Distinctive with effortless style.

Our newly released Mèlange Collection is a range that is pure understated luxury.

Our current obsession is distinctive with effortless style. 

Melange Collection


The word Mèlange comes from the French language, meaning to mix, a mixture, a combination, or a medley of a few things. Our recently released Mèlange collection is just that - a mix, a mixture and a combination. A beautiful medley of variants of the yarn components creating a visual feast for the eyes.   As well, this collection is a Mèlange medley of the heart, the soul, and the body, to fit your curves beautifully. Everyone strives for happiness, so find the time to relax and tune into your inner guidance system of the mind, body and soul, and make this a summer to remember as it’s every women’s right to enjoy the summer.

A true Mélange à Trois.

 In fabric, a Melánge means a variation in colour. In our collection it is a mixture of the yarns of nylon, polyester and elastane. The three toned nature of the fabric construction offers an illusion of texture making it extra flattering on the body.   



The Benefits of a Mèlange Texture

An interesting texture in a fabrication makes you want to reach out and touch it, as well as being visually pleasing, this is what our Melange fabrication makes you want to do.   

We always rave on about texture and the disguising body effects a good texture can give. Just like our Zig Zag collection (click through here to see our printed texture story Zig Zag), our Mèlange fabrication has all the pleasing body slimming effects that a textured fabric can give without adding the extra bulk of a normal texture.   

 Our flat surface Mèlange fabrication creates the texture visually through the use of 3 types of yarns. Creating no added bulk but providing the wearer with the disguising and slimming effects that only a texture can offer.    

Try our Mèlange texture and see the difference yourself. Our Mèlange styles that will also become YOUR obsession.

Our blinging beautiful Botticelli styles 

The distinctive elegance of our Mèlange collection is elevated by the sophisticated Artesands gold ring feature on the front shoulder straps of our classic yet stylish Botticelli styles. There is no need to wear jewellery whilst wearing a Mèlange Botticelli bikini, tankini top or one piece as our beautiful gold rings add the bling for you.   

 If you’ve worn our Botticelli curve fit one piece swimsuit style, then you know all the benefits that this style can bring…   

 From its body sculpting nature to its easy fit and easy wearability. There nothing better than a swimsuit you know has a perfect fit, and one that you feel comfortable when wearing it, to then find this same suit available in a new elevated look. Giving you a comfortable and stylish look.


Be sculptured by Botticelli but with this story it's with a touch of bling


Our blingy beautiful Botticelli one piece style has all the same benefits of our normal Botticelli shapes.    

This swimwear shape is a multifit cup, fitting best a C cup, D cup and DD cup. There are no underwires in this style, however the bust support comes from soft moulded cups sewn into a powermesh shelf bra which is supported by strong thick under bust elastic. Thick wide adjustable straps for extra support and comfort. Full body powermesh support with tummy control benefits. A loop through front detail design that creates a flattering shaped neckline. and enhances the wearers bust line. 

 Plus we also offer our Botticelli tankini style. Our Artesands curve fit and plus size tankini styles look like you are wearing a one piece but have all the benefits of a 2 piece swimsuit. Our tankini tops when paired back with one our matching swim bottoms will look like you are wearing a one piece. Perfect if your body is like most of the population and you are a different size top to bottom. 

Buying a tankini will provide the best fit for your body. A tankini covers your tummy whilst still being a 2 piece and so has all those great 2 piece swimsuit benefits – such as being able to get in and out of the swimsuit easier, especially when it’s wet and super easy to go to the toilet - woohoo!   

 There are so many practical benefits of wearing a tankini and we highly recommend tankini’s when our curvy girl’s are different sizes on their top to their bottoms.


We also offer our Botticelli bikini top

This is the perfect bikini top for a C cup - DD cup. 

This bikini top has a flattering neckline created by the loop through front design and wide straps for extra comfort and support so they don’t dig in with a large strong back clip.   

 Our Melange collection tankini and bikini tops co-ordinate back beautifully with our Hues signature collection black basic swim briefs, so you can select the best fit for you and have versatility in your colour combinations!


Our best-selling Botticelli brief A really flattering brief for a true, curve fitting style, with side panels and soft ruching features. Pair back your tankini top and bikini top perfectly with our plus size swim pants or create a mix and match look with our Black Hues curve fit swim pants. 


Introducing our latest new shape 

 Fuseli  - a flattering zip front one piece


Fuseli is our new multifit zip front shape - fashionable and functional. It has a traditional sporty vibe with an added sex appeal, try and look away from this style. Fuseli features a thick comfortable strap and rounded back shape, its internal features include full body powermesh with removable multifit cups, body contouring panels, and a stand out gold feature zip all whilst offering wire-free comfort.   

The locking zipper front allows for easy pull on and do up, without having to reach behind your back and do up a clip. This style is sexy and flattering yet practical – the easiest of all one piece swimsuits to put on. The functionality of a zip front one piece makes the style so much easier to get on and off, especially if you are trying to take off a wet one piece after the beach (we have all been there).    

 Our Fuseli shape features a gold zipper with a round zipper head to have as much of the gold bling as possible. As well as being a stand out feature for its blingability, our zip is also lockable so it won’t open as you are wearing it.   

 Our Fuseli style is a multifit cup style that fits best on a C cup, D cup or DD cup. This style also has our removable cups for the choice of the wearer. Our hidden internal features are what makes Artesands a truly unique curve fit and plus size brand. All our swimsuits have features for comfort and support that are not visible when wearing, however they help you to feel supported and confident to tackle the beach!   

 Our new curve fit and plus size Fuseli shape has side panelling detail to contour the body. These panel lines help shape your silhouette for a flattering, elegant line. The internals of Fuseli also have full body powermesh, you can read all about the benefits of powermesh in our blog:

 The power of powermesh.


In contrast to our blinged up Botticelli and Fuseli styles is our, all the bells and whistles, full support style Raphael.  

Need a swimsuit with full bust support?

We love the support that our Raphael styles give.   

 Raphael has the most internal structure of all our styles. To get the full effect of our Raphael one piece you need to turn the garment inside out. When you do this, you will see all the bust support and internal fit structure. Our Raphael style has a floating full support underwire shelf bra with removable soft cups. Raphael is made to support and fit an E cup and an F cup. You will also see Raphael has an internal bra clasp, so the wearer can put Raphael on like a bra first and pull up the shoulder straps. The bra clasp has the 3 hook and eye settings, so can tighten the fit as needed. 


The internals of Raphael will also show the full body powermesh, you can read all about the benefits of powermesh in our blog, The power of powermesh. The Raphael style can also be a mastectomy option, the soft removable cup can be removed and replaced by prosthetics. The pink size label in our swimsuits represent this. The externals of the Raphael garment are just as involved, with front panel ruching, side panel ruching and a high front neckline for modest coverage. Our Raphael also has a full bottom and lower leg line, which is great coverage for a good curvy booty.    

 Another beneficial feature of the Raphael is our strap clip technology. We have wide adjustable straps on our Raphael styles that will not dig in, with strap clips that can be undone and clipped back together crossed over. This cross-back strap ability is for the extra support required for a full heavy bust. To learn more about our Raphael shape, read our blog, have you met Raphael?

So what is so good about our new Mèlange collection?

Well firstly the fabric.

The beautiful mix of yarns creates the most pleasing effect on the body. With the combination of the Nylon, Polyester and Elastane, mèlange blend of the fabric gives the effect of a textured look but with a silk smooth hand feel. This trio of yarns includes two complimenting colours creating a textural illusion, a deep navy, blue tone matched back with a black thread.   

 The nylon content, well this is what most swimwear is made out of. The elastane is what gives swimsuit fabric the stretch and recovery. Whilst the inclusion of the polyester adds strength to the yarns, the colours are absorbed differently by each of the different yarns during the fabric dying process which creates the navy sheen effect and the brilliant blue that POPS ELECTRIC in the sun. 

Bling - elevated with bling. 

 These gold rings are our current obsession. They are a coated metal so that they will not heat up in the hot sun and they aren’t too over the top, it’s just enough bling to create a stylish elevated swimsuit. Perfect for vacations, pool parties or even if you just to look your best.


Come join with us on our latest curve fit and plus size swimsuit obsession our newly released Mèlange collection.

As with all our swimsuits please make sure you read the care instructions and launder your swimsuit immediately after each wear.   Our luxe Mèlange collection will have you looking distinctive with effortless style in our made to fit your curves swimwear


All of our women’s curve fit women’s swimwear is available in plus sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 24.   

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