Aria Olive


With our classic black Aria going so well we thought we would treat you and bring it out in a new colour! OLIVE, oh you cannot go wrong with olive. It is a warm tone that exudes luxury, all I can imagine doing in this swimsuit is lounging by the pool. 

 Our bestselling luxurious textured fabrication now available in the dreamy new warm Olive hue! 

 An Aria of sophistication, our luxurious handfeel textured fabrication is perfect for body sculpting confidence. 


Artesands Aria Olive Swimwear



What's Good About A Textured Fabrication?

Trust me when I say, textured swimwear is the most beautiful cossie I think I have ever worn! I often hear people asking questions thinking that the extra thickness of the fabric would add onto your body, trust me when I tell you it does the exact opposite! 

 Our Aria fabrication is a mixture of nylon/elastane with a thicker weight then our standard printed and solid hues ranges. This heavier weight of the fabric and high elastane percentage helps to sculpt your curves and create a beautiful form to the body. Having increased the elastane percentage, it helps the return of the fabric - meaning once the swimsuit is stretched onto your body, the elastane pulls it back into place helping the powermesh to work its wonders! 

 The texture in our Aria range are lines going across your body, this sculpts your curves and adds extra support. If you have worn our black Aria swimsuits, I bet you can vouch! It might to time to invest in a new colour, you can never have too many swimsuits coming into summer.

New Slim Line Aria Swim Pant

Our brand-new slim line swim pant is the first to be released within the Aria olive range. 

This pant is a high waist slim line design, with full body sculpting 360 degree powermesh for the ultimate support and control. Our Artesands high waist high leg swim pant is created to perfectly fit your curves.   

 Our Aria pant is all about the fabric, with a luxury texture like Aria, how could it not be? 

 Simple clean line: This is a basic pant as the fabrication has the full punch, this clean line is flattering and supportive. 

 Good bottom coverage: Perfect for you to flaunt your booty! 

 Wide rubber at the waist: This helps the pant from rolling over when moving around, we want you to be comfortable the entire time whilst wearing these pants.

 Powermesh: Our very own Artesands 360-degree powermesh is used for body sculpting confidence! This curvy swimsuit is fully lined with powermesh for body sculpting and shape forming.

Artesands Aria Olive High Waist Swim Pant

Be Sculpted By Botticelli


Have you noticed that all our curvy swimsuit shapes are named after famous artists? Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance. Many of Botticelli’s famous works were based around the female form and all its beauty.   

 Botticelli is one of our favourite shapes, with all the features listed below, how could it not be!? It is another one of our bestselling styles as this design ­fits a multitude of different body shapes.

Artesands Aria Olive Botticelli One Piece

Mulifit cup: We say it ­is best on a C-D cup. This also fits a multitude of different cup sizes depending on personal choice and breast tissue. 

Wire free comfort and support: you feel supported without the discomfort of underwire.  

Loop through twist feature on front cups creates a beautiful soft shaped neckline Thick adjustable straps for extra comfort and support 

Back clip (bikini top) is for strength - our clip is strong and is not going to pop open 

360 degree powermesh - Once you’ve tried ‘Artesands’ powermesh you can never go back – it’s our little secret for body sculpting and shape forming. 



Our Tankini is a long line tankini and will look like you are wearing a one piece when wearing the briefs of the same print. Everyone loves the benefits of a tankini, especially the bonus ability of being able to do a loo stop quicker :) it’s also the BEST style to get your perfect ­fit. 

Very few people are the same dress size top and bottom, and so with a tankini, you can tailor your swimsuit to ­fit your body shape perfectly. 

Strap Clip feature: Positioned on the shoulder straps features a clip. This clip can be un-done and the straps can be crossed over. This is for ULTIMATE support. The strap’s clip and lock, which means the weight of heavy breasts is held more comfortably on the shoulder blades and not on the neck which leads to neck problems and headaches. Another benefit of the strap clip is it is VERY SECURE, there will be no pinging off. E hook straps are the straps that ping out and I am sure we have all had this happen to us before (I know I have) 

Ruching - everyone loves the disguising benefi­ts of some tummy ruching - Botticelli has ruching throughout the front panel.

Artesands Aria Olive Botticelli Tankini Top

Aria Olive Botticelli Range

Artesands Aria Olive Botticelli Bikini Top

Botticelli bikini top has multifit cups that are best suited for C cup, D cup or DD cup, these cups are made up of internal support with soft foam cups for the ultimate comfort with a fashionable loop twist detail.    

 Each of our Botticelli designs includes the strap clip features worked into the design. Our strap clips are placed along the shoulder blade of the back strap as a feature often used in lingerie. This allows you to cross over the straps for extra support without the pressure of the strap popping out of place. As the strap clip aligns on your shoulder blade, it allows the weight from the bust to be carried on the back instead of the shoulders. These clips have been tried and tested by our technician team to ensure they are strong and secure when crossing over the straps. The cross over provides an extra level of support to the bust where needed.   

 We also ensure our straps are long enough for the cross over as well as a wider design compared to normal swimsuits. This prevents the strap from digging into your back and shoulder for the ultimate comfort, who would want to be uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit!?  




By now you have probably read this word on every single page of our website, but trust me, it’s an extremely important feature that we have to offer! Powermesh is this magical fabrication that sculpts and shapes your body. It is the secret ingredient that we market to enhance where desired and support where required. 

 Here at Artesands we are strong believers of the body positivity movement, we strive to help our curvy girls feel comfortable and confident on the beach. Every single person should be free to enjoy the summer, and given our brand was established and is based along the Sydney coastline, we are definite firm believers of this. 

 Powermesh has it’s job cut out to build the confidence of every single curvy girl! We want you to flaunt that body this summer, it is our time to shine and be free and confident, and with an Aria swimsuit, you are going to look smokin’ out there! 

 Our Artesands full body 360 degree powermesh that is included in every single one of our plus size swimsuits, contours the curvy body. We make swimwear to embrace and empower women. We stand by our ongoing mission to make swimwear for women’s real curves. We want to continue to make swimwear that every women is comfortable in and for everyone to feel confident on the beach this summer! 

 One part of our Australian designed swimwear that is in every single swimsuit available online, is our own full body 360 degree powermesh. Find it in our one pieces, tankinis, bikinis and you guessed it swim pants!


Artesands Aria Olive Botticelli One Piece

How To Care For Your Cossie


We want you to have your brand new Artesands plus size swimsuit for years to come! We make our swimsuit in a luxurious quality so they will last if you look after them, help us help the world be more sustainable in fashion. 

 Always remember with any swimsuit how important it is to wash out with warm soapy water straight after swimming. This prolongs the life of your swimsuit, as it’s the beautiful soft stretchy elastane that will break down and make your garment look saggy and unwearable otherwise. 

 If you intend to have a lay out in the sun for a little bit longer after your swim, make sure you at least throw yourself under the shower at the beach or pool to get as much of those pesky chemicals out as you can!


Here At Artesands, We Are All About The Curve


No six packs, no thigh gaps, we are a swimwear brand specialising in real women’s swimwear!

Our philosophy is to enhance where desired and support where required, we all know our bodies inside and out, we all know the areas that we love to flaunt and the others that need that extra bit of support (we are all human after all). 

 We fit our garments on true to size curvy women to ensure the fits are supportive and accurate. Our curvy women are a range of different sizes based around our Australian plus size 18. We are the brand that is ahead of the curve, when it comes to loving you curves. No two bodies were created to be the same


Artesands Aria Olive Swimsuit
Artesands Aria Olive Swimsuits

What Our Customers Have to Say


Just wanted to say how happy I am with my new bathers! Buying bathers has always been a horrible experience and this was the total opposite. I felt so good as soon as I put them on! Shipping was super fast too. 

I'm so happy with them I just placed another order. I'm going away to Bali next Friday and I'm actually excited about hanging out in my bathers (no cover up needed because I'll be rocking my curves!). T

hanks for making such a great product.

Hayley S.


I have recently received the swimmers, they are amazing and absolutely fit like a glove. 

I will be sure to take some photos and tag you guys. Thank you so, so much. 

They are honestly incredible, my Mum is going to buy some. Can not wait to wear them and show them off

Magenta S.


Artesands brand is amazing! I have 4 pairs of their swimwear now and am so in love with them! 

I have never felt so confident and comfortable in a swimwear before. They fit in all the right places, there’s no riding up and the ruching detail across the belly is so flattering and add’s confidence. I

 now look forward to getting in the water knowing I have these beautiful pieces to wear and make me feel amazing! Thankyou Artesands

Jane F.

Understanding The +


You will notice that on our size label each number is finished with a plus symbol. This symbol means ‘plus a little bit more’. 



Artesands curve fit and plus size swimwear styles are available in sizes 

US 8+ - US 20+ and sizes AUS 12+ - AUS 24+.  

 When purchasing our plus size swimwear be sure to get the right size! Please refer to our size chart. If you happen to get the wrong size, do not worry! We have an easy returns process for those moments exactly, have a look at our returns policy and lodge a return for your area.   


If you’re not sure of the process please send us an email at and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can!  


 To find swimwear in your size click the size link 

size us 8 / aus 12

size us 10 / aus 14

size us 12 / aus 16

size us 14 / aus 18 

size us 16 / aus 20

size us 18 / aus 22

size us 20 / aus 24


You can also select your perfectly fitted curvy swimsuit by cup size, click the link to find all curvy swimsuits available for your cup size:   

A cup / B cup

C cup

D cup / DD cup

E cup

F cup / FF cup

G cup


   Plus remember that we have free shipping on all orders over $100 AUD so it is time to treat yourself! We want every woman to be confident on the beach this summer.   

Love,  The A Team 


November 10, 2020 — Shani Cokinas