the option to cross over your strap just behind the shoulder, we have a clip that unhooks and can be re-hooked back together to make the straps cross at the back giving you a cross back style. Having the straps crossed, gives you more support, lift and cleavage (bump those girls up a notch!). Crossing your straps will instantly change the fit, support, and look of the bust area. Don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself and see!  


 This is why you will find most sports bras are action (cross) backed in design. They give our bust better support as the straps get pulled and drawn towards the neck, then down towards the centre of your back. This specific positioning gives the side of the bust more lift, and pushes the bust together, providing greater support and allowing the bust not to move as much.      


This hold reduces the natural bounce that our breasts tend to have during periods of high activity. Having this option of being able to convert to a cross back style is something we felt was a really important feature in our swimsuits to ensure you feel your most confident you when wearing your favourite Artesands cossie.   


 This gives you freedom not just to wear the swimsuit in the pool, but to wear it for all types of activity.


Figaro Blue

How Do I Work It?


Do not worry, it may be technical, but It is very simple to use.  

 You simply push the sides of the clip together; this allow you to slide the bar out of the side of the strap clip. You can then cross the straps over and re-hook the clip together by sliding the bar into the channel. Once the straps have been crossed you close the clip by snapping it closed. If you do not hear a click it is not properly closed so make sure your strap clip clicks into place, we do not want any wardrobe malfunctions on the beach!  

Now you are ready for swimming, exercising or simply lounging by the pool.     


Even though the strap cannot be removed in the styles, you do still have the option of unhooking the strap and tucking it into the swimsuit. This will give you the option of getting that perfect tan without and strap tan lines.  Of course, we know how harsh the sun can be so we would always trust you use sunscreen or sun protection to protect your beautiful skin!     


We recommend changing over the straps to a cross back before you are wearing the swimsuit, especially if you are by yourself on the beach, because this can be a bit of a mission without an extra set of hands! Each of the plus size swimsuits that feature the strap clip have extra length in the strap to allow for the cross over styling. The strap first needs to be adjusted to the correct length before you can clip it on if you are wearing the swimsuit. 


Are You Ready For The Summer?

Do Here at Artesands we like to say, every body is a bikini body, you just have to put on your plus size swimsuit and you are ready to tackle the beach!  

 Summer in Australia will be here in no time (especially if how quickly this year has gone is anything to go by) so make sure to order your curvy swimsuit in time!     


From all of us here at Artesands, we hope your summer is carefree, supported, empowered and confident. If you’re heading to the beach or pool and want to share your Artesands story, please tag us @Artesands on Instagram, we love seeing our curvy girls in their favourite cossie!  


Artesands curve fit swimwear styles that contain our technically design strap clip are available in 

 sizes US 8+ - US 20+ and sizes AUS 12+ - AUS 24+.  

 When purchasing our plus size swimwear be sure to get the right size! Please refer to our size chart. If you happen to get the wrong size, do not worry! We have an easy returns process for those moments exactly, have a look at our returns policy and lodge a return for your area.   If you’re not sure of the process please send us an email at info@artesands.com and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can!  


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You can also select your perfectly fitted curvy swimsuit by cup size, click the link to find all curvy swimsuits available for your cup size:   

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   Plus remember that we have free shipping on all orders over $100 AUD so it is time to treat yourself!    We want every woman to be confident on the beach this summer.   

Love,  The A Team 


November 06, 2020 — Artesands