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Curve Fit and Plus Size Size 22+ Swimwear

Our Artesands size 22 swimwear is a curvy size 22. This means that our size 22 swimwear is designed to fit curvy girls that fit in the following measurements: Bust – 125-130cm / 49-51 inches, Underbust – 105-110cm / 41-43 inches, Waist – 110-115cm / 43-45 inches, High Hip – 128-133cm / 50-52 inches, Low Hip – 135-140cm / 53-55 inches, Body Length – 183-187cm / 72-73.5 inches. We have a large variety of size 22 swimsuits available in our range including everything from our new arrivals all the way through to our sale items. Artesands ladies bikinis are also available in a size 22 in all of our collections if you want to show a little bit more skin.


How to Measure Yourself

How to know if curve fit size 22 swimwear will be the best fit for you? This revolves around your personal body measurements! We know this process can be daunting and difficult, so take a deep breath and let us help you through this process! We have written a blog about how to measure yourself that has a few tips and tricks thrown to make it this process as simple as possible. The below points are the measurements you need to ensure a perfect fitting size 22 swimwear style.


When taking your bust measurement, you need to wear a comfortable natural shape bra that does not have padding. With this on, horizontally run the tape measure along the top of your bra at the back. The tape measure should line up with the fullest part of your bust. This measurement is vital for curvy size 22 women’s swimwear to get the perfect fit.


To measure your under bust for your size 22 swimsuit, keep the same comfortable natural shape bra on from the previous measurement. Horizontally run the tape measure along the bottom of your bra at the back. This will align perfectly with your under bust.


To accurately measure the size of your waist, you need to measure your waist at its smallest point. To find this point, bend to one side and notice the natural indentation in the side of your body. This is your natural waist. Horizontally run the tape measure around this point. Please ensure the tape measure is parallel to the ground to get an accurate curvy girls waist measurement.

Upper Hip

To measure your upper hip, you need to take this measurement from the fullest point of your tummy. Do not take this measurement over your clothes or suck your stomach in. Relax your body and make sure you aren’t pulling the tape measure tight. Horizontally run the tape measure around the fullest part of your tummy. The tape measure must run parallel to the ground to achieve the most accurate measurement.

Lower Hip

To measure your lower hip, you need to measure your hips at their broadest point. Please do not take this measurement over your clothes. Measure horizontally around the widest part of your lower hip. An uneven hip measurement will misrepresent the rest of your measurements so make sure this one is precise!

Body Length

To measure your full torso length, you need to measure your body’s vertical height. Please do not take this measurement over your clothing. Start at the centre of your shoulder and run the tape measure down the length of your torso. Thread the tape measure through your legs and connect it back up at the middle of your shoulder. You may need 2 tape measures here. Taking this measurement is a bit tricky so we highly recommend following our in-depth instructions on our blog post The Curvy Girl's Guide on how to Measure Yourself Correctly. This measurement isn’t needed for our ladies’ bikinis in a size 22 as the bikini top stops under your bust.


Understanding the plus

You may have noticed that all our Artesands size 22 swimwear labels include a little + symbol after each size. Here is how to understand what it means for your curve fit and plus size swimwear.

If you already own an Artesands curve fit plus size swimsuit you will notice all our sizes on the garment tag have a little + symbol. This plus symbol embodies our ‘plus a little bit more’ ethos. As we design all our curve fit and plus size swimwear on an Australian size 18 model, we have allocated more fabric and fitting across the body. We know as well as anyone that when you go up a size, this occurs in all different areas of the body. This allows for more fabric around the mid-section, back and bottom areas, allowing for the most comfortable fit on your body. This is to avoid the awful digging in on the edge of the swimsuit!

Your body is a work of Arte, embrace your shape and own your curves in Artesands curve fit and plus size swimwear that is designed to fit your curves. Shop our size 22 swimwear today.

All Artesands curve fit or plus size swimwear styles are available in sizes US 8+ - US 24+, sizes AUST 12+ - AUST 28+, and One Size.

To find suits in your size click the size link size AU12 / US8size AU14 / US10size AU16 / US12size AU18 / US14size AU20 / US16size AU22 / US18, size AU24 / US20, size AU26 / US22, size AU28 / US24One Size.

Our size 22 swimwear is available in one piecesbikinisbikini bottomshigh waisted bikini bottomsseparate tops, tankini sets (when you buy a tankini top and high waisted bottom), tummy control swimdresses, and sun safe options.

Shop our women’s bikinis size 22 today because every body is a bikini body.

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