Best Curvy Bikini Buy in our Black Friday Sale

   Is everyone’s inboxes filling up with deals?   

 Mine is absolutely choker block, I’m trying to work and every couple of minutes a new email arrives with another percentage off deal... It’s so hard not to get distracted with all the sales …Black Friday what a phenomenon! 

Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

  If life wasn’t crazy in the lead up Christmas before all this Black Friday madness, it sure is now. Today, on a Wednesday lunchtime I just ducked up to the shopping centre and I could not get a park, literally madness. 

 All these organised people doing their Christmas shopping early and in line to get the best deals and best prices in this black Friday sale weekend… these people kind of make me sick, in a very jealous kind of way.


I remember once we used to question whether or not the Boxing Day sales were actually legit or did brands just manufacture product at a lower price point to make the most margins from sale time.

But seriously 2020 has been such a strange year, that I believe there is some great deals out in cyber land in this season of Black Frimas!! 

 Weirdly enough the only thing I’m really trying to buy is a couple of good lunchboxes (yes lunchboxes - I know weirdo, right?) but it’s for my daughter who starts school next year, rookie mum here, with no idea - feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions you have 😃

Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

Any-who back to curvy swimsuits, and what is going on with our Black Friday sale. Yes, we are having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

 We are currently promoting up to 70% off on some of our lines, you may have received a VIP early access email or have started to see our advertisements.  Side note - join our mailing list at the bottom of this page to get access to our special offers. 

 So yes, we do have some fabulous swimwear Black Friday deals on offer! 

I wanted to write this blog, as sometimes it can be hard to decipher through all the emails, all the differing websites and all the swimwear styles to know what the best deals are .. so, this blog (& if you read this blog - then you will have the upper hand) will direct you to our best deals that are great swimwear items for a great Black Friday price!   

 Basically, what I’m saying is, this Blog is the cheats way of finding our best deals – cause seriously I’m going to give them to you.


Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

 Seriously this is a no brainer, it’s our Le Blu Animale collection. 

 I know it’s been on sale for a little bit, but I don’t think you guys know the value of this amazing bikini. 

 Let me start with the le Blu Animale fabrication, unfortunately online you can’t feel the luxuriousness of this swimsuit fabrication, this material is so silky smooth, seriously when you wear it you can’t help but to touch yourself :/ .. seriously soooo sooo soft and smooth. 

And yet surprisingly strong, I’ve done a good butt test in my Le Blu Animale swimsuit on the pebblecrete stairs in my pool and seriously no pilling. To clarify ‘a good butt test’, is literally (and seriously) me in my pool with the kids, sitting on the steps (as all great mums do!) doing a butt rub – rubbing my butt back and forth on the harsh pebblecrete. 

So first-hand experience here in the butt rub testing department – and a pass with flying colours. All butt rub jokes asides, the subtle animal print is so versatile, it’s a dark tone, so yes, it is an animal print but also it appears as more of a darker tone textural print as well. it has the best of both worlds – it ticks the animal print trend for this season BUT also ticks the ‘I only wear black’ swimsuit box. 

Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

So, the BEST CURVE FIT & PLUS SIZE BIKINI in the black Friday sale. 

Is our Le Blu Animale Giotto bikini top.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

Our Giotto bikini top style is one of our best-selling bikini top shapes, it’s a great fit for a fuller bust and its stylish, supportive and flattering on. This style has a full support underwire that fits a cup range of D cup, DD cup and E cup, this contemporary curvy swimsuit style has contrast panels with our 360 degree powermesh in the back wings for extra support. 

 Another beneficial feature of our Curve fit & Plus size Giotto bikini top shape is our strap clip technology. Our Giotto styles have wide adjustable straps that will not dig in, with strap clips that can be undone and clipped back together crossed over. This cross-back strap ability is for the extra support required for a fuller heavier bust.

Our Giotto bikini top shape has contrast panels with black mesh, which allows this bikini top to be worn as a complete mix and match item.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Sale Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

Le Blu Animale swim pants are now 70% off – making this SUCH a sweet sweet Black Friday deal. 

So, you can grab yourself a bikini top for half price and a pair of matching swim pants for 70% off for not much more than the price you would have paid for the swim pants normally. But what I would also do to make this so much more of the ‘best ever Black Friday Buy’. Is make it mix and match. Buy a second pair of briefs, options are the Le Blu Animale Botticelli swim pant which is our best selling curve fit swim pant, then you have 2 swim pants that co-ordinate back with our Giotto bikini top. 

 Or the Hues Hayes black swim pant – this is such a great fashion item. The Giotto bikini top coordinates back so beautifully with plain black swim briefs. Our Hues swim pants aren’t on sale. But our Hayes is at 50% off, as we will not be offering this is plain black any more, only in our fashion stories – so a really great deal.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top
Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

How to make this more of a mix and match?

A black bikini top or a black tankini top will also coordinate beautifully black with our Le Blu Animale swim pants. Whilst our Hues collection isn’t on sale, these are always swim pieces that you could add to your mix and match in the future. I’d recommend the Botticelli bikini top for multifit easy fit comfort or the Delacroix tankini top.

After a Curvy fit one piece black Friday bargain?

Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

.Then look no further than the Le Blu Animale Botticelli one piece or this season fashion look of the one shoulder in our Visconti styles. 

 Again this 2 styles are fabulously great buys in this Black Friday swimsuit sale. All the same fabulous qualities of this amazing fabrication in 2 easy fit classic and beautiful multifit cup styles.

Be Free To Enjoy The Summer

 As it’s our aim to not only help support the ongoing body positivity movement as we are on a quest to normalise the human body as we want all women loving and respecting their bodies and to get out and enjoy the summer. Buying swimwear can be one of the hardest things us women can do, but in a Black Friday sale, it just makes it that much easier to do. 

 And lets face it – we are all about getting more women on the beach in bikinis, smiling!  So bring on these Black Friday deals!

Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top
Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

Now sssshhhhh this is the secret part of the blog, If you have read all the blog and got to this end point then you are about to hear the best part of our sale. On Cyber Monday (Monday 30th November) we are releasing our Arabesque collection on sale for 30% off. Arabesque is our beautiful summer blue breath of fresh air rhythmic intertwining floral design.  So breathe life into your summer with one of our beautiful Arabesque collection pieces at 30% off. 

 So get in quick to snap up a plus size and curve fit swimsuit bargain, designed to fit your curves.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Sale Swimwear

Our vision is to help all women LOVE their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. 

 With love,    

 The Artesands Team xx

November 25, 2020 —