Vivaldi's Verse Vermeer High Waist Swim Pant


The style you are looking at is our Vivaldi's Verse Vermeer frill swim pant

Rhythmic Paisley Concerto. A rhythmic paisley concerto that is inspired by the Lombardic verses of Vivaldi’s sonnets. Our verses of Vivaldi’s composition features melodies of harmonious paisleys based on tonic triad chords that are broken into small repetitive melodic reoccurring phrases and syncopated rhythms. With minor chords of pastel shades and major chords of golden hues and vintage tonal under notes that create a dramatic melodic base.

Our Artesands curve fit Vermeer mid rise swim pant perfectly fit your curves. This curve fit and plus size swim pant has 360 degree powermesh lining with a tummy supportive front. Our Vermeer mid rise swim pant is tailored for the curvy girl.

Vermeer mid rise swim pant has a frill starting at the front leg wrapping around to the back and is joined in a little V at centre back.

So, take me to the change room and try me on it’s every woman’s right to enjoy the summer.