Introducing a New Addition: Solid Blue Pant

We are excited to present a versatile addition to our swimwear collection – the solid blue pant. This elegant blue bottom pairs seamlessly with various prints from our lineup, adding a touch of sophistication to your beach attire.   

The beauty of this blue pant lies in its compatibility with multiple collections. It harmoniously complements the serene blue shade found in our Sistine collection, as well as the captivating blue leaf pattern featured in Neo Folia. Whether you prefer a tranquil solid hue or wish to diversify your swimwear ensemble, this blue solid dyed bikini bottom offers the perfect solution.   

Sometimes, the allure of a full printed swimsuit can be a bit overwhelming. In such instances, the solid blue pant comes to the rescue. It allows you to balance your swimwear ensemble by incorporating a solid colour alongside the vibrant printed designs. This subtle yet impactful choice tones down the overall look, providing you with the freedom to flaunt our unique Artesands artistic prints without feeling overly bold or conspicuous.   

By opting for the solid blue pant, you can mix and match with a bikini top or tankini top of your choice, creating a personalized swimwear combination that suits your style preferences. It's an excellent alternative for those moments when you desire a more understated, elegant look while still indulging in the beauty of our exclusive prints.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Swim Pant Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Swim Pant Swimwear

Botticelli High Waist Bikini Bottom 

Artesands Celebrates Your Unique Curves. Our Artesands high waist swim pants are meticulously crafted to embrace your individual contours. These swim bottoms are specially designed to cater to curve-conscious and plus size individuals, offering an exquisite blend of functionality and fashion. With a 360-degree powermesh lining and strategically placed ruching along the side panels, they provide both comfort and confidence with just the right amount of coverage.   

The 360-degree powermesh lining is a hallmark feature of our curve-fit and plus-size swimwear. This internal lining, extending both in the front and back of the swim pants, serves as a sculpting and shaping agent, enveloping your body to provide a streamlined appearance. This innovative design not only ensures support where it's needed most but also accentuates your desired areas, enhancing your natural beauty. Artesands empowers you to step out onto the beach or poolside with self-assured grace.   

Our swimwear collection is distinguished by its soft touch, high stretch swim fabric. Crafted to offer superior support and comfort, our fabrications are a testament to our commitment to quality and luxury. The moment you slip into our swim pants, you'll experience the exceptional softness and elasticity that makes every swim a delightful experience. No matter your body type, our swimwear is designed to move with you, adapting effortlessly to your curves.   

The ruched side panels on our Botticelli swim pants are a masterpiece of body contouring. They are strategically placed to create a flattering body form, adding a touch of sophistication to your swim ensemble. These panels not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also contribute to the overall comfort and fit of the swim pants. Artesands combines fashion and function, ensuring that you look and feel your best while enjoying your time in the water.   

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. These swim pants are crafted from 100% recycled Nylon, sourced from post-consumer materials. By choosing Artesands, you are not only selecting swimwear that enhances your curves but also making an eco-conscious choice to support a more sustainable future. We believe that beauty should not come at the expense of the environment, and our dedication to responsible sourcing reflects this ethos.   

The high-waisted design of these swim pants offers both style and coverage. They are an excellent choice to pair with a tankini top or a bikini top, allowing you to create the perfect curve fit or plus size swimwear set. The high waist provides a flattering silhouette, while the moderate bottom coverage ensures you feel comfortable and confident in any aquatic setting. Artesands empowers you to express your unique style while embracing your curves.   

In summary, Artesands celebrates diversity and individuality. Our high waist swim pants are designed to fit your curves with precision and care. The incorporation of 360-degree powermesh lining, soft touch, high-stretch fabric, ruched side panels, and sustainable materials demonstrates our commitment to creating swimwear that combines style, comfort, and environmental responsibility. With Artesands, you can confidently showcase your beauty and enjoy every moment in the water, knowing that your swimwear has been tailored to celebrate your unique curves.

Sistine Print

Sistine: The Magnificence of Classical Sculptural Artistry   

Immerse yourself in the splendor of classical curvaceous statuary with our Sistine print, a masterpiece that evokes awe and drama reminiscent of a bygone era.   

Inspired by the grandeur of the Sistine Chapel and infused with the essence of Renaissance architecture, this print pays homage to the artistic marvels of the past. Its design boasts a sculptural motif, vividly depicted in a brilliant shade of blue set against a pristine white backdrop. The striking patterns within this print emulate the ornate decorations of the Renaissance period, exuding an air of timeless elegance.   

Sistine is more than just a print; it's a visual journey that gracefully traces the contours of your body, enhancing and celebrating the natural curves of your silhouette. As you adorn yourself in this print, you become a canvas upon which the beauty of sculptural forms comes to life. It's a tribute to the artistry of the past, capturing the essence of alluring curves and shapes that have fascinated and inspired generations.   

To add an extra layer of significance, our Sistine print is thoughtfully crafted on a base cloth made from recycled nylon. In doing so, we pay homage to history while embracing modern sustainability practices. It's a contemporary take on a classic renaissance aesthetic, allowing you to embark on a journey through time as you don this exquisite print.   

In summary, Sistine is more than just a print; it's an artistic revelation that transports you to a world of classical elegance. With its roots in the Sistine Chapel and Renaissance architecture, this print channels the spirit of timeless artistry. As it gracefully caresses your silhouette, it showcases the allure of sculptural curves and shapes. Moreover, its use of recycled nylon adds a layer of environmental consciousness to its rich heritage, making it a modern masterpiece that resonates with the beauty of the past.   

Explore our exquisite Sistine print with a range of bikini and tankini tops that pair effortlessly with our solid blue Botticelli Bikini Bottom. Choose from options like the Botticelli Tankini Top, Botticelli Bikini Top, Monet Swim Bra, and Chagall Midriff Bikini Top to create your perfect swimwear ensemble.

Neo Folia – Tropical Swimwear Design

Neo Folia: A Burst of Tropical Exuberance   

Transport yourself to a vibrant vacation paradise with our Neo Folia print, a tropical delight that radiates pure joy. This lively print captures the essence of a sun-soaked getaway and is your ultimate choice for making a splash this summer.   

Neo Folia embodies a lively and expressive aesthetic, showcasing a tropical design that's a veritable feast for the eyes. The neon dreams print is a playful, vibrant choice that will ensure you stand out on the beach or by the pool, exuding a contagious enthusiasm for life.   

Embrace the world of artful prints with this hand-painted tropical masterpiece. The intricate design reflects the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each piece, ensuring you carry a piece of art with you wherever you go.   

Neo Folia is your passport to a vibrant and joyful vacation aesthetic. With its tropical exuberance and expressive neon dreams print, it's the ideal choice for making a bold statement this summer. Embracing the world of artful prints, it reflects the artistry of hand-painted designs.   

Discover Neo Folia in a variety of bikini and tankini tops, offering a seamless match for this pant. Pair it elegantly with options such as the Delacroix bikini, tankini, or the Cezanne midriff bikini top for a harmonious and stylish swimwear ensemble.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Tankini Top Swimwear
Artesands Curve Plus Size Tankini Top Swimwear

Blue Bikini Bottom

This blue bottom effortlessly harmonizes with multiple collections, allowing you to create a balanced, composed look that suits your mood and style. Whether you prefer a solid colour to complement our prints or simply wish to tone down your beach ensemble, the solid blue pant from Artesands empowers you to express your unique style with grace and confidence.

How to care for your Curvy Swimsuit

Just like our entire range of swimsuits, it is of utmost importance that you take a moment to peruse the care instructions and engage in the proper laundering of your swimwear promptly after each use. If you have acquired one of our exquisite Artesands curve fit swimsuits, it is imperative to bear in mind the significance of a gentle hand wash as soon as you remove it. This simple act can significantly extend the lifespan of your cherished swimwear. We are deeply committed to preserving the integrity of your new curvy swimsuit and safeguarding it from potential damage inflicted by chemicals or the corrosive effects of saltwater.   

The care and well-being of your swimsuit are paramount, and we ardently advise you to diligently adhere to these care instructions to ensure its longevity. Our swimsuits are meticulously crafted to endure the test of time, provided they are accorded the proper care and maintenance.   

By following these care guidelines with diligence, you not only maximize the lifespan of your swimwear but also maintain its vibrant colours, shape, and overall quality. We take immense pride in delivering swimsuits that are not only fashionable but also resilient, and your commitment to these care instructions plays a pivotal role in preserving the beauty and functionality of your beloved swimwear.

Explore new Arrivals

Embark on a journey of style and confidence this summer with our latest arrivals of curvy swimsuits. At Artesands, we celebrate the uniqueness and breathtaking beauty of every individual, recognizing that each person is a work of art in their own right.   

Our Latest Arrivals represent a labour of love, crafted with your comfort and confidence in mind. We've poured our hearts into designing and creating the ultimate curvy swimwear collection, ensuring that you feel at ease and empowered in and around the water.   

Countless hours have been dedicated to selecting the perfect prints, deciding which styles complement them best, and strategizing the collection's release. We've tirelessly added and removed styles, played with colours, adjusted delivery schedules, and seamlessly integrated these pieces with our existing collections. Our unwavering commitment is to offer you, our valued customers, nothing less than perfection.   

Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we won't rest until we've achieved it. Our Latest Arrivals are a testament to our dedication to providing you with swimwear that not only fits perfectly but also makes you feel your most confident and beautiful self. So, step into summer with Artesands, where your unique beauty is celebrated, and your comfort is our priority.

Artesands Curve Plus Size Swim Pant Swimwear

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