The curvy girls guide on how to measure your torso

For starters, lets find out  what a torso length measurement is.   

To embark on our exploration, let's delve into the intricacies of a torso length measurement.   

A torso length measurement is a crucial metric that entails determining the length of an individual's torso. The torso, in anatomical terms, encompasses the section of the body situated between the neck and the waist. This measurement holds notable significance, particularly in the realm of swimwear, as it profoundly influences how a one-piece swimsuit will conform to and complement your physique.   

**Understanding Torso Length:**     

To comprehensively grasp the concept of a torso length measurement, it is imperative to dissect its components. The term "torso" denotes the central part of the human body, encompassing various vital structures. It encompasses the ribcage, which houses and protects vital organs like the heart and lungs, as well as the abdomen, which houses the digestive system. The torso also incorporates the back and spinal column, which provide structural support and facilitate movement.   

The measurement itself is initiated by identifying the length of this central portion of the body, commencing from the base of the neck and concluding at the waistline. The base of the neck, anatomically referred to as the cervical spine, serves as the starting point, while the upper edge of the hip bones, scientifically known as the iliac crest, marks the culmination of the measurement.

Significance in Swimwear

Let us explore the pivotal role that torso length plays within the context of swimwear. When selecting and donning a one piece swimsuit, the fit and comfort of the garment are paramount considerations. A one piece swimsuit is designed to provide full coverage and support, making it essential that it aligns harmoniously with your body's contours.   

The torso length, in this scenario, dictates how the one-piece swimsuit will sit on your body. A precise measurement of your torso length ensures that the swimsuit accommodates your unique body shape, providing a comfortable and flattering fit. It prevents issues such as the swimsuit riding up or feeling excessively tight or loose in certain areas, thereby enhancing your confidence and comfort while enjoying aquatic activities.   

Additionally, a correctly sized one piece swimsuit that aligns with your torso length can optimize both style and functionality. It accentuates your natural curves and facilitates ease of movement, whether you're swimming laps in a pool, lounging on a beach, or participating in water sports.

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Now, how does a curvy girl find out her torso measurement?

Measuring your body length is a fundamental process that requires some preparation and assistance from a friend or, if necessary, a clever solo technique. To perform this measurement accurately, it's advisable to have two tape measures at your disposal. Whether you choose to enlist the help of a friend or tackle it on your own, this guide will walk you through the steps.   

1. Gather Your Materials:   

Before you begin, ensure you have two tape measures ready. Having two tape measures may seem unusual, but it's a practical approach that will help you achieve precise results.   

2. Enlist a Friend's Assistance (Optional):   

While you can perform this measurement on your own, having a friend assist you can make the process smoother and more accurate. They can help ensure the tape measure is positioned correctly and remains taut throughout the measurement.   

3. Locate the Starting Point:   

Begin by identifying the starting point for your measurement. This point should be at the centre of the top of your shoulder, where your bra strap typically sits. This spot serves as the reference point for your body length measurement.    

4. Position the Tape Measure:    

If you have a friend helping you, they should position one end of the tape measure at the designated starting point on your shoulder.   

5. The Solo Approach:   

If you're conducting this measurement on your own, follow these steps:   

Drape one of the tape measures behind you, starting from the same reference point on your shoulder.   

Gently guide the tape measure from your back, through the space between your legs, and up towards the starting point on your opposite shoulder. This might feel slightly unconventional, but it ensures an accurate measurement of your full body length.   

As you pass the tape measure through to the front, you may find that it's not long enough to reach the starting point on your opposite shoulder. This is where the second tape measure comes into play.   

6. Incorporating the Second Tape Measure:   

When the initial tape measure falls short, take the second tape measure, and continue the measurement seamlessly from where the first tape measure left off. This transition should be straightforward, as you can easily spot the endpoint of the first tape measure.   

7. Ensure Accuracy:   

As you extend the measurement with the second tape measure, make sure it aligns precisely with the endpoint of the first tape measure. This alignment is crucial to maintaining accuracy.   

By following these steps, either with the assistance of a friend or using the solo method with two tape measures, you can effectively measure your body length. This measurement can be valuable for various purposes, including clothing fitting, determining your proportions, or tracking changes in your body shape over time.

The Essential Dos for Precise Self-Measurements of Your Curvy Swimsuit Body

Achieving accurate measurements for your curvy swimsuit body is a crucial step in finding the perfect fit. Here are the key "dos" to follow during this process:   

1. Enlist a Friend's Assistance: When measuring, it's beneficial to ask a friend for help. They can ensure the tape is positioned correctly and maintain its tension, improving measurement accuracy.   

2. Create a Relaxing Environment: Ensure you're in a relaxed and comfortable space during the measurement process. Being at ease can help you maintain your natural posture.   

3. Honesty is Key: Always be truthful when measuring. Avoid the temptation to adjust your measurements by adding or subtracting inches based on how you think they should be. Honesty leads to the best fit.   

4. Utilize a Measuring Tape: Employ a measuring tape for accuracy, and it's a good practice to have two on hand to double-check measurements for consistency.   

5. Keep Writing Tools Handy: Have a pen and paper ready to record your measurements promptly. This ensures you don't forget any crucial details.   

6. Maintain Good Posture: Stand up tall and maintain good posture throughout the measurement process. Proper posture guarantees measurements that align with your body's natural contours.   

7. Use the Tape Measure Correctly: Ensure you're using the tape measure the right way round, with the numbers facing outward for easy reading.   

8. Full-Length Mirror (if Possible): If available, stand in front of a full-length mirror while measuring. It can provide visual assistance in aligning the tape and maintaining posture.   

9. Wear Well-Fitting Undergarments: Measure yourself while wearing well-fitting underwear. This helps you obtain measurements that closely represent your actual body shape.   

10. Measure Twice for Accuracy: To enhance precision, measure yourself twice or take measurements on different days. This practice can help ensure consistency and minimize errors.   

11. Don't Overanalyze: Remember that measurements are just numbers. Avoid overanalyzing or fixating on the results. The goal is to obtain accurate data for a better swimsuit fit.   

12. Clearly Visible Numbers: Choose a tape measure with clearly visible numbers for ease of reading and accuracy.   

13. Calculator on Hand: Keep a calculator handy if needed for calculations related to your measurements.

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Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

The Comprehensive Guide to Accurate Self-Measurements for Curvy Women: What Not to Do

In the pursuit of precise measurements for your curvy swimsuit body, it is essential to not only understand what to do but also be well-versed in what to avoid. Here, we outline the key "don'ts" that should guide your self-measurement process.   

1. Avoid Waist Suction: Resist the urge to suck in your waist during the measurement process. Authenticity is paramount when obtaining accurate measurements, so refrain from altering your natural shape.   

2. Temperature Matters: Ensure you are neither too hot nor too cold when measuring. Extreme temperature conditions can affect your body's size and posture, potentially leading to inaccurate measurements.   

3. Take Your Time: Avoid rushing through the measurement process. Haste can introduce errors, so allocate sufficient time to ensure precision.   

4. Beware of Builder's Tape Measures: Do not employ builder's tape measures for this task, as their rigidity and potential recoil could result in discomfort or even mishaps.   

5. Maintain Normal Breathing: While measuring, do not hold your breath. Maintain a normal breathing pattern to obtain measurements that reflect your true dimensions.   

6. Uphold Good Posture: Steer clear of slouching during the measurement process. Good posture is essential to accurately capture your body's contours.   

7. Appropriate Undergarments: Avoid wearing push-up bras or restricting crop tops during measurements, as these can artificially alter your bust size and distort the results.   

8. Eliminate Padding: Do not include padding in your measurements. To obtain accurate figures, the focus should solely be on your natural body shape.   

9. Avoid Enhancing Garments: Refrain from wearing anything that artificially enhances your bust size, as it can lead to an inaccurate representation of your true measurements.   

10. Over-Clothing Measurements: Under no circumstances should you measure yourself over clothing. To achieve precision, measurements must be taken directly on your skin or well-fitting underwear.   

Additional Reminder: It is imperative to bear in mind that your body's measurements can change over time. Therefore, even if you previously purchased beautiful Artesands curve fit or plus-size swimwear, it is prudent to re-evaluate your measurements periodically. This ensures that your swimwear choices continue to cater to your evolving body, allowing you to relish in both comfort and style.   

In conclusion, when embarking on the journey of self-measurements for curvy swimwear, being cognizant of what not to do is as crucial as understanding the "dos." By avoiding these pitfalls and adhering to best practices, you can attain measurements that serve as a reliable foundation for selecting the perfect swimwear that accentuates your unique, beautiful curves.

What Swimsuit is best for your body if you have a long torso or short torso?

If you have measured yourself and you have found out that you have either a long or short torso, a tankini set or bikini set is the best option for you!   If you want the same coverage as a one piece swimsuit, our tankini tops are a long line option that sit soft on the body. Matched back with the same printed, textured or solid dyed pant this will look just like a one piece swimsuit!

How to care for your Curvy Swimsuit

Just like our entire range of swimsuits, it is of utmost importance that you take a moment to peruse the care instructions and engage in the proper laundering of your swimwear promptly after each use. If you have acquired one of our exquisite Artesands curve fit swimsuits, it is imperative to bear in mind the significance of a gentle hand wash as soon as you remove it. This simple act can significantly extend the lifespan of your cherished swimwear. We are deeply committed to preserving the integrity of your new curvy swimsuit and safeguarding it from potential damage inflicted by chemicals or the corrosive effects of saltwater.   

The care and well-being of your swimsuit are paramount, and we ardently advise you to diligently adhere to these care instructions to ensure its longevity. Our swimsuits are meticulously crafted to endure the test of time, provided they are accorded the proper care and maintenance.   

By following these care guidelines with diligence, you not only maximize the lifespan of your swimwear but also maintain its vibrant colours, shape, and overall quality. We take immense pride in delivering swimsuits that are not only fashionable but also resilient, and your commitment to these care instructions plays a pivotal role in preserving the beauty and functionality of your beloved swimwear.

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