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Summer lovin’…. Well yes, there’s that – the sunshine, warmer temperatures, cool breezes and inviting ocean, but the imminent approach of summer can also cause dread in those of us who’ve gone a little overboard with the winter/lockdown boredom and comfort eating.  

 One too many glasses of red under the blanket, in front of the TV? Dry, scaly legs and hairy bits? We’re guessing there are more than a few of us out there. Not everyone has spent the past few cold months getting beach body ready – and what does that mean anyway? 

 Beach bodies come in all shapes and sizes and whether you’re slim or curvy, or anything in between – the size and shape of your birthday suit is NOT what makes a ‘beach body’. Rather, it’s the way you feel about yourself, how comfortable and happy you are in your skin.  

 One thing is certain - body confidence is sexy! Some of the best ‘beach bodies’ we’ve ever seen are the plus size ones with curves and boobs and butts, strutting their stuff like no one’s business!  

 But how do you get there if you’re just not loving your body right now?  

 Here are our curvy girl top tips for feeling your best when it’s time to hit the beach:


Artesands Curve Plus Size Hues Swimwear

Start with your head


Get to know your body and your mind. They are inextricably linked and the messages we feed ourselves about our bodies become our internalised truth. No one’s saying you have to start convincing yourself that your body is exactly the shape and size you want it to be, but you absolutely need to start focusing on its wonder, strength and positive attributes. Be grateful for the movement it allows you, the support it gives you and appreciate the little things about it – the softness of your skin, the fullness of your breasts and the agility of your limbs. Start appreciating what you have and the rest will follow.


Love your skin – all of it!


Just as we take care of the skin on our face, so we should with the rest of our bodies. While the last thing we need is to add to our ‘to do’ list each day, a simple weekly body routine can make the world of difference to how we feel naked. Treat your skin as the precious organ it is. Once a week do a body scrub and deep moisturise. If you’re already into body brushing as part of your daily routine – good on ya! Keep it up and lightly moisturise dry areas like shins, knees, heels and elbows daily. If you shave or wax, do that as regularly as you need to. Body oils are huge right now and feel so nourishing and are enhanced with all kinds of uplifting scents. Definitely try one. If you follow a simple body care regime, by the time summer comes around, you’ll be glowing and feeling amazing. And please, for the love of god, remember to use sunscreen!


Move, dammit, move!


In whatever way feels good for you. There’s no point doing a form of exercise you don’t enjoy. Find your groove, whether it’s dancing, walking, swimming or yoga and do that. If you’ve been a bit of a sloth and haven’t exercised in a while, start slowly and build it up. Stop making excuses (if you are). Body confidence comes with being healthy and if we treat ourselves well and acknowledge our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy, our confidence (and hopefully, joy) in our body will grow.




Artesands Curve Plus Size Fleur Du Champ Swimwear

Get naked

Okay, it may still be a bit cold right now if you’re in the Southern hemisphere, but crank up the heating and get naked as often as possible. Getting naked is sometimes thought of only in terms of intimacy and can make people quite squirmy, but being naked has great benefits. When you’re ‘rudey nudey’, you’re forced to face your fears of body image and seek self-acceptance. The more time you spend naked, the more you’ll learn to appreciate your body and realise how beautiful you really are.


Show it off!

Shopping for swimwear can be an ordeal for some of us. Those pokey change rooms and fluorescent lights are the antidote to feeling sexy. Look for brands that specialise in swimwear for all bodies and use their online tools to find your perfect fit. Flaunt the bits you love the most and conceal the ones you don’t. There are so many incredible swimsuit options out there. The hardest part will be limiting how many you buy. And please remember, wear whatever the heck makes you feel good. If that’s a one piece, fine, but don’t assume you can’t wear a bikini just because you don’t have a flat tummy. Invest in summer swimwear that makes you feel incredible and enhances your beautiful curves. Be the goddess you are!

Nourish your body

Just as it is with our faces, what we put into our bodies can often be reflected in the way we look and feel. If you’ve been on a months-long bender of sloppy food and too much alcohol, your body will feel it and it will likely impact your self-esteem. Simple changes can make all the difference. Increasing your water intake alone can have huge benefits. If you struggle to get enough water into your system, add some lemon, mint, cucumber or berries to your bottle, and sip slowly and regularly through the day. Cut down your coffee consumption to one serve each day and add in some crunchy salads, raw veggies and roasted almonds for extra nutrition. If you still find yourself reaching for chocolate, give yourself a daily limit of a few squares and try to choose dark chocolate over milk. You’ll be amazed at the difference these small changes can make to your overall health. 

 If you take nothing else away from this blog, please remember YOUR BODY WEIGHT DOES NOT DEFINE YOU! Feeling sexy has to start with you. 

The only thing stopping you from looking or feeling sexier is YOU! 





Here’s to a sexy summer! 

 Featuring the beautiful Kayla Logan   

“I am not my eating disorder! I’m struggling with my binge eating right now. I’m sitting here with empty McDonald’s wrappers around me, full till it hurts, satisfied, grounded, joy filled and yet paradoxically consumed by shame, guilt and hate towards myself bc I couldn’t control the urge to binge. 

 I know I’ll be ill from this and I know my binging is a form of self harm/self sabotage, but I can’t control myself sometimes. 

 I share so that you’ll know you’re not alone and that your ED doesn’t define you. I don’t have the answers right now, but maybe just hearing that others are struggle to will help you feel seen ❤️”

Artesands Plus Size and Curve Fit Swimwear


If you’re new to Artesands and not sure where to start we are here to help you find the curve fit plus size swimsuit that you will feel confident and sexy rocking on the beach this summer.  

 We have so many curvy swimsuits available for you to find the absolute perfect fit! We have different designs in one pieces, tankini top, bikini top and swim pants that can all be matched back with our tops to make the perfect bikini set or tankini set! 

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 Find your perfect fitting swimsuit so you can go out and enjoy the beach this summer.


Get on board, get yourself a new curvy swimsuit and enjoy your summer. 

 We understand that everybody is uniquely different and breathtakingly beautiful in their own artistic right. 

 We are proud to introduce to you our beloved new arrivals range. 

 The hard work and dedication that goes into these ranges is for you. We have designed and created the ultimate curve fit swimwear, so you feel confident and comfortable when in and around the water. 

 We have poured hours mulling over the correct print, which styles to work it back with and how or when we are going to release the collection. We add styles, we delete styles, we change colours, we add colours, we change delivery months and we work it back with our other collections. Basically, we want it to be perfect for you ladies and we will not stop until it is. 

 A massive part of our swimwear creating process is our fittings. We do this by fitting on a real curvy body. We understand that a size 18 is different to a size 10 which is why we fit on an US14 / AUS18 body. We grade our curve fit swimwear based off these measurements so you can have the best fitting plus size swimwear that enhance your curves in all the right places.  

 Alongside our well-fitting plus size swimwear, we have our beautiful luxurious fabrics. Our main outer fabric has a soft, silk like handfeel that beautifully displays our wonderful prints. This luxurious fabric and feel will have you ready for your next holiday by the ocean. 

 Our other specialised fabric is our internal powermesh. This powermesh creates the ultimate tummy control swimwear and holds you in without cutting into you. It sculpts your body and smooths your curves for the ultimate body confidence. 

 With these elements we present our curve fit and plus size swimwear latest arrivals. 

 Our vision is to help all women LOVE their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin.


Artesands Curve Plus Size Rhapsody Teal Swimwear

Finding your perfect Artesands Curve Size

We are trying to make finding your Artesands size as easy and simple as possible for you! Have you seen our guide on how to measure your body blog? 




The blog above goes into great detail on the areas you should measure and what to do if the measurements aren’t the same size for you top and bottom, this is very common so we have tried to make it simple for you to still have a matching set of your swimwear costume so you can have the latest prints matching on the beach. 

Understanding the Plus Symbol

If you already own an Artesands curve fit plus size swimsuit you will notice all of our sizes on the garment tag have a little + symbol. This plus symbol symbolises ‘plus a little bit more’. As we design all of our swimwear on an Australian size 18 model this means we have allocated for more fabric and fitting to be allocated across the body, we know as well as anyone that when you go up a size its in all different areas of the body. Read our blog here to find out more.


Women's Curve fit Swimwear

But if you are unsure about your Artesands size, we have a step by step blog on how to measure your body to find your perfectly fitting curvy swimsuit.

All of our women’s curve fit women’s swimwear is available in plus sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 24, and now, One Size!


To find swimwear in your size click the size link:

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One Size


You can also select your perfectly fitted curve fit and plus size swimsuit by cup size, click the link to find all plus size swimsuits available for your cup size;  A cup / B cup, C cup, D cup, DD cup, E cup, F cup, FF cup and G cup.


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August 25, 2021 — Shani Cokinas