If it’s the elastane in swimwear that breaks down, then why is swimwear made out of it?


This is a question we ask ourselves often. It doesn’t seem to make sense that we have to launder our swimsuits so carefully to stop them from breaking down from the exact element that swimwear was designed to be worn in… but there are reasons…. 

It’s all about the comfort, 

 It’s all about the support,

It’s all about the stretch and recovery. 

 Our bodies need to be supported in our women’s curve fit swimwear, they need to be able move and swim, and our swimsuits shouldn’t hinder our movements in the water. This is why women’s swimwear is made with a fabrication that is able to stretch and recover, that doesn’t absorb too much water and is quick drying. Also, the elastane content and the elastics that are used in women’s curve fit and plus size swimwear add support to your garment and help to fit all your unique curves and allow for a comfortable and safe swim.


Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

What is Elastane?

Elastane is a synthetic fibre, made of a polyurethane with elastic properties. We use elastane in swimwear to give us the ease of movement in our curve fit swimwear, you may know this fibre more by a brand name of Lycra or Spandex for example. The best advantage of elastane is that when it is stretched it is able to return to its original shape, but its disadvantage is that it doesn’t have the longest life span, i.e. it can break down in chlorine if not care for and laundered correctly. 

 In Swimwear the elastane fibre is usually mixed with another fibre such as Nylon. In the fabrication mix, the Elastane fibre content will only account for a small percentage of the final fabric content. 


What is so great about a nylon / elastane curve fit or Plus size Swimsuit

There are many great benefits to using elastane in swimwear. including:


  • Great stretch and recovery
  • Comfortable 
  • Light weight 
  • Super soft hand feel
  • Hugs your body really well
  • Excellent abrasion & wear resistance 
  • Quick drying
  • Great fit and Support
  • Under bust support elastic to aid in the bust support for all our wire free comfort multifit cups. Read our blog on multifit cups
  • Powermesh - read our blog on the power our powermesh. 
  • Smooth finish and fit
  • Abrasion Resistant 



But it is important to note that when swimwear is exposed to Chlorine it will gradually break down, the Chlorine chemical over time will corrosively eat into the elastane fibres causing the fabric to degrade.  It’s also important to note that it is not only Chlorine that will eventually ruin your favourite curve fit swimsuit. Your swimwear will also be affected by prolonged sun exposure, salt water, sand, high temperatures, body oils, fake tans and sunscreens. Click through here to read out blog on the effects of Chlorine on my swimsuit. 

 The best thing you can do to care and prolong the life of your nylon elastane curvy swimsuit is to wash it immediately after use. We strongly recommend hand wash separately in cold soapy water and rinse well.   

Click through here to read up on how to care for your curvy swimsuit correctly  

 Love the idea of a swimsuit that fits all your curves with ease and comfort? Then check out our latest releases of our Artesands curve fit and plus size swimsuits.



Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

Prefer a swimsuit that doesn’t break down? Chlorine Resistant Curve fit and plus size Swimwear

Chlorine resistant swimwear does not contain the elastane fibres that are affected by chlorine. Women’s curve fit swimwear that isn’t effect by Chlorine is made out of Polyester PBT and does not contain any of the elastic fibres (elastane) that is affected by the corrosive chemical Chlorine. 

Yes, you can buy curve fit and plus size swimwear that is Chlorine resistant. A chlorine resistant swimsuit will not break down in chlorine. The polyester fibres are not affected by the chemical of chlorine. 

 Check out all our curve fit and plus size chlorine resistant styles. These swimsuits are pretty much for our curvy girls who spend a lot of time in public pools, spa’s, jacuzzies or hot tubs or prefer swimsuits that just do not break down. 

 When it comes down to choosing whether you buy a regular fabrication curvy women’s swimsuit with elastane content or a chlorine resistant swimsuit it all comes down to your swimwear usage, activities you do, the look and support or comfort you require. At Artesands we are all about making sure we design and develop beautiful swimwear that fits and sculpts your curves. As it’s every woman’s right to enjoy the summer.




Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top


What Artesands curve fit size are you?

If you are unsure about your Artesands size, we have a step by step blog on how to measure your body to find your perfectly fitting curvy swimsuit. 


How to measure BLOG


Swimwear is available in plus sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 24, and now, One Size!


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You can also select your perfectly fitted curve fit and plus size swimsuit by cup size, click the link to find all plus size swimsuits available for your cup size;  A cup / B cup, C cup, D cup, DD cup, E cup, F cup, FF cup and G cup.


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November 05, 2021 — Shani Cokinas