Time to Buy a new Cossie?


The heat is on!  With the swimming season upon us, it’s time to take out your old swimsuits from years gone by and decide whether they’re looking a bit tired and old or if there’s still some life left in them. 

There are many reasons why it might be time to invest in new swimwear - and if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know it. When you’re inspecting your old swimsuits, consider the following signs to decide if it’s time for a new one (any excuse to shop our new range, right!) Or maybe you just deserve something new that fits you right and makes you look and feel fantastic!


Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top

Top Signs You Need New Swimwear

1.  Material Is Fading and Pilling

If your swimsuit has already seen several summers, you may notice the colour fading from sun, salt water and chlorine exposure. Fading colours are a sign that the material is aging and may be weak. When looking for your next swimsuit, opt for Powermesh fabric to get vibrant, long-lasting colours and an awesome fit. After several years of use, you may notice the material on your swimsuit is starting to form little balls of fabric. This is a common sign that you need to replace it. While pilling can be common in cheaper swimsuit fabrics, if you buy a decent quality brand, you’ll have much better chance of avoiding this. If you take a look at your older swimmers and notice certain areas are looking worn, it’s time to go shopping!


2. You Don’t Like the Style 

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and that includes swimwear. But as we always say, confidence never goes out of style. If you don’t like the look of your swimsuit anymore, you’re not going to feel good in it and consequently, you’re not going to exude confidence. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to classic styles or play it safe – you can still choose plus size pieces that suit your individual personality and vibe with beautiful patterns and designs - just make sure you choose a style that suits your shape best and not just because you like the fabric. Try out different different styles and patterns that are made to suit curvy bodies and bigger-busted women. There are so many gorgeous options that there is no reason you shouldn’t find your perfect fit and style.


3. It Doesn’t Fit Right 

There are two main reasons that a swimsuit might not fit correctly anymore: either your body has changed, or the materials have lost their original elasticity. Both situations make for uncomfortable swimming experiences. When choosing your next swimsuit, look for a more stable fabric that contains Powermesh. Like most things in life, a good fit is key to enjoying the warm weather – and your swimwear. An ill-fitting swimsuit can really ruin your time in the warm weather and water. The last thing you want is to be constantly readjusting your swimmers or having to pull them up. Our curvier babes will no doubt know what it’s like to have to keep fiddling with the straps, bust area and bottom. It’s just not fun. If you choose a quality brand of swimwear, the hardest part of the whole process will be deciding what style you want – and not the fit!


Artesands Curve Plus Size Bikini Top



So on that note…What are the signs of an ill-fitting swimsuit? 


Saggy Swimsuit Bottoms

 Nobody wants a saggy bottom – especially if you have a lovely bum and it’s just your swimmers that are letting you down. The key to feeling great in swimwear is confidence, but the backside of bathing suits is often the first to go, as the fabric gets rubbed on all kinds of surfaces (FYI, this doesn’t happen with Artesands amazing fabrics and styles). Basically, take a look at your behind in your old swimsuit. If your bathing suit bottoms aren’t well fitting, it’s time to toss them. 


Falling Straps 

Falling straps on a swimsuit aren’t only annoying, they can have you falling out of your cup size every time you come up for air. So, if the straps aren’t staying in place no matter how many times you readjust them, the fabric is likely worn and stretched beyond repair. Bottom line: A shopping trip is in need. 


Digging Straps 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you may have bathing suit straps that dig into your shoulders. While these won’t necessarily make you fall out, they can make you bulge in all the places you don’t want – this is especially true for our curvier and bigger-busted girls. Besides that, the feeling of straps digging into your shoulders is never ideal for comfort. So, achieve a flawless silhouette and increase your comfort with a new swimsuit that fits. 


Too Much Skin 

While some swimwear is designed to be more revealing, a cheeky style that wasn’t designed to be revealing will almost always result in discomfort. If what once was a full bottom bikini is now a cheeky thong, it could be time to take it as a wake-up call that this isn’t the suit for you — and trust that you'll find something else 


 Too Tight 

No one likes a wedgie, right? So if you find yourself constantly picking at the back of your swimwear, chances are the bottoms no longer fit. Trade them in for a glorious new piece with the amount of bum-coverage you want in the right size and you’ll be surprised at how amazing it feels to strut along the shore without your cheeks popping out. 


Under and Side Boob 

If your intention is not to show underboob or sideboob and if your swimsuit is now letting too much hang out, then you’re likely wearing the wrong size. A bikini top that is too small will pull up, revealing the bottoms of your boobs, whereas a bikini top that’s too small in the cup size will reveal the sides. Again, it’s time for you to find your perfect size and feel supported and covered in the way you want to be. There are so many designs for you to shop and find styles that feel as great as they fit. 


It’s Irritating Your Skin 

We’ve all been here before: That lacey fabric looks so pretty, but it itches like hell. If you have sensitive skin and are experiencing some type of rash or irritation, it’s definitely a sign you should find a material that works for you. Nobody wants to be itchy at the beach or the pool. While it may be time to retire your favourite swimsuit, there’s nothing better than a shopping spree! The swimwear trends for this season won’t let you down. Your old bathing suits are about to be yesterday’s news.


Artesands Curve Plus Size Swim Pant Swimwear

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 A massive part of our swimwear creating process is our fittings. We do this by fitting on a real curvy body. We understand that a size 18 is different to a size 10 which is why we fit on an US14 / AUS18 body. We grade our curve fit swimwear based off these measurements so you can have the best fitting plus size swimwear that enhance your curves in all the right places. 

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Artesands Curve Plus Size Swim Pant Swimwear

New Arrivals Haul

We can't help but showcase our new arrivals in any way we can. We love having an excuse to replace (or just add to) our swimwear wardrobes, and needing to replace an old suit is a good one! Click on the below video to discover one of our beautiful mix and match New Arrivals, Tropo'logical!






We are trying to make finding your Artesands size as easy and simple as possible for you! Have you seen our guide on how to measure your body blog? 

Find out your perfect Artesands Size Here

The blog above goes into great detail on the areas you should measure and what to do if the measurements aren’t the same size for you top and bottom, this is very common so we have tried to make it simple for you to still have a matching set of your swimwear costume so you can have the latest prints matching on the beach. 

Understanding the + Symbol

If you already own an Artesands curve fit plus size swimsuit you will notice all of our sizes on the garment tag have a little + symbol. This plus symbol symbolises ‘plus a little bit more’. As we design all of our swimwear on an Australian size 18 model this means we have allocated for more fabric and fitting to be allocated across the body, we know as well as anyone that when you go up a size its in all different areas of the body. Read our blog here to find out more.

Women's Curve fit Swimwear

If you are unsure about your Artesands size, we have a step by step blog on how to measure your body to find your perfectly fitting curvy swimsuit.

All of our women’s curve fit women’s swimwear is available in plus sizes US 8 - US 20 and sizes AUST 12 - AUST 24, and now, One Size!


To find swimwear in your size click the size link:

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One Size


You can also select your perfectly fitted curve fit and plus size swimsuit by cup size, click the link to find all plus size swimsuits available for your cup size;  A cup / B cup, C cup, D cup, DD cup, E cup, F cup, FF cup and G cup.


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October 15, 2021 — Shani Cokinas