This curvy goddess strikes again!

Kayla Logan is truly one of our curvy icons. She touches on the curvy movement all throughout her instagram account and within her blog. 

Every body is a bikini body, it’s time to feel free to enjoy the summer. We are here to help you feel confident and comfortable in supportive swimwear and to take on the summer season by storm!

Artesands Curve Plus Size A'Pois Swimwear

“Learning to set boundaries.  

It’s not something that I’m wonderful at or an expert by any means. In fact, I’m terrible at it and I’m someone who could really use them. I have this need for people to like me, to get that external validation from others instead of myself. I’m constantly trying to people please, I’m constantly trying to give to others which comes in many forms. It’s almost like I don’t think people will like me if I don’t have something to give them whether that’s material possessions or immaterial like sharing business tips and advice.   

Something I’m learning is that it’s ok for people not to like you! I mean do you like most people? I take things so personally and it just makes everything hurt when it doesn’t need to, I know this comes from my trauma and it’s something I’m constantly working on. 

Setting boundaries is tough when you want people to like you. Ending relationships and walking away is so hard for me. I’m the type of person who believes that everything can be worked through, talked about. Maybe I’m naive, maybe it’s ok to say some people shouldn’t be in your life and it’s better to move on.  

I'm trying something new!! I’m walking away! 


It hurts and usually I would confront the situation head on and want to speak about it, but I’ve realized now that sometimes you need to just let things be and excuse yourself from the situation, or having those people in your life. It won’t be easy, it’s going to hurt, like a lot! But it’s what’s best for you now!     

I’m on a spiritual journey that is both so exciting and scary at the same time. You start to realize how alone you may be, but that’s ok bc as long as you’re willing to grow and learn, you’ll meet others along the way”   

- As seen on @kaylaloganblog   


A'Pois is currently available on sale! 

There is no doubting that Kayla is really rocking this A’Pois curvy swimsuit, and now there is no reason that you cannot as well! Some of our A’Pois items are currently on sale for 70% off!! Show me a better bargain than that. Get in quick before the whole story is sold out.


Delacroix - Women's curve and plus size swimsuits with wire free support 

Our ongoing best selling wirefree comfort Delacroix style. 

This style is a multifit cup that fits from a D cup to G cup, the sew in cup has a powermesh surrounding so is also able to fit a larger or smaller cup depending on breast tissue. This curvy swimsuit also has the cross-front feature with front ruching and full body powermesh to shape those curves.

Cezanne - The most flattering women's curve and plus size swimsuits 

A’Pois is also available in our Cezanne shape! This is our fashionable and most flattering style. 

Moulded underwire D/DD cup with full support, faux tie front design feature and entire body powermesh crafted to perfection. It is the perfect suit to make your curve statement with this fashion forward design. Edit: Unfortunately our A'Pois Cezanne Print has sold out, view our other styles available in Cezanne here!

Artesands Curve Plus Size A'Pois Swimwear

Handfeel - Curve and plus size swimsuits that feel good on 

This unique spot design has the most incredibly soft handfeel, it almost feels like actual butter! 

It is one of those suits that the moment you touch, you want to put on and flaunt. You could easily wear this suit all day and not feel uncomfortable or out of place, it is a suit that you just want to touch your body in…try and control yourselves ladies!

Powermesh - Curve and plus size swimsuits that look good on

All our plus size suits have powermesh lining fabric that can be found on the inside of all our one pieces, tankini tops, bikini tops and swim pants. The main purpose of using powermesh is to increase support of the garment and to give a smoothing and slimming effect to the curves of the body.

 The powermesh fabric that we use at Artesands is a much more powerful version of a regular mesh fabric that has a very strong stretch and return. If you were to look closely at our powermesh fabric through a magnifying glass, you would see what appears to be tiny hexagons all formed together. The technical structure of this fabric is great for our Artesands swimwear because it allows the fabric to be breathable, flexible, firm and stretchy.

Artesands Curve Plus Size A'Pois Swimwear

Want to hear feedback from others?

I have never bought a swimwear piece online so took the plunge (no pun intended) and I am amazed just how well the piece fit. I was also worried about the padding in the bust area but it is amazing. I have finally found swimwear that is priced great and fits and looks amazing

- Genelle G. 

Can’t even begin to explain the comfort of my new bathing suit. The cut under the arm is by far the most comfortable and the criss cross at the boob line is remarkable. I’ve had several suits over the years but this one is now my New go to suit . I can’t say enough! Try it you’ll LOVE IT

- Rita C. 

I purchased a couple of swimsuits around christmas and love them! So comfy and supportive. I had a little issue with some stitching on one, messaged them about it and they sent me out a brand new item out straight away! Can't fault their customer service at all! Would totally recommend them  

 - Allysha W.

All of Artesands plus size tummy control swimwear styles are available in 

sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUS 12 - AUS 24.   

 To find swimwear in your size click the size link 

size us 8 / aus 12

size us 10 / aus 14

size us 12 / aus 16

size us 14 / aus 18 

size us 16 / aus 20

size us 18 / aus 22

size us 20 / aus 24

You can also select your perfectly fitted curvy swimsuit by cup size, click the link to find all curvy swimsuits available for your cup size:   

A cup / B cup

C cup

D cup / DD cup

E cup

F cup / FF cup

G cup

   Love,  The A Team 


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