Black Chantique Swimwear

She Walks in Beauty   

The flowers, like poets, their petals unfurl, 

Telling stories of love, of joy, and of twirl. 

Their fragrant whispers, a sweet serenade, 

A symphony of nature, a moment’s cascade.   

A portmanteau of “chic” and “antique” this black based floral design will take you into the summer with our total black cossie confidence.

Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

Delacroix Wirefree Comfort Silhouette

Our black based Chantique print is available in our wirefree comfort Delacroix shape, available in a one piece, swim dress, tankini top, bikini top and bikini bottom.   

Our Delacroix offers wire free comfort and support in a shape designed to cater to curves and plus sizes. Finding a swimsuit that boosts your confidence is crucial, and our Delacroix is tailored to fit and flatter. Featuring a cross front style and versatile multifit cup support ranging from D to G cup sizes, this swimsuit boasts a 360-degree powermesh construction and front body ruching, ensuring sculpting confidence.   

Tailored for Cup Sizes D – G: Our Delacroix is ingeniously crafted to accommodate various cup sizes, thanks to its innovative multifit cup design. Soft molded foam cups seamlessly integrated into the powermesh provide exceptional stretch and support, catering to different bust sizes.   

Multifit Foam Cups: Engineered with soft molded foam cups that conform to your body, our curve enhancing swimsuit promises a perfect fit while delivering wire free comfort and support.    

Wire Free Comfort: Embracing the essence of comfort, this swimsuit exemplifies our wire free approach, delivering optimal bust support through its construction and choice of fabric.   

Adjustable Wide Shoulder Straps: Prioritizing comfort, the swimsuit features wide straps with durable rings and sliders, ensuring a snug fit without causing discomfort or irritation.  

Full-Body Powermesh Lining: Boasting internal 360-degree powermesh lining, our curve-fit and plus-size swimsuits provide comprehensive body shaping, offering targeted support and enhancing desired areas.   

Cross Over Ruched Front: The flattering cross over design of the swimsuit's front not only complements your bust shape but also contributes to extra wire free support.   

Soft, High Stretch Swim Fabric: Crafted from an exceptionally soft and stretchy material, our swimwear guarantees superior support and comfort.   

Sustainability: Reflecting our commitment to the environment, this swimsuit is made from recycled post-consumer materials, contributing to sustainable fashion.   

Front Ruching: The strategic gathering of fabric on the outer layer of our swimwear creates a ruching effect that cleverly conceals and flatters the tummy and midsection.

Raphael E Cup F Cup Silhouette

All the bells and whistles, available in our one piece, tankini top, bikini top and bikini bottom.   

Raphael epitomizes our all inclusive, full support style tailored with every feature you could wish for. Specifically designed for the curve fit and plus-size range, this swimsuit caters to E to F cup sizes, boasting underwire support and an internal bra fitting. With full body 360-degree powermesh, it's crafted to enhance body confidence, providing maximum coverage and a lower leg line for a modest look.   

Fits Cup Sizes E - F: Our Raphael underwire is meticulously crafted to accommodate bust sizes ranging from E to F, incorporating internal features for optimal support.   

Underwire Support: This curve fit swimsuit is engineered with underwire support, tailored to complement the curvaceous body shape.   

Internal Bra Fitting: Raphael flaunts a plethora of features, including an internal full support underwired floating shelf bra with a discreet hook-and-eye closure at the back for added support.   

Removable Soft Foam Cups: Offering versatility, our curve fit and plus size swimsuit includes soft, removable cups.   

Full-Body Powermesh Lining: Internally lined with powermesh both at the front and back, our swimsuits ensure 360-degree body shaping, providing support where needed and accentuating desired areas.   

Modest Front Design: With a front V-neck and generous bust coverage, Raphael embodies our most modest coverage style.   

Soft Touch, High Stretch Swim Fabric: Crafted from a luxurious soft-touch fabric with superior stretch, our swimwear promises both support and comfort.   

Strap Clip Technology: The innovative strap clip, located at the back shoulder blade, allows you to cross over the straps, ensuring no neck or shoulder strain over time. This adaptable technology lets you customize your fit for added support.   

Double Front Ruching: Strategically gathered fabric on the body and side panels creates a flattering ruching effect, cleverly disguising the tummy and midsection for enhanced body sculpting.   

Convertible Wide Shoulder Straps: Supported by robust rings and sliders, the wide straps ensure comfort without digging in. Coupled with the strap clip technology, these straps offer adjustability for a personalized fit.   

Sustainability: Crafted from 100% recycled Nylon sourced from post-consumer materials, this swimsuit embodies our commitment to sustainability.   

Low Leg Design: Featuring a low leg cut, this curve-fit swimsuit offers maximum coverage for a sophisticated look.   

Mastectomy Option: Our curve-fit and plus-size swimsuit includes soft, removable pads that can be substituted with a mastectomy prosthesis for added comfort and confidence.

Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

Hayes Underwire One Piece

Got curves? Dive into our Hayes Artesands curve fit and plus size one piece.   

This exquisitely crafted wrap around style embodies feminine allure, featuring a concealed shelf bra equipped with internal underwire support tailored for D to DD cup sizes. Boasting removable soft foam cups and a front shelf bra, this swimsuit flaunts a faux crossover design with a side tie, aligning with the latest fashion trends. Offering the essential fit and support needed for sculpting the body and enhancing confidence for curvier figures, our Hayes curve fit and plus-size one-piece is furnished with 360-degree powermesh lining and provides comfortably moderate coverage for the lower body.   

Tailored for Cup Sizes D - DD: This underwire swimsuit is expertly designed to accommodate bust sizes ranging from D to DD, incorporating internal support features for utmost comfort.   

Underwire Support: Crafted specifically for the curvaceous body, this curve-fit swimsuit features underwires ensuring optimal bust support.   

Removable Soft Foam Cups: Providing versatility, our curve-fit and plus-size swimsuit includes soft, detachable cups.   

360-Degree Powermesh Lining: Internally lined with powermesh both at the front and back, our swimsuits ensure comprehensive body shaping, offering support where needed and accentuating desired areas.   

Cross Over Detail: Our Hayes one piece boasts a secured cross front design complemented by a side tie that can be fashioned into a knot or tied into a bow.   

Soft Touch, High Stretch Swim Fabric: Crafted from an exceptionally soft and stretchy material, our swimwear promises superior support and comfort.   

Under Bust Shelf Bra Elastic: Adding an extra layer of support, this swimsuit style features hidden under bust shelf bra elastic for enhanced comfort.   

Adjustable Wide Shoulder Straps: Supported by robust rings and sliders, the wide straps ensure comfort without digging in, providing a snug fit on the shoulders.

Black Swimwear

Black swimwear is an iconic and versatile staple that transcends trends, offering a timeless appeal and sophisticated elegance. Renowned for its flattering nature, black swimsuits exude confidence and allure, suiting a diverse array of body shapes and skin tones. The rich depth of black hue effortlessly complements various figures, providing a sleek and slimming effect while accentuating curves in all the right places. Whether it's a classic one piece, a curve fit bikini, or a stylish tankini, black swimwear remains a go to choice for its ability to exude sophistication and understated glamour.   

The beauty of black swimwear lies not only in its flattering aesthetic but also in its incredible versatility. Beyond being a poolside staple, black swimsuits seamlessly transition from beachside lounging to chic evening gatherings with a simple addition of accessories. Pair a black one piece with a flowing sarong for a relaxed day by the water, and then effortlessly transform the look for a sunset cocktail party by layering it with a sheer cover-up or a statement kimono. This adaptability makes black swimwear a wardrobe essential, catering to various occasions and styles with ease.   

Moreover, black swimwear stands the test of time, offering enduring style that remains fashionable season after season. Its timeless appeal allows for mixing and matching with different cover ups, hats, or bold jewellery, enabling endless styling possibilities. The versatility of black swimwear extends to its ability to flatter different age groups, making it a preferred choice among women of all generations seeking sophistication and confidence in their swim attire.

Artesands Curve Plus Size One Piece Swimwear

Ready To Wear Collection

Now that you've picked out your new swimsuit for that upcoming holiday, let's talk beachwear. Explore our range of 100% soft wash cotton garments—perfect for crafting the ideal curve fit summer ensemble.   

Introducing our Chantique collection, featuring the Gershwin Shirt Dress and the Handel Maxi Dress.   

Gershwin Shirt Dress:   

The Gershwin Shirt Dress embodies our curve-fit kaftan, designed to effortlessly serve as an over-shirt. This cover-up boasts intricate pin-tucked detailing and a buttoned placket from the waist upwards. With adaptable long sleeves that effortlessly roll up to a 3/4 length, this piece is an indispensable addition to Artesands' specially curated resort wear. Specifically intended to be worn over your curve-fit swimsuit, Gershwin is meticulously crafted from 100% lightweight, breathable cotton, ensuring ultimate comfort. Softly washed to perfection, Gershwin embodies a blend of relaxed sophistication and stylish resort wear.   

Handel Maxi Dress:   

Meet the Handel Maxi Dress, featuring an elasticated bust adorned with shirring and versatile puff sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulders, creating an elegant bandeau-style look. Its maxi length highlights a tiered skirt, contributing to its feminine silhouette. This piece from Artesands' resort wear collection is expertly designed to effortlessly layer over your curve-fit swimsuit. Crafted exclusively from 100% lightweight, breathable cotton, and softly washed for unrivaled comfort, Handel exudes effortless chicness and comfort.   

Incorporate these carefully curated garments from our Chantique collection into your beachwear repertoire. These 100% soft wash cotton designs not only complement your curve-fit swimsuit but also ensure comfort and style, making them ideal choices for leisurely days by the water or strolling along the shorelines of your holiday destination.   

When shopping for curve fit and plus size resort wear, Artesands specialize in inclusive sizing to ensure a wide range of options that fit well and make you feel confident during your vacation. Remember that comfort and confidence are key, so choose pieces that suit your personal style and make you feel your best while enjoying your time away.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Resort Wear

How do I measure myself correctly?   

Measuring your body accurately is of extreme importance to make sure you order the best fitting curve fit or plus size swimsuit possible for your body shape and size. There are 6 key measurements you need to accurately measure yourself. These are of your bust, under bust, waist, high hip, low hip and torso length.   

For a full guide on how to measure yourself, read our blog here.   

How can I care for my swimsuit?   

The most important thing you can do for prolonging the life of your swimwear is to launder it correctly. This includes following our step-by-step washing guide and adhering to the do’s and don’ts to make sure your new swimsuit is accurately cared for.   

For in depth information and instructions, read our blog here.

What iS your ArtEsands Size?

Do you not know your size? If so, please contact our customer service team and they will assist you in finding a swimsuit that fits your individual body shape. We at Artesands understand that each person's body is unique and thus we offer a variety of curve fit and plus size swimsuits to suite everyone.      

If you purchase the wrong size, we offer easy returns for our customers! Contact our friendly customer service team today to find out more information on our returns policy. Free shipping on orders over $150 AUD and we also offer Afterpay and Klarna as a payment option.   

To find swimwear in your size click the size link:

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One Size 

You can also select your perfectly fitted curve fit and plus size swimsuit by cup size, click the link to find all plus size swimsuits available for your cup size;  A cup / B cup, C cupD cup, DD cupE cupF cup, FF cup and G cup

The A-Team  xx

Artesands Curve Plus Size Sun Safe Swim dress
Artesands Curve Plus Size Sun Safe Swim dress

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