Well, who would have thought that within our day an age of ‘running around like a headless chicken’, being SO busy, always on the go, never switching off and all the ‘ I don’t have time’ excuses, that one day we would be forced to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. The way society was going, I didn’t think it was possible to have a stop button…. But here we are, social distancing and encouraged to stay at home (anyone else’s kids driving them mad?).  

Here at Artesands HQ we have put together a challenge list for all you curvy babes to do. This week is cleaning, next is self-care (all about balance, right?).  They say ‘It’s the simple things in life’ so let’s take this time to be with our kids, do the things we have been putting off and genuinely be grateful for the simple things we have and are surrounded by.  

Before we start, I thought I would add in an inspiration blurb to kick start the challenge.  

Doing 1% each day may not seem like much but at the end of a year that totals 37% increase on whichever task you have put your mind to.  Take these challenges as your 1%, doesn’t seem like much does it? Very do able? Glad we all agree.  Do these 1%-ers and when the world starts turning again you will be ready to spend the days how you want (in your swimmers by the pool, anyone?) with a clean space and clear mind.  

Alright, are you ready?

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home.

It's the easy way to stop this thing spreading and it's so simple.

Whenever you feel like going out think of a loved one that is at risk, by staying safe ourselves we are protecting our loved ones and helping our country to recover faster. 

Call on your introvert inner self for this one, she'll be on your side with social distancing.

Ladies think about it…. When was the last time you cleaned your door handles? Sure, you might give the cupboards a wipe down or the walls a wash, but the door handle is probably something that is usually overlooked.

I know in my household they aren’t only used to open doors, but they frequently have wet swimmers draped over them to dry…

Think about who touched the bathroom handle last… what else did they touch? I guarantee that once you start thinking, you will already have the Glen 20 in hand.

The time has come… All those old opened cans and sauces that you think ‘oh I  will save that for later’ and never use… It’s time to go. Sort through the fridge, get rid of your old food that is off. Section the breakfast foods to the lunch foods.  

Before you start, take note of the expiry dates and let us know what is the oldest expiry date in there?

Mine was Coriander paste with the expiry date for April 2019….. time to go.

Easy but effective… time to remove all the grubby marks, food splatters and liquid spills.

Once its done, take step back and you will be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

You know you want to…. Cleaning your make up brushes will help clear up your skin as you are getting rid of the built up grim and bacteria that is held in the bristles. Not only that but your make up will glide on smoother and softer than ever.

Clean make up brushes = younger looking skin… right?

After the brushes, sort out that make up draw or that make up bag.

You know, the one you keep putting everything in but only use the mascara, foundation and bronzer. Let go of anything you haven’t used in a year.

FYI: All make up has an expiry date. It’s the open jar image followed by a number which indicates how many months it should be opened for. You’ll be surprised what’s needed to go.

Finish the 7 days off right with a boogie in the kitchen. Sort through your spice rack while getting down to the Spice Girls. It’s only a small challenge but it may just Spice Up your Life. 

Today is the day to take everything out and go through the dreaded Tupperware draw… All those times you have shoved in the containers and simply closed the doors to open them again to then have everything fall out… Well not after today. Go through the draw, match everything up, throw out what doesn’t have lids or has missing bottoms. Let your OCD soar and get that cupboard spic and span. 

Keep in touch! Let us know how your challenges are going, please tag us on Instagram so we can spread the love.

We hope you’re all safe and well!  

Lots of love from the A team xx  

March 26, 2020 — Michelle