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Yr A Babe 

We are so excited to be part of this project! This project has been created by a group of inspirational curvy women that we here at Artesands love and aspire to! 

This message goes out to all of our readers, Yr A Babe – don’t you dare forget it!

It’s about time that everyone is comfortable with who they are on the inside as well as the outside. These absolute curvy babes are striving everyday to generate awareness on body shaming women. We need to continue to break the social norms that have been set by society, because you are a babe, no matter what anyone says!

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The words below are from the Graphic designer @sumajanedark who took on this project.


“Who else is sick of having to walk by magazines dedicated to shaming women for daring to so much as breathe? Imagine if magazines were actually encouraging instead! Every single time I’m in line at the store, there’s some ridiculous tabloid on the shelves that’s pointing out “flaws” on celebrities’ bodies. These “flaws” are always just a normal part of having a body - they aren’t flaws at all! 

If my hands aren’t full, I’ll usually cover them up with a gardening or cooking magazine instead. Because you know what’s rewarding? Cultivating joy! 

You know what’s not? Cultivating shame! So why is shame still being marketed to us, whether we like it or not? Enough!” - @sumajanedark 


This project was created by these amazing women that we look up to everyday – go and check them out! We are proud to say that one of these body positive women is a beauty that we have had the opportunity to work with.

Throughout the last American summer we have been working with Kayla Logan who is one of the women behind this campaign. She is an inspirational blogger and influencer that tackles issues front on without a filter.

Kayla Logan

Absolute babe

“It will never matter how I pose or how much clothing I have on because I’ll always just be seen as fat. 

I may be able to hide my stretch marks and cellulite in clothing, but I’ll still always be fat.

We live in a society where being fat isn’t considered acceptable, it’s not beautiful, it’s considered unhealthy, gross and disgusting. Society isn’t built for us, doctors don’t take us seriously, chairs may break if we sit in them, that’s even if we fit, airplane seats were definitely not made for us. It’s hard to live in a world that preaches to us that thin at any cost is better than ever being fat. 

Fatphobia is real! 

We see it in every part of society, like when people claim to worry about our health, to doctors telling us to lose weight instead of seeking the root issues. People are dying because of fatphobia and it’s not acceptable. There is a war on fat! A war with our own bodies, bodies that are magical and give us life. 

Being fat isn’t the worst thing you can be. It’s ok to enjoy food and to enjoy living your life! To eat without fear.

Love yourself bc this is the only body you’re getting!”  - Kayla Logan

"No one is living your life for you, but you!

We live our lives constantly listening to those around us, looking for external validation, approval, and advice from those beyond us.

I think we forgot that no one can truly guide us bc no one is uniquely us. They’ve never lived our lives, they don’t share our histories and experiences.

 It is our responsibility to choose ourselves, to listen to ourselves and to trust that we know what is best for us. We aren’t living our lives for others and it’s time to accept that, and the fact that we need to live in a way that is authentic to us! This doesn’t mean others may be happy with our choices, but it means we get to be in control of our own lives ❤️

Artesands plus size curve swimwear

More from this babe

Artesands plus size curve swimwear Ju Jardin

"My worth isn’t tied to my weight!"

Artesands plus size curve swimwear Ju Jardin

Kayla Logan
Artesands plus size curve swimwear vineyasa

"Wear the bathing suit and enjoy your life! You’ve only got one life and don’t miss out on it bc you’re insecure!" 

Artesands plus size curve swimwear Ju Jardin

Have curves?

We have you covered in our Hayes Artesands plus size one piece. Perfectly fitting D/DD underwire with a side tie design featured to enhance your curves including our full body powermesh for that body sculpting confidence.

- Technically designed to fit cup sizes D/DD

- Internal shelf bra with underwires

- Adjustable, wide shoulder straps

- Faux front crossover with side tie

- Luxurious soft touch, high stretch swim fabric

Full body powermesh lining for body contouring and shape forming

You are a babe! 

Our Medici curvy cezanne bikini top has sold out due to popular demand! We still have our Botticelli bikini available in this collection that matches this pant featured perfectly! 

Forever classic, forever stylish. 

Our Artesands high waist rouched side swim pants perfectly fit your curves.  

- High waisted swim pant

- Side panels are rouched

- Soft touch, high stretch swim fabric

- Front powermesh lining for body contouring and shape forming

- Fully lined back

Artesands plus size curve womens swimwear medici botticelli

You may have seen her amazing haul in our latest A’Pois blog – If you missed it click through to have a read now!

Want to see more of our curvy influencers rocking their swimsuits? 

This curvy babe is taking her kayak out for a spin (even if she gets changed to go kayaking – we are all about sun safety here as well!) @liquid universe is rocking her plus size Neo Kimono bikini set – the Delacroix Bikini Top and Botticelli Swim Pant. This an amazing touch of nature added to the wild with the floral design feeling right at home. Flowers in nature are one of my absolute favourite things, and going into spring I cannot wait to see more of them coming through! Just that pop of colour in a sea of green, how could anyone not like that?? What is your favourite flower you see outside your home? I would have to go with star jasmine, that soft smell and little white flower that stands out from the green bush, isn’t it a dream?

Artesands plus size curve swimwear

“Kayaking on Instagram. Swipe to see how I really look like kayaking 😂. 

Not all that glorious but I’m one of those over prepared people who is afraid of the sun so I wear my swim suit kayaking but wear a rash guard and shorts to avoid getting sun exposure and a pink fishing hat to keep the sun off as well. 

I got my white people outdoor sandals and safety first, always bring a life jacket even though I am a strong swimmer! Taking up kayaking made me nervous as a fat person, I did not know if a kayak would hold my weight or if I could do it and be comfortable. I got a Pelican kayak three years ago for my birthday and it’s been the best gift! My kayak technically has a weight limit of 275 and I have been anywhere between 20-40 pounds above that and had no issues. They also make kayaks that can handle heavier weight, up to 500 and 700 pounds! 

If you’re fat and near water and are thinking of kayaking I can’t recommend it enough! You do not have to be fit or a water sport person or thin. I take it pretty leisurely on the water. Finding activities that let me move in joy is so refreshing after moving and exercising for years to punish my body. Kayaking has been a way to connect with nature and myself and let me be present in the moment and be adventurous. 

Never let someone tell you you are too out of shape or fat or not able enough to try something new.

If I kept being afraid of judgement and trying something out I wouldn’t have found the joy that I do when I get to kayak. All bodies can kayak and do various activities even if we do not see that representation anywhere.  

Let me be the fat person who inspires you to try something new you never thought you could.” - @liquiduniverse

We love to see every women confident and happy to be on the beach, it’s honestly our dream for one day this becomes reality for each and everyone of our beauties.

No matter your size – we’ve got our curvy babes covered!

We fit on size Australian 18+ models

To make sure our plus size swimsuits are true to size and fits all of your natural body curves we fit on true to size real women. As we like to say there is no thigh gaps in our office, we truly stick to it especially when it comes to fitting our garments.

All our Australian plus size 18+ fit models fits within our curvy Australian size measurements of the below:

Bust: 115cm – 120cm 

Waist: 100cm – 105cm 

Hip: 120cm – 125cm

We make sure we include a little bit of extra room where it’s needed, Artesands specialise in the best sizing for a curvy figure. All curvy bodies are their own work of art.

Understanding the +

You will notice that all our sizing has a little plus on the end of each number. This is to symbolise that we add a little bit more. 

We make swimwear that loves your curves.

To make this easy and simple, we have listed the different sizes below and created click through links to what is currently available. Shop by size through the below buttons. Do not forget to double check your measurements before purchasing from our online store to ensure you have bought the best fit for you! 

If you have any questions in regards to sizing please email through to so we can help you our wherever we can.

AU Size 12+ / US Size 8+

Bust: 100cm – 105cm

Waist: 85cm – 90cm

Hip: 105cm – 110cm

AU Size 14+ / US Size 10+

Bust: 105cm – 110cm 

Waist: 90cm – 95cm

Hip: 110cm – 115cm

AU Size 16+ / US Size 12+

Bust: 110cm – 115cm 

Waist: 95cm – 100cm

Hip: 115cm – 120cm

AU Size 18+ / US Size 14+

Bust: 115cm – 120cm

Waist: 100cm – 105cm

Hip: 120cm – 125cm

AU Size 20+ / US Size 16+

Bust: 120cm – 125cm

Waist: 105cm – 110cm

Hip: 125cm – 130cm

AU Size 22+ / US Size 18+

Bust: 125cm – 130cm

Waist: 110cm – 115cm

Hip: 130cm – 135cm

AU Size 24+ / US Size 20+

Bust: 130cm – 135cm

Waist: 115cm – 120cm

Hip: 135cm – 140cm

Plus one more thing before we go….

If you get yourself a beautiful new Artesands swimsuit, please always remember to gently hand wash it once you have taken it off. This will prolong the life span of it. We do not want your new swimmers damaged by chemicals or salt in the water. One little trick we have learnt over the years, if you jump under the pool shower as soon as you get out it takes out some of the chlorine from your garment! Because I know I will always want to continue to lay out in the sun as long as possible to get that extra bit of warmth, who doesn’t like a nice relaxing sunbathe every now and then!

We also always want to hear feedback from our loyal customers, please take the time to give us a review on our reviews page so we can continue to deliver quality designs that fits your curves in style. We are always looking for ways we can improve our brand and empower our women.

We understand that everybody is uniquely different and breathtakingly beautiful in their own artistic right.

Our vision is to help all women LOVE their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin.

That is all from us here today, but you have to promise me that you’ll remember – 

Yr A Babe!!

From us to you, we hope you enjoy your summer carefree, supported, empowered, confident and happy! Please tag us @artesands on Instagram. We love to see you all!

With love, 

The Artesands Team xx

September 30, 2020 — Artesands