Should I use warm or cold water when washing my curvy swimsuit?

We love that you are asking questions about washing, it shows that our Artesands curvy girls are realising and understanding the importance of washing and caring for your new curve fit or plus size swimsuits. At Artesands HQ we want your swimsuit to last for season after season and the care of your new swimsuit is imperative in your swimsuit’s longevity.

Your new curvy swimsuit fabrication can be effected by sunscreens, chlorine and other pool chemicals, prolonged sun exposure, salt water, sand, high temperatures, body oils, moisturisers, cosmetics and fake tans. If your swimsuit is not cared for correctly these elements will ruin and degrade your beautiful new swimsuit over time. The effects on your swimsuit will be sagging, becoming see through, fading in colour, yellowing stains and loss of fit.

The washing and laundering of your swimsuit are super important, we cannot stress the importance of the care of your swimsuit enough. After each and every wear, whether you shave been swimming or not, please rinse out your swimsuit with cold fresh water. This rinses off excess chlorine, pool chemicals, sand, sunscreens, body lotions as these items can permanently damage our beautiful curvy swimsuits.

It’s important that the care instructions on the internal tag on your swimsuit are followed each and every time your wear your beautiful new Artesands curve fit or plus size swimsuit.

Following a good rinse of your swimsuit, fill a bucket or your laundry sink with cool fresh water and mix in a capful of mild detergent.

Artesands Curve Plus Size How To Care For Your Swimsuit Blog

We recommend hand washing in cold water

Gently hand wash your swimsuit separately. Washing your swimsuit by hand, prevents excessive stretching, rubbing, agitation and distress on your bathers.

Click through here to read our blog on how to wash your curvy swimsuit correctly.

Swimwear is made from synthetic fibres that by the nature of the fabrication will hold onto chemicals and oils in the fibres and over time the absorption of these chemicals will leave permanent discolouration and will weaken the fibres until the elastane content breaks down and your swimsuit is permanently damaged.

We do not recommend using hot water. Hot water and just heat in general will also break down and cause permanent damage to the elastane fibres in your curvy or plus size swimsuit. It’s important to rinse your swimsuit in cold fresh water as soon as possible after use. This helps to wash off any chemicals, salt water, oils or sand before they can damage your swimsuits fabrication.

Some highlighted care instructions are.

  • Gently wash in cold water (do not use hot water as this can set any stains and cause weakening of the fibres).
  • After hand washing rinse your curvy swimsuit in cool fresh water until all soap residues has been removed and the water runs clean.
  • Gently squeeze the excess water out – do not wring.
  • Do not overly rub or scrub your swimsuit. Please be gentle.
  • Drip dry your swimsuit in the shade, do not dry in direct heat or direct sunlight.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not dry using a hand dryer.
  • Do not iron These are all heat elements that will affects the fibres of your swimsuit.

For full care instructions please click through here to read our in-depth blog on how to care for your new curvy or plus size swimsuit

Do not have a nylon elastane swimsuit?

Swimwear that isn’t effect by Chlorine or other pool chemicals are made out of Polyester PBT and do not contain any of the elastic fibres (elastane) that is degradingly affected by the corrosive chemical Chlorine. Chlorine Resistant curvy and plus size swimwear will last for season after season. Chlorine resistant swimwear is not only more economical it is also more environmental.

However, there are some cons of Chlorine Resistant curvy and plus size swimwear and unfortunately the biggest Con is that it isn’t easy to stretch to get on and off. Wet swimmers are hard enough to get off, but ones with limited stretch are even harder. Because of the lack of stretch these chlorine resistant swimsuits will never feel as comfortable on.

Click through here to see all our curve fit and plus size chlorine resistant styles (coming soon) these swimsuits are for our curvy girls who spend a lot of time in public pools or prefer swimsuits that just do not break down.

Artesands Curve Plus Size How To Care For Your Swimsuit Blog
Artesands Curve Plus Size How To Care For Your Swimsuit Blog

Should I still wash my chlorine resistant curvy swimsuit in cold water?

Yes, we still recommend washing in cold water.

As with your normal clothes washing, if your garment is stained, hot water will set a stain. So, it is equally important to follow all our care instructions to have your beautiful Artesands curve fit or plus size swimsuit last for season after season.

Click through here to read up on the differences between chlorine resistant swimsuits and regular curvy swimsuits (coming soon).

As always making sure you have the perfect fitting swimsuit for your beautiful unique body is a priority for our Artesands team, as we want every woman to be confident and comfortable in their new curvy and plus size swimwear. 

As it’s every woman’s right to enjoy the summer.

Artesands Curve Plus Size How To Care For Your Swimsuit Blog

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Artesands Curve Plus Size How To Care For Your Swimsuit Blog

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