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E Cup Swimwear

Are you curvy or a plus size body shape and have a E cup bust? Maybe you have struggled in the past to find great swimwear that fitted your curves? Artesands curvy fit women’s swimwear has you covered with beautifully sculpted E cup swimsuits to suit and sculptured your curvy bust size.

At Artesands HQ we are a team of women that understands women’s curves and are dedicated to producing beautiful curve fit and plus size swimwear that not only fits but enhances all of our curves. We understand that every woman’s body shape is different and as we say, ‘breathtakingly beautiful in its own artistic right’. As we all know every woman has curves, but all our curves are unique to us as individuals. At Artesands we produce a range of curvy swimwear that sculpts to fit women’s bust shapes and ALL our curves perfectly.

Within our Artesands collection you will find a range of E cup one pieces, E cup tankini’s, E cup bikinis and E cup swimdresses all to fit your beautiful curvy swimsuit bodies. Have E cup curves? Then we have you covered…


Curve fit and Plus Size E cup curvy swimsuits

Within our Artesands collection we offer a wide variety of differing swimsuits to fit a curvy E cup shape. As a curvy E cup woman, you have probably had issues in the past trying to find E cup swimwear that fits not only your bust but fits your curvy body at the time. Within our Artesands range we have created, designed and sculpted an extensive E cup swimsuit range to make your selection of a new E cup swimsuit, easy and hassle free.

Our extensive range of E cup one piece styles include both underwire E cup shapes like our Raphael and Giotto shapes, Click through here see all our selection of E cup underwire one piece styles. And we also offer wirefree comfort styles that fit a E cup like our Delacroix style. Browse our range here to see all our E cup wirefree comfort one piece styles.


E Cup Bikini Tops and E Cup Tankini Tops

We also offer E cup swimwear in a wide range of underwire support or wirefree comfort styles in E cup bikini tops and E cup tankini tops.

Our Raphael shape is our standout E cup swimsuit shape and is available in E cup one piece, E cup tankini top, E cup bikini top and E cup all-in-one swimsuit. Raphael is our most modest shape with a supportive internal structure to cup and hold the weight comfortably of an E cup bust. Our Raphael style has a floating full support underwire shelf bra with removable soft cups. This E cup shape is designed to support and fit an E cup and an F cup. Raphael also has an internal bra clasp. The internal bra clasp has 3 hook and eye settings, so can be tightened as needed. Raphael also has full body powermesh, you can read all about the benefits of powermesh in our blog, the power of powermesh. Our Raphael also has a full bottom and lower leg line, which is great coverage for a good curvy booty. Another beneficial feature of the Raphael is our strap clip technology. We have wide adjustable straps on all our Raphael styles that will not dig in, with strap clips that can be undone, crossed over and clipped back together. This cross-back strap ability is for the extra support required for a full heavy E cup bust. 

Choosing an Artesands swimsuit that is the right fit for your body shape is the best way to ensure you have the right support for your E cup bust. Shopping for a curve fit or plus size swimsuit to fit your bust no longer has to be a challenge as Artesands curvy swimsuits are made specifically to fit all women’s curves.

Feel confident swimming this summer in a flattering E cup curve fit or plus size swimsuit from our Artesands range.

We even have a great selection of E Cup swimsuits on sale. Click through here to see our latest sale items.


Am I an E cup?

Not sure if you are an E cup and not sure about what cup size you will need?

We highly recommend you read our blog on how to measure to get your correct cup size. You can easily work out what cup size you are after you have completed our measurement steps.

Once you have measured yourself correctly you then go to our sizing chart to see what size you are.

Click through here to see our cup size chart and see what cup size you are.

If you are still unsure about your sizing, contact our Artesands customer love team with your curvy body measurements and our team will respond with curve fit or plus size swimsuits to suit your individual and unique curvy body shape.

If by chance you receive a swimsuit, and it doesn’t fit you have a read through our returns policy to start an easy return and get the right size for you!

Click through here to see our latest curve fit and plus size styles in our new releases.

All of Artesands swimwear styles are available in sizes US 8+- US 24+ and sizes AUST 12+ - AUST 28+.

To find suits in your size click the size link size AU12 / US8size AU14 / US10size AU16 / US12size AU18 / US14size AU20 / US16size AU22 / US18, size AU24 / US20, size AU26 / US22, size AU28 / US24One Size.

We offer free shipping on orders over $150 AUD and Afterpay as a payment option.

Enjoy a perfectly fitting swimsuit and be free to love the summer xx