Ladies, how are we all? What level of sanity are we on today? 1 being sane and 10… well you know, 10 being the kids running circles around you while you’re have a glass of wine at 10am.

Personally, I’m about a 7 but hey, the sun is up, the sky is blue, and this level 7 sanity is worth it for the greater good.

How was the first challenge? Did you all complete it?

Cleaning my make-up brushes was the most satisfying job on the list… the amount of foundation that came out of my brush… would have been enough to make another bottle of it. To much information? Well… it’s all going to be a bit TMI (to much information) from now.

As the days are long and not much is happening, we start to go in depth with the small things.. like, yes so today I woke up and had oats with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, ¼ teaspoon of cacao powder and 10ml of milk… followed by a brisk walk to the bathroom… and I’ll stop now. Glad we are all in it together.

All jokes aside though, lets take a minute to be grateful for the company we are surrounded by whether it is online, over facetime or right next to us. The food we have, water we have and our sense of humours.

This challenge is an important one. Not because it’s just self-care but it’s the little things we can do to make ourselves feel better. It doesn’t have to be going to the nail salon, fake tanning before a day in your swimwear, or getting your hair done. It can be a small thing that makes the world of difference. Like everyone staying at home in this time, have I mention we should all be staying at home?

Ok, let the fun beginning. Part 2 is all about self-improvement through self-care in this time of staying at home in our isolation stations AKA our homes.

Up and at em’ ladies. Get the body moving! There are great tutorials online with beautiful curvy babes taking the lead. 

We personally like this one from CurvyYoga. Its easy and you will feel great after it. Ready to start another day of washing your hands and looking out the window. Can I get an amen?!

Its time to go… anyone, anything that doesn’t give you light in life right now. You don’t need to follow people that spread bad vibes or negative news. Sure, it’s great to be aware of what’s happening but let’s all stay positive. Good vibes only 

This is an easy one, what was the highlight of your day? There is always something in every day. Whether it is the sun coming up, nice cooked meal or still having few rolls of toilet paper left.

Keep educating yourselves. 15 minutes is all it takes.. Put it on while you’re cooking dinner….or while you are looking out the window. Podcasts are a great way to pass the time and get your mind thinking. 

Sooo, we can’t go on a proper day out, but let’s pretend. Do your hair and your make up… Remember from the first challenge, cleaning those make up brushes… Now they can be put to good use. 

Put on your favourite outfit, maybe even shoes too? Get ready to hit the day, dress up in your most loved outfits, even if they are outdated. It doesn’t matter if they are because you are the trend setter of the house. Tell me, what’s your outfit of the day?

You can’t beat a conversation with an old friend. I know you’re all probably glued to your phones during this time so, contact an old friend and catch up over Facetime with a glass of wine in hand. 

Before we go! One of our lovely curvy babes, Sharyon, suggested this beauty so we have added it in as a bonus challenge… You’re welcome ladies! 

Self-improvement at its finest, go through that draw you never go through! Its time! Throw away your old undies with the stretched elastic… Get rid of the swimwear with no elastic.. Maybe after this you can treat yourself to new Artesands swimwear… But first, go through that draw! 

My beautiful curvy community enjoy these challenges and stay sane! (and safe).

I love you all and when this is all over, we can get out the swimmers (maybe new ones for some) and take a dip in the ocean.  

Lots of love from the A team xx  

April 21, 2020 — Artesands